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I Orienteering for Everyone \ltigdock (‘ountr} Park. (‘raigallian Road. .\li|nga\ie. 95o (il00. 030an [2 til i. Meet at (’loher Road car park to take part in a \ariet} of courses. suitable for beginners right through to experts. all organixed h} (‘l_\'de\ide ()rienteers.

I Stewart Laing - Lab in Progress (‘(':\. 350 Sauchieltall Street. 352 4900. A xxork-in-progrexx h} Ste“ art Laing. who i\ uorking “lllt Simon Yuill and (iraeme .\lacka) to develop a lit e editing \_\ \tent for digital \ideo.


I Fine Jewellery 8: Silver hum & 'l'urnhull. 33 Broughton Place. 557 8844.

l lam. l-‘ree. liroxue or hit} from the range at )our tllSPttxttl.

I After Hours - A Choral Concert National Portrait (Taller). l Queen Street. (324 0200. (rpm. l-‘ree. Ax part of the programme of after galler) hours e\entx. tlte ('hapter Home Singers perform a selection of choral \\t)t‘l\\.

I Director’s Talk t-‘ruitntarket (Taller). 45 Market Street. 225 2383. ppm. liree. The director of the l‘ruitmarket (iallei'). l‘iona Bradle}. discuxxex tlte nork of Nathan ('ole}.

I Taste of Scotland l’t'exlttltlieltl. the Stahlex. l’riexttield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. l-‘our courxe meal complete with traditional Scottixh \hou of dance. llllhlc‘ and song. I Big Word Performance Poetry: Ed Rush Special The Tron. 0 lltntter Square. High Street. 220 093]. t) l lpm. £3 (9.2). .\l('\ Jeni R008 and Jenn} l.indxa} keep the \erxe rolling at thix lidinhurgh Ruxh l-'e\ti\al Special. (illL‘STS include ('hrixtopher 'l‘u ig. 'l‘im 'l'urnhull. .\lichael .\lc(iill.

Friday 28


I An Evening for Troubadours Ritlltxltttt'll Theatre. 98 lngratn Street. 552 348‘). 8pm. in lL'3i. limo} l-‘rench melod}. l}ric\ and \erxe in a relaxed hixtro-like tttttttixpltel't‘.


I Fine Paintings l._\on «k 'l‘urnhull. 33 Broughton Place. 557 8844. l lam. l‘ree. Browse or hit} from the aria} on offer.

I Taste of Scotland l’l'c‘xlttltltc‘ltl. the Stahlex. l’riextlield Road. 7800. 7pm. [40. See Thu 27.

I Love and a Life Scottixh l’oeti') l.ihrar). 5 (‘richton'x (‘lo\e. ('anongate.

5“- r, U H ,, ,L purity-L. l 0". "

West End Festival, for ‘full Scottish “Festival featuremsee pages 18-

557 2870. 7.30pm. £3 (£2l. The warm and witty l.i/ l.ochhead reads frotn a selection of {melt} till the themes of ltl\ e attd life.

I Silencio (’ounting llouxe. \Vext Nicolson Street. («)7 0870. 8pm lant. £3 (£2l. Surreal and glittttnt'nlh offerings il\ ttl\\;t} \ courtex} of thix inno\ati\e performance piece featuring experimental music. theatre. \pokelt \Htl'tl. \ ixualx. coined) and more \\ ith \urprixe .\l(’ and DJ Daniel. ('reatit e \intage/glam encouraged.

Saturday 29


I Basket Making Mugdock ('ountr} l’ark‘. (‘raigallian Road. .\lilnga\'ic. 950 (tl00. l0am 4pm. £25. 'l'raditional haxket \xea\ ing course for beginners and imprmerx. taught h} e\perienced haxket makers. Booking e\xential.

I Farmers Market Bai‘t'ax Market. (ittlltmgttle. 552 4(i()|. 8am. l‘ree. :\ chance to hit} frexh produce direct from the fartnerx.

I Sand Mandala Ceremony Sli('('. l'lnttiexton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. 8.30am. £2. .-\ ceremon} to mark the beginning of the e\hihitionx attd teachingx h} llix llolinexx the Dalai Lama. releaxing \and front a \acred Mandala into the (‘l}de.

I The Dalai Lama Sli('('. l‘inniexton Qua}. 0870 040 4000. 'l‘intex \ar}. [5 (£3l. ()ne of the norld‘x tltttxl influential \piritual leaderx the Dalai Lama. \xill hold four da} \ of talk and teachingx iit (ilaxgou. llix lltlllllL‘\\ \\lll gix e a public talk on 2‘) .\la_\ \peaking on moral and ethical challench in the 2|xt centttr) lolltm ed h} three da} \ of teachingx aimed at more e\perienced students of Buddhism. See feature page l4.


I Greenspace North titlinhui-gh :\rt\ (‘entre. l5a l’enn}\\ell ('ourt. 3|5 2l5l. l lam 2pm. l’ree. (iet imohed iii North lidinhurgh .v\rt (‘entre\ comimmit} garden and help de\elop the allotment and the xenxor} garden.

I SiLENCiO ('ounting Houxe. \Vext .\'icol\on Street. (307 0870. 7.30pm lttttt. £3 (£2l. Surreal and glttlltttl'ttllx offerings ax alua}\. courtex} of thix ittno\ati\e performance piece featuring e\perintental muxic. theatre. \pokctt \xoi'd. \ ixualx. coined} and more \\ ith \urprixe .\l(‘ .-\li and DJ Daniel. ('reati\ e \ image/glam encouraged.

I Taste of Scotland l’l‘e\lttlllic‘ltl. lltL‘ SlttltlL‘S. l’l‘lL‘\lllL‘ltl Rtttttl. 7800. [40. See Thu 27.


I May Magic at Mugdock Mugdock ('ountr} l’ark. (‘raigallian Road, Milngmie, 050 (tl00. 1 4pm. £2. li\plore .\lu:—'dock ax part of the RST’B\ ‘Wakc up to liit‘tlx \Veek' l1} lt)lltt\\ ing trailx. pla_\ing game\ and ha\ing fun.

Mr” .. 26

I Metropolitan God? Rent'ieltl St Stephen‘s ('lturch ('entre. 200 Bath Street. 332 282(1. 7pm. l-‘ree. llol} ('it) proxide thix monthl} \pace to reflect oit the t‘elcmnce of faith in cit} life toda}.

I The Dalai Lama Sl-L(‘(‘. l-‘inniexton Qua}. 08700404000. 'l'imex \ar}. {5 lL‘3l. See 5:1! 2‘).


I Edinburgh Festival of Transport Silverkntmex Promenade. Sil\erkno\\e.\.

0| 324 823125. I lam 5pm. Vintage rall}

\\ itlt auto .iumhle and display h} the police. arm} and fire brigade. :\|\o includex children'x rides and a miniature railna}.

I Taste of Scotland l’t‘exlttttllcltl. the Stalilex, l’riextlield Road. 7800. 7pm. [40. See Thu 27.

I Shore Poets The (‘anonx‘ (iait. 233 ('anongate. 550 448i. 7.45pm. £2 lfl l. l’oetx .\'orman Kreitman. Diana llendr) and Rhoda Michael read frotn their work. with ttttlxlc‘ h} liranticall} Keen.


I The Dalai Lama Sli('('. l'lnnlextott Qua}. 08700404000. 'l'itnex \at'}. [.5 lUl. SL‘L‘ Sill 2‘).


I Director’s Choice: Lucian Freud National (Taller) of Modern :\rt. 75 lielford Road. 024 (i200. l2.45pni. l‘ree. th‘ltttl'tl (.ill\thUl-C\\l. director UT The Scottixh National (killer) of Modern Art introduce\ and tllSL'liSSCS hix famurite tll'l\\0l‘l\\ currentl} on dixpla}. the etching\ of l.ucian l-‘reud.

I Taste of Scotland l’rextonlield. the Stahlex. l’riexttield Road. 7800. 7pm. £40. See Thu 27.

Tuesday 1


I Attila the Stockbroker and David Rovics (ilaxgotx ('aledonian l'ni\er\it_\. ('tmcaddenx Road. 33l 8453. .\'oon lpiit. l’ree. .\ unique brand of performance poetr}. rant\. \erxex and \oltg front Attila. \\ ith \upport from t'ahhle rouxing folk \inger Rmicx.

I Tales from the Savoy: Stories from a Glasgow Cafe Mitchell librar}. 20 North Street. 287 200‘). (v.30pm. 8ll-_\eai'-old Joe l’ieri recountx tales of the Sam} ('afe in the l‘)30\ to l‘)(il)\.

I The Dalai Lama Sl-L('('. l'ltittiexton Qua}. 08700404000. Timex \ar}. £5 t£.3l. See Sill 2‘).


I Sally Magnusson: Glorious Things Assemhl} Roomx. 54 (ieorge Street. 220 434‘). 7pm. £3. .-\ chance to hear Sall) .\lagnu\\on\ famurite h}mns and the meaning the} hate in her life.

I Taste of Scotland l’l‘e\l0ltlieltl. 'l‘he Staltlex l’l'lL‘SlllL‘ltl Road. 7800. 7pm. {40. See Thu 27.

I Attila the Stockbroker and David Rovics The lt'on. ‘) llunter Square. High Street. 220 093 l. 0pm. u». Sec ltlL‘ l.

Wednesday 2


I Curator’s Favourites Burrell ('ollection. 2000 l’ttlltthlttmx Road. 237 2550. I230 lpttt. l-‘ree. l’atricia ('ollittx. curator of ntedie\al and renaixxance art. gl\e\ a talk on the Bedhead of llenr} VIII and Anne of ('le\ex and the l-‘ireplace frotn ()atlandx l’alace.

I Robin Cook Theatre Rinal. 283 Hope Street. 332 0000. lpnt. £4.50 lL'3l. l‘ormer foreign minixter Robin ('ook talk\ about the diar} he kept in the mo )earx leading tip to lll\ rexignation.

I Friends of the Earth l-‘rienilx of the liat'th Scotland. 30 lltllhcad Street. 334 l050. 7.30pm. l-‘ree. Help to look after the planet and join in the montltl} l-riendx of the liarth ineetingx.



Holmwood House Designed by the famed 19th century architect. Alexander ‘Greek' Thomson. this house is an excellent example of his classical style. 6 7—63 Nether/ea Road. Cathcart. 637 2729. Daily 7.30—5.30pm. £3.20 (£2.20).

House For An Art Lover Initially designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for a competition in 1901. his unfinished work has been completed by modern day architects and designers in true Mackintosh style. Bellahouston Park, 70 DL/mbreck Road. Glasgow. 353 4773. Daily 70am—5pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

Pollok House One of the most elegant 18th century buildings in the country. this historic house features some of the finest Spanish paintings in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell. Pol/0k C0untry Park. 2060 Pol/okshaws Road, Glasgow, 676 6470. Daily 70am—5pm. £5 (£3. 75); family ticket .f.‘ 73. 50.

The Tall Ship At Glasgow Harbour Find Out about Glasgow's maritime heritage on- board the SV Glenlee. the only Clyde-built sailing ship still afloat in the UK. 700 Stobcross Road. 339 0637. Daily 70am—5pm. £4.50 (free—£3.25).

City of the Dead’s Haunted Graveyard Tours Join this spooky tOur if you dare. and you'll be guaranteed all manner of paranormal frights. including the infamous McKenzie Poltergeist. You have been warned. Meet by St Giles Cathedral, Royal Mile. Edinburgh. 447 2230. Daily 8.30pm 8. 70pm. £5 (£4).

Craigmillar Castle For a real taste of history. take a drive out to this ramshackle old castle. which. although not quite as intact as Edinburgh Castle. is far more atmospheric and the scene of much plotting during the reign of Mary. Queen of Scots. Craigmillar Cast/e Road. Edinburgh, 66] 4445. Daily 9.30am—6pm. £7.80 (£7.30).

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