(Tartan Video DVD retail) COCO

It seems a bit daft at the beginning. but within ten minutes this edificial gothic dance-based film will have you mesmerised and probably drooling. Director Guy Maddin has used genius cinematography to film a ballet of the darkly erotic blood—sucking tale depicted in a silent movie style. and has stayed remarkably true to Bram Stoker's Original. Filmed in black and white. it uses splashes of colour or tints to depict blood. heightened emotion and physical sensation. lt's suitably canonical. mild surreal. expressively hoofed and deeply entrancing. Watching the director's commentary and the “making of' Will iust make you want to dive in and see it again. (Ashley Davies;




(18) 80min

(Anchor Bay DVD Retail) .0.

Jess. Jesus Franco's 1976 reinterpretation of the Jack the Ripper tale is finally available on DVD. Franco is. of

iirse. fhe great 5;; ;;:'\ i2“. schlock chock “UH/fl i-‘eistei’. theatre rtvector and composer

110 THE LIST Via.

who gave the world such cult classics as Necronii'cron and

’ampyros Lesbos. Naturally. there's no attempt at new insight into this dark legend but there is a plethora of boobs. blood and bodices often Within the same shot. The ever intimidating Klaus Kinski is Suitably menacmg as Dr Dennis Orloff. while the film looks Surprisingly good considering the reputed eight-day shooting schedule. From hell this indeed came . . . Extras include an exclusive unrated director's Cut. behind the scenes documentary and a featurette about the restoration of this rare mid-period film from one barmy. prolific filmmaker. (DaVId Pollock)


(15) 134mm (Deluxe DVD retaill COO

One of those all-star testosterone-ftielled blockbusters they loved in the old days (Vt/here Eag/es Dare. Guns of Navarone etc). The Wild Geese holds up well but is hardly a classic. Richard Burton and Roger Moore are a bit hapless but Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger turn in decent performances as veteran mercenaries sent into Africa to resCue a

deposed black president.

The moral message is well intentioned yet cheesin scripted. but the highlights are the well- arranged shoot-em up scenes. With some old pros chewing up the scenery. Some decent extras include a hilarioust lovey commentary from Roger Moore and producer Euan Lloyd.

iDoug Johnstonel

" .Jli." 7/51



(Revolver Entertainment DVD retaill 0...

Over a year before Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor Ill doused himself in cognac and ran down an LA freeway in a fug of smoke and drug-induced paranoia, he appeared in this, his first live stand-up film. Incredibly popular when it first appeared on the cinemas (and later on VHS), it led to three other increasingly foul mouthed dark cries from a lonely stage - Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin’ (1985), Richard Pryor Here and Now (1983) and Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip (1982). Undoubtedly the most important and influential black entertainer since Sammy Davis Jr, Pryor’s scatological, honky-baiting rants were to have bearing on all those who followed him, from Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock right through to the Kings of Comedy.

Unbelievably, this comedic archival gem has been left unfondled for over two decades. Now finally released on DVD with a ton of fascinating extras, this is a must for anyone seriously interested in great comedy.

The product of an abusive childhood and a lifetime of racist disaffection, Pryor, even from

this remove, comes across as the raw real deal. Whether he's talking abou

t going in the ring with Ali,

snorting coke off the dining room table in front of his wailing grandmother or delivering an 18 hour session of cunnilingus, Pryor constantly balances belly aching humour with his own particular sense of tragedy and pointlessness. The fact that this is badly shot and recorded at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach California hardly matters - the material is everything. This show in particular has proved to be something of a template for young up and coming artists and you may be surprised at how many of the routines you recognise, but be in no doubt that this is where they originated. While Live on the Sunset Strip is the man’s most disturbingly inspired journey to the filthy heart of humour, this

is still a treasure you can ill afford to do without.

At one moment in the show Pryor recognises the Black Panther leader Huey Newton in the audience, and his race pride suddenly surfaces as he thanks the great man for coming. In the meantime (to Pryor and Newton’s embarrassment) the lighting guys have turned all the lights up. ‘Turn the fucking lights down!’ orders the diminutive star authoritatively. It’s a moment of consummate control and power for Pryor - something he was to lose within ten years as he entered the mucoid embrace of multiple sclerosis. Comedians this good come around once (maybe twice) in

anyone’s lifetime. (Paul Dale)


whatsoever (unless you include two minutes of

WELL IN NEW incredibly dull

YORK soundcheck footage at (5) 50min the beginningi makes (Vertigo DVD retaill this instantly forgettable. 0 (Doug Johnstonei



(E) Various min (BMG DVD retaill All

Considering what some bands are doing with DVD these days. this is nothing short of criminal. Even if you're a fan of the New York-based art— disco foursome. this perfunctory. limited and plain tedious footage of the band live will suier fail to impress. Barely three quarters of an hour of a gig shows the Rapture to be a band still to find their feet on the live stage and although there's plenty of energy. it's all blusler and precious little content. No extras

Todd Rundgren has a legion of die hard supporters who have perpetuated his 28- album career and kept him in low grade fashion.

lllllll llllillllllltll

Their existence should explain why this three DVD box set has hit the shelves. as (unifortunately it's doubtful whether there will be any new converts from this disparate collection of concert material culled from the Rundgren archives.

The l 990 Live in Japan concert features all the faves including 'Hello It's Me' and ‘Can We Still Be Friends'. The more recent 2003 power trio outing in San Fran features; more cult shite like ‘Bang the Drum All Day'. and finally. the worst of the crop. The Desktop Co//ection and 2nd lit/ind is a totally

ridiculous collection of dated videos. along With a studio recording filmed in front of a muted live audience. Genius. Not. Sure. the Runt is a prolific talent but his second rate Zappa-isms and his desperate yearning to have the larynx of Michael Macdonald Just don't seem to cut it in this format. But Todd's fans won't give a monkey's: they Will buy this anyway and the man himself may now be able to buy a new pair of leather pants With the revenue. The rest of you have been warned. (Simon Dehanyi