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Edinburgh Galleries continued


lo South l‘ort Street. l.eith. 47. 7810. Mon Sat llam ll.45pm: Stilt

I330 ll.45pm.

City of Tiny Lights t'ntil Sun 30 .\la_\'. Black and white photographic pol‘lraitx of artists. actors. musicians. children and friends by Marc Marnie.


4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. .\lon l-"ri l0am (ipm; Sat llam 4pm.

Mixed Show l'ntil .\lon 31 .\la_\. .\ selection ot‘ SL‘Ulllxll \ptit'llllg. militar} and landscape painting.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see City Life, page 93.


43 High Street. 53‘) 4143. .\Ion Sat

l0am 5pm.

The Best Toy Trains in the World l'ntil Sat 4 Sep. .\ tllSPIll} ot' llornh} (iatige () trains from the collection of II .\lurra_\ MacRae.


(formerly Huntl} llotisei. I43 (‘anongate. 5394143. .\lon Sat l0am 5pm. l-‘ree.

If you Know a Good Thing, Pass it On Sat l5 Ma) Sat 34 Jul. 'I‘hc \tor} ol‘ Milk .\lerr) l’ottct'}. \thich “ax extahlixhed in liaxt l.othian in the earl} 3()th centur}

h} (’atherinc Blair.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'e\\ha\cn llarhotir. 55l 4105. l)ail) noon 4.45pm. l‘ree.

Ten of the Best Tue 25 Ma) t-‘ri .‘~l Dec. To celebrate the .\lu\eum\ tenth anui\et\ar). an exhibition looking hack met” the decade.


3 ('hamherx Street. 347 43l‘). .\lon Sat l0am 5pm t'l‘tie 8pm); Sun noon 5pm. Cats . . . The Ultimate Predators l'ntil Sun 3031a}. £4 t£3.50 Lit: family ticket U3. Everything _\ou e\ er \\ antcd to knou ahout “lltl cat trout the rust} spotted cat from India and Sri l.anka to the largest of them all. the lion. Aimed particular!) at children. the e\hihition cxplorex ho“ it l‘eelx to he a cat. ho“ catx' claux \Hil'k and ho“ to identit} cat \mcllx. And it. that all gets too much. _\ou can rest in a giant cat basket in the ('at .\'ap Zone.


I.ad_\ Slttlt’\ Iloltxc. [.ad} Stair\ ('loxe. 5394901. .\lon Sat l0am 5pm. Dorothy Dunnett (1923-2001) l'ntil Sat 30 Jun. .\ lttc‘ltx on the lite and “(WIN ot~ author Doroth} l)unnett \\ ho penned Limo/til ('lmmit'lt'i. Kine I/(‘I't'tt/lt'r. ill/Iv Home 0/ Niven/u and the .Io/mwn .lu/utwn detecti\c \eriex.


Visual Rewarch ('entrc. Dundee (‘ontcmporar_\ Arts. I53 Nethergate. 01383 348000. the Sun 11.30am 7.30pm. Masters Platform 2004 - The Eusa Show Sat 22 Sat 2‘) Ma}. Rehecca (itit'tlon Nexhill L'ltl‘;lle\ :t \L‘lL‘L‘lL‘tl exhibition ot‘ uork h} \tudentx \\ ho graduated from the .\la\ter\ programme encompaxxing electronic imaging. animation and \ ixtialixation. line art and tlL‘\lgll.

DUNCAN OF JORDANSTONE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN l'niVerxit) ol' Dundee. l5 l’erth Road. 0l3h’3 345330. .\lon l-‘ri l0am (ipm: Sat l0aui 4.30pm.

0 Dundee Degree Show 2004 Sat 33 Sat 3‘) Ma}. The annual degree \lltm lt‘itllll'lllg graduate \tork from the

90 THE LIST ti; 2).? Ma, 29:23.:

tll\L‘lpliliL‘\ 0i- zll‘t‘ltilL‘L‘lllt‘L‘. line :lt‘l. lL‘XlllL‘ design. time-haxed art. ieueller) and tnetal design. animation and electronic media. graphic design. illustration. interior and em'ironmcutal dexign. See prex ie\\ and llitlixt.

= l'ntil liri l4 Ma}; tl.amh (ialler) l. Zoe Armstrong. Lyme} Donnachic. K}|e .\lc(’allum. Kevin Mcl’hcc and Jacqueline Rae explore the relationship hetueen ten and image. process and outcome and art and language.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS I53 Nethergate. 01383 000000. Tue Wed. Sat tk Sun l0.30am 5.30pm: 'l‘hu tk l‘ri l0..‘~0am Spin.

Richard Wright l'ntil Sun l3 Jun. l-‘or o\ er ten _\ear\. (ilttxgtm -ha\ed artist Richard “right has painted directl} onto the surfaces ot. the building in \thich he exhibits. .\leticulou\l} and precixcl) rendered. lll\ motit'x range trom gothic ornamentation to hold stripes of colour. resembling commercial logox. tattoo dcxignx or computer graphics. ln lltlx. lllx lirxt major \olo \lltm. Wright ix creating he“. \ite-\pecilic \xall dratt ingx \thich engage \\ ith the l)('.v\\ architectural lt‘tlllll'c‘x along \\ ith a \clection of tie“ and recent \\til‘l\‘\ on paper.

Clare Hillerby t‘ntil Sun I3 Jun. Jeueller} h} ('lare llillerh} “lilcll comhiuex \il\ er \\ ith )ello“ gold. gold leaf and paper.

John Maguire l'ntil Sun 13 Jun. ('eramicx h} John .\laguire including teapon \'a\c\. ho“ lx. cups and \ttllL‘Cl‘\.


Albert Square. 0l3S’3 433084. Mon \Ved «k l‘ri Sat 10.30am 5pm: 'l‘hu

l0.30am 7pm: Sun I350 4pm. Robert Callender: Plastic Beach l'util Sun 30 Jun. Rohcrt (‘allcndcr exhihitx hix new inxtallatiou. I’lm/it' lit'tlt‘ll. made tip ol' an arra} ol' \tippoxcdl} plastic iteim ultich ha\c actuall} heen conxtructed l'rom cardboard. paper and paint in order to highlight the

em iromnental plight of Scotland\ beachex. 'I‘llL‘ \litm alxtt ttlt‘ltltle\ .1 \election ol' ltlx other \tork. including oil paintings and lloor piccex.

Meet the Artist: Robert Callender Thu 30 Ma}. 1 |.45pm. l‘rce. :\rti\t Robert (‘allender gi\c\ a tour of hix e\hihition. l’laxtie Beach and other \xot‘kx.

Outside the Cities



\Vext (irecn llottxe. (ll 535 33055". Hail} noon 5pm. £4.40 tL'3.‘)0i.

Path/ways l'ntil Thu 30 Sep. .’\l'll\l\ lilaine .'\lli\t)l1 and Patricia Bra} create an lllxltlllitlltill tor the [no atticx worth in (illlmxx l’ultlc‘t‘ “hich Iith‘ IIIC \lttl') til. .Sl .\ltingo\ birth ax a \tarting point. Hidden lightx can he l'ound in a bed of \hell\ \thich co\ crx the entire lloor. along \\ ith plCCCx ol cngrawd \latc \\ ith \tttl'tlx relating to the \lUl‘} of St .\lungo and his mother 'l'auuoc.

East Lothian


Stenton. lll_i(iS 850350. |)ai|_\ noon 5pm t('|o\ed 'l‘hui.

Ruth Brownlee and Anne Gordon l'ntil Wed 3 Jun. l.and\capc\ h} Ruth Brounlee inxpired It) Shetland\ \Cth. \kiex and laudloruix and \torkx in pastel. acr)lic and oil h} Anne (iordon including \ltltlie\ til the “extent lxlex.

St Andrews


95 North Sll't‘t‘l. (H554 4740”). Mott Stll l0am 5pm: Sun 3 5pm. l-rce.

Roger Ackling: Reason to Believe l'ntil Sun 37 Jun. lntci'nationall} rcutmned ill'll\l Roger .-\ckling tle‘\ the \un directed through a magnil) ing gl;t\\ to burn lines onto tll\t'ttl‘tlt‘tl tltttlL‘l‘l;Il\ \ttt‘lt ;t\ l't‘L'} L’lL‘tl L‘ttt'tl or t'ragmcntx ol' \tood.

.. _ ,4; Kiqggtistmomk

n ll M l it WEE WITCHES oooo

North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh, Thu 13 & Fri 14 May, Brunton

Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 15 May

Anyone who chants the line, ‘Spider, spider on my bunyan, Turn this soup to leek and onion,’ to a hall full of children is onto a winner. Virginia Radcliffe and Viv Grahame of the newly re-named company Lickety Spit (formerly part of Wee Stories) hold their audiences of under sixes in the palms of their hands. Warty, witchy or otherwise, they really do cast spells conjuring songs, potions, fun and mystery in this play above the

houses of Glasburgh.

Living high upon a rooftop, Auntie Vera and Seea Brightstar lead a simple, happy life, but the world below tantalises the adventurous young girl. It’s a town that used to be populated by wee witches who would spice up the days with parties, fun and mischief, but a jealous king has long put heed to such jollity. Seea Brightstar must fulfill her destiny if

the witches are to return.

Radcliffe and Grahame’s timing is immaculate and their energy and presence so full that they fill the stage and maintain a snappy pace throughout. Slapstick, banter, puppetry, singing and sound effects all contribute to a richness that is a big, bubbling cauldron of delight.

(Ruth Hedges)

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Activities And Fun

Pottery Workshops Sat l5 .\la} a Sat 33 .\la_\. noon 0pm. £5. l'ii'c‘ttot'kx Studio. 35a |)alliott\ie Street. 553 3738. :\ge\ 4+. l’aint pots or ha\e a go on the pttllt‘l'.\ “heel llt IIICSL‘ \\ L‘L‘lsl} \\Ul‘l\\llttp\ for children.

Saturday Art Club Sat IS .\la_\ tk

Sat 33 Ma). l0am lpm. l‘rec. (Ballet) ot~

Modern .r\rt. Queen Street. 33‘) 10%. l‘tm art actix itie\ tor children aged 3 l0 relating to art on tllSPlll} \\ ith drau ing. collage. \culpturc making and game\ parent\ can get \tuck in too. Create-a-Community Sun lo Ma}. noon 3pm. l’ree. (’(';\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4000. li\plore ideax ot shared dwellings in this \culpture \torkxhop. Weather or Not Sat 23 Ma}. 3pm. l‘rce. Burrell ('ollcction. 3000 I’tllltll'x\lltl\\\ Road. 387 3550. .v\ge\ .\’+. (‘reatc a \tork of art inxpired It} the great outdoor\. Puppetry: Create Your Own Film or Soap Set Sun 33 Ma}. noon 3pm. l’rcc. (‘('.I\. 350 Saucliieliall Street. 553 4000, ('reate a \eriex ot' linger ptippetx taking )our lamil). lriendx and pets ax inxpiration.