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Various venues, Glasgow, Sat 15-Sat 29 May

Inspired by the HH Dalai Lama’s Scottish tour at the end of May, a diverse range of bodies has come together to create Solus, a spiritual festival encompassing all aspects of life in Glasgow. Meaning ‘light’ in Gaelic, Solus celebrates Glasgow’s cultural diversity with a wide range of events in the two weeks running up to Dalai Lama’s arrival. While the main focus understandably falls on the Buddhist faith and culture, the festival has not been officially linked to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit, for fear of giving it political significance. Unofficially however, it is less easy to separate the issues. ‘There will be ample opportunity for everyone to learn more about the situation in Tibet,’ says festival co- ordinator Margaret Ford. A selection of films at the

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22 May—5 Jun

Various venues, Edinburgh

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GFT and CCA, plus an exhibit on Tibetan history,

As the sun tights its corner for a little sky time. the PR machine slowly starts to work its magic in giddy preparation for Edinburgh's inauguration as the festival capital of the world. when in August. the hook. filin. EIF. fringe and ia// lostival come (:alling. Ripe With talent and With an incredible reputation to match. these festivals almost inarket thoinselvos. showcasing [9dinhurgh as a real creative huh. /—\ pity then that innovative underdogs like Troofest. lvlela and for this month. Hush. never guito get tho kudos they deserve. It's not helped by tho fact that their varied programmes are difficult to categorise into any one genre. This is also a factor to their credit.

And so it is With Hush. Returning for

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ought to provide a useful background.

Other highlights include a multicultural peace concert, a football match between Buddhist monks and local celebrities, and the exotically titled Sang- Sol ceremony, which seeks to purify and rejuvenate the planet. Meanwhile, prayer flags created by local schools and community groups will adorn the various venues, offering Glasgow’s prayers to the wind. The festival has been a labour of love for the organisers. ‘We are doing this because we want to celebrate a very special event, namely the visit of one of the world’s finest human beings, HH Dalai Lama,’ says Ford. ‘Now we just want everyone else to enjoy the celebration.’ (Chris Bradley)

I See www.solils-g/asgoworg for So/us events or (:al/ () M I 5131’; 0:324. 7i'.'1vello/'s and Mag/Clans shows at the OFT on Mon 94 May at (5pm.

international musicians. comics and poets to actors. dancers. singers. writers. sculptors and artists. Organised by l 1 independent organisations and largely based in tho Old Town. tho festival proinotos tho idea of going hack to grassroots.

The festival kicks off With LAY-HYS. courtesy of Highway Diner, a collaborative performance piece. beginning outside tho Assemth Rooms (see thoatro listings page (555i. Tho varied programme includes who's (:liowod ma pencil at the TotalKunst gallery. punk surVivoi' and song writing gonius lV Smith and Attila the Stockbroker (:ouitesy of Big Word to name hut a low.

Not so much tools rush in. as you'd ho a tool not to. (Anna lvlillail I See www.odmslmorn and i/iu'iwdua/ listings sections for further details

Travellers and Magicians



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