I Taste of Scotland l’t'L‘SlttllliL‘ltl. The Stables. l’t'iexllield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu 13.

Wednesday 19


I Lab Nights ('('.r\. 550 Saucltieltall Street. 352 4000. 7.30pm. £2. .\ cltance for artists to 0’} out \tot'k-ltt-pt‘ogt'exx in lit‘ottl of an attdience featuring perlormers limit the lilttt. music. tltealre. dance attd lite art \Htl'ltlS.


I Below Stairs at Newhailes National Portrait (killer). l Queen Street. 024 (3200. l2.45ptll. l‘t'ee. :\l'll\l Nick} Bird gives a talk on tltc Belon Stairs exhibition.

I Taste of Scotland l’l‘CSltHlllL‘ltl. The Stahles. Priestlield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu l3.

I Beating Retreat & Highland Dancing lidinhurgh (‘axtle lixplanade. Royal Mile. 225 9846. 8pm. £8.50 (£2). 'l‘raditional heating retreat \\ itlt pipers. drummers attd lligltlattd tlilllL‘L‘l'x. Performed h} tlte Scottish Sc‘llttttls (‘omhined (‘adet l-‘orces.


I Conversation Pieces: Professor Michael Lynch Royil (‘ottcet'l Hall. 3 Sauchieltall Street. 555 8000. lpttt.

£5.50 £4. l’l'tll-CSSUI' Michael l._\llL‘lt. professor ol‘ Scottish llixtor} attd cltairman ol tlte .-\ncient Monuments Board lot Scotland. will gite lltlx interesting talk on Settllislt lll\l()l'}'.

I Artist’s Talks (ialler) of Modern :\l‘l. Queen Street. 22‘) lW6. 6.30 7.30pm. Free. To accontpan} (ilaxgott \ .'\l'l2 l’l'lllh lrom tlte Perntanent ('ollectiott

l‘)60 2000. pltotographer Peter Kenttat'd giVes a talk on his \\ttl'l\ attd practice.


I After Hours - From Abba to Gershwin National Gallery ol Modern :\t'l. 7.5 BL‘llitil'tl Road. 624 (>200. (tpnt. l‘t'ee. :\.\ part of tlte progranmte ol' alter galler) hours e\enl\. Harmony 2l \itig a selection ol' ittodertt classic\.

I Beating Retreat 8. Highland Dancing llol_\rood Palace l‘ttl'CL‘Ulll'l. 552 228 l. (r50pnt. £8.50 t£2 l. See \Ved l‘).

I Taste of Scotland l’t‘extottlield. The Stahles. Priestlield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu l3.

I Poetry Arrived in Search of Me: Neruda Centenary Celebration Scottish Poclt'} l.ihrar_\. 5 ('richton'x (‘loxe. ('anongate. 557 2876. 7.50pm. £5 (£2). A celeht'atiott ol' the poetr} ol' Pablo Neruda. read h) lii\ li'iend attd translator. Alastair Reid.

I Piranha Performance Poetry Show Tlte (’attons' (iait. 252 (ltnongate. 556 448l. ‘) ll..‘~()pm. £l. Laughs and littex \\ itlt littsl (iar_\' Death. who is joined h} Ash Dickinson. 50 \VUl'tl \tor} specialist Steplten Barnah}. Jonathan Muirhead attd Triona Scull}.


I American Artists: John Singer Sargent National (iallet‘) ol Scotland. The Mound. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l’ree. .\ season ol' talks highlighting .'\lliL‘l‘lL‘;tli art limit the collection. l‘t'eelattce lectttrer .\lattlte\\ \Vellard tliSL‘tt\\L‘\ the \\Ul'l\ ol' .lolm Singer Sargent.

I Heriot-Watt University Fashion Show 2004 l)}li;tllilL‘ liat'lli. llol_\t‘ood Road. 5.50 7800. 4pm. 7pm & ()pm. £514pttl\lltt\\l; £l0 t£5i t7pm & 9pm Slit)“ l. ('atttalk collections h} third aitd l'ourtlt _\ear laxltion dexignet‘x at [lie Scoliixlt Bot‘tlet‘x ('atttpux.

Katie Price aka Jordan showcases her assets, Waterstone’s, Glasgow,

Tue 25 May

I Taste of Scotland l’t‘extonlield. Tlte Slttlilex. l’t‘lL‘Sll-IL‘ltl Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu l5.

I Jo Shapcott & Anna Woodford Scottish Poetry library 5 (‘ricltton‘s (‘lo.\e. ('attongate. 557 2876. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 l. Poets Jo Shapcott attd .-\nna \Voodlord read limit their \\t)l'l\.

I Assembly Rooms Ceilidh Assenthl} Rooms. 54 (icot'ge Street. 220 454‘). 8pm. £8 (£5). ('eilidlt hand lll.l attd caller Ken (iourla) lead the l-L‘SllVlllL‘S.


I Farmers Market Manxlield Parlx. ll}lltllitlttl Street. 287 2000. l0am 5pm. l-‘ree. .\ chance to hit} lrexlt produce direct lt'ottt the larmerx.


I Greenspace .\'orth l-Ltlinhurgh :\t'l.\ ('entre. l5a Penn)“ ell (‘ourt. 3l5 2l5l. l lattt 2pm. l-‘ree. See Sat I5.

I Artist’s Talk l'i'uitmarlx'et (iallct‘). 45 Market Street. 225 2385. 2pm. l'i'ee. Nathan (’ole) discust the \tork iit his tttajor \olo Slit)“ at the l"ruittttarket (ialler). See leature page 20.

I Taste of Scotland l’l‘exltttilieltl. The Slttlilex l’l'lesllieltl Rtttttl. 7800. £40. Sec Thu IS.

I Fast Car Fullon Ro}al Highland (’entre. Inglixlolt. 535 6200. 0am 6pm. £42.50 £l5. Scotland'x lat'gefl tttodilied L‘Ltt‘ \lttm.


I Scotfairs Antique Fair Keh in Hall lttterttational Spttt‘lx Arena. I445 ;\rg_\le Street. 557 2525. l0am 4.50pm. £l taccotttpanicd cltildren lTL'L'l. Bro“ \L‘ \tallx laden \\illl jeueller}. coins. linen. medals and antiques.

I Pavement Pictures .\lugtlock ('ountt') Park. ('t'aigallian Road. .\lilttga\ie. 056 6100. 2 4pm. £l. ('t'eate )our on it chalk designs on the patementx ol .\lugdocl\ (‘ountr_\ Park to raise mone} lor the Muscular Dystroph} (’antpaign.


I Taste of Scotland l’l'L‘xlttllliL‘ltl. Tlte Slitltlex. l’t‘iexllield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu IS.

I Fast Car Fullon Rinal lligltlattd ('entre. lngliston. 355 6200. 0am 6pm. £42.50 L45. SL‘C Sill 22.

Monday 24


I Brilliant Effects: Portraits and Jewels l{tt_\;tl ('ttllege ttl~ Ph}\ician.\. 0 Queen Street. 5.30pm & 7pm. £l2 t£l()l. .\Iat'cia Pointott. lormerl} Pillxington l’t'ol-exxot' (tl' llte llixlot'} ol :\t‘l at Manchester l'ni\er\it} explores the relationship ltetueen precious titaterialx attd the portrait as a particular form ol communication.

I Taste of Scotland l’t‘e\lttlilieltl. Tlte Slaltlex. l’l'ie\llield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu l3.

Tuesday 25


I Katie Price: Being Jordan \VitlL‘t‘xlttlie'x. 47 llraeltead Shopping! ('etttre. King'x lttclt Road. 885 0333.

6 7pm. l-‘ree. The woman li'ottt the jungle “ho is better knott n ax Jordon. signs copicx of her autohiograph}.

I Andy Ferguson Borders Hotth ()8 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 6pm. l'i'ee. Motnatiottal \peaker And) l'ct'guxoit gi\e\ lip\ on li\ing Inc to the in”.

I Michael Connelly \Vatct‘xtone'x. I55 I57 Saucltieltall Street. 332 ‘)l()5. 6.30pm. l‘ree. liextxellittg American author Michael ('onttell} readx lrom attd signs copiex ol' ltix ne\\ crime thriller. '/'/It' .\iirrrnt‘\.


Get out and enjoy the spring sunshine with this array of attractions on your doorstep

Butterfly 8: Insect World This place offers you the chance to wonder through a tropical rainforest (whatever the weather) amid waterfalls and tropical plants and surrounded by some of the world's most spectacular butterflies. Other attractions include the opportunity to handle snakes. spiders and other mini beasts such as millipedes and hissing cockroaches. You can also view a collection of deadly scorpions and poisonous frogs. Dobbies Gardening Wor/d. Melvil/e Nurseries, Lasswade. 073i 663 4932. 9.30am—5.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Glasgow Botanic Gardens This 19th century garden and collection of glasshouses is home to an interesting and educational selection of plants including cacti and orchids. The organisers hold special events including talks. workshops and demonstrations. 730 Great Western Road. 334 2422. Gardens open 7am—dusk. Kipp/e Palace & glasshouses 70am—445pm. Free. Edinburgh Zoo Opened in 1912, Edinburgh Zoo is one of Europe's loveliest zoological gardens. It is an exciting and innovative zoo. only partly illustrated by its new amazing Red Ruffed Lemur enclosure where yOu can walk about the same space as the Lemurs as if you are in the Madagascan rainforest. As part of its commitment to the conservation of endangered species. the 200 has two new Asiatic lionesses. of which there are thought to be as few as 350 left in the world. There are two new tiger cubs also an endangered species. and with the largest penguin pool in the world there is a lot to see. Other attractions include sea lion feeding and training and animal encounters with unusual species. Corstorphine Road. 0737 314 037 i. 9am-6pm. £8 (£5).

‘4 13' Man 300.2