I Tall attractive male. Well travelled professional. slim. sorted. dry sense of humour. Seeks tall slim female to travel further and explore Edinburgh's summer delights. (Box No: I’/4‘)5/Il

Glasgow writer. Tall late 50's in good nick. Iiasy going. Would like to hear from a trim. hairy. long-nosed woman who is good company.

(Box number: P/494/ 1)


I Sunny, creative, confi- dent woman. 30's. seeks warm intelligent man 3-1-44 at ease with himself who enjoys words. travel. nature. with sense of adventure and fun. (Box .\'o: PAWS/2)


V I Saw You Arches Crew- Boy. My mattress will never be the same again-thank l‘ii‘i‘k! U495”

V I Saw You Adorabe sales- man in II. Mellis Glasgow. Come mature your cheddar with me! LAOS/2

V I Saw You David. blonde. blue eyes in Glasgow L'ni post- grad club. Do you want a bit of my French Fancy? [5/495/3

V I Saw You Lady J. Hughes. You had Liza on one arm & chappers on the other. Make me musical! L'/-I95/-l

V I Saw You Judas Priest. I'd hitch-hike a galaxy in a CC just to get to you. Feel my tb's! U/495/5

V I Saw You Wearing your speedos in Coventry. You wax up a treat! Come sing me a song. graiitti master & I'll make you sortie eggs. [7495/6

V I Saw You Today's Special in yum? L'/-I‘)S/7 VI Saw You In “3le Sauchiehall Street with an occurrence hook in hand. I'd love to comply with you some- time. I heard you say sorted. Comply with me. comply com- ply away. [7495/8

V I Saw You On stage at the Betaband can sample my trumpet and loop my little anyday Bean. [5/495/9

V I Saw You Grumpy Maclean in the bar with no free

drinks. your hat hair is so becoming. . .stop your whinge- ing L'/-I‘)5/l()

V I Saw You Arches Cafe Boy in ()ptimo- May 2nd with your shaggy hair and funky moves! Maybe you can serve me again [7/495/l l

V I Saw You Stoned boy in Brel. You are a guitar monkey. and Dr Suess loves you. Thanks for being a cool friend. Colin. [7495/12

V I Saw You Clare. working your thing in The Art School. Fancy working mine‘.’ Dave. L'/495/l3

V I Saw You Andree and I ain't seen you much since. Where you at Foxy‘.’ [7/495/l-l V I Saw You Mr Gibson. You're the David Brent of the call centre. Let me be your Gareth.xx CANS/15

V I Saw You (0‘ Brel on Sat 8th May and we made eye con- tact. You know who you are. Hugs. kisses and rude thoughle [3/495/16

V I Saw You If had a denim mini. purple tights and looked kinda sad. Fancy dinner and a giggle'.’ [5/495/17

V I Saw You P6. Pole danc- ing at Sleazy's like a cheap slut. The sex dreams just won't stop! LAWS/l8

V I Saw You Saint Hilda of caffeinated drinks every day in Tinderbox. You are beautiful? [7/495/1‘)

V I Saw You Behind the bar in Wodka Wodka (Ashton Lane) l5.()5.()4. I think your name is Neil. You have the cutest smile I've ever seen! Let's go for a drink...‘.’ L'/495/2()

V I Saw You Sandro. sexy Italian chef at the Bothy. Hot and spicy! Let's meet for a capuccinox [3/495/21

V I Saw You In Sleazys. Beanscene guy (Craig?) with the Neil Young sideburns... would you like to come strum my strings? 'Aint it the truth' that i'd like some tuning. L'l-l95/22

V I Saw You Brel 7th May liesty girl with the Bambi eyes. messy dark hair and loud laugh. You smoked like a Ium but it made you even sexier. Fancy a light‘.’ LAWS/23

V I Saw You Working in Glasgow Borders (wknds) long dark hair. absolutely gorgeous. Me. short dark hair guitarist/composer buy music/guitar mags. inspired to write song about you. I'm in love! CANS/24

V I Saw You In the [Esquire House a year ago and we've lived happily every after. Thanks for all the loving K-dofl xxx [3/495/25

VI Saw You Guy with the denim jacket on. I liked your style and want that coffee! U/495/26

V I Saw You Barman in Strata with the monkey wrist band. I winked (01 you. I'd like to spank your monkey if you want to swing from my branch'.’ L'/495/27

V I Saw You Bleached haired Dr. Sat l5th. You could speak Irish to me all day! Put your tubes on my chest and I'll try not to hyperventilate. I've got myself a new doc. Call me...! x CANS/28

V I Saw You Lots working in H and M. Buchanan Galleries. tall. dark hair. dark eyes and glasses. You are one attractive man. Can we be friends so I can abuse your staff discount? Pretty please'.’ [1/495/2‘)

V I Saw You Red rucksack! Barfly. Fri. Shy redhead with Bowie top passing on stairwell. Tell me again and I'll make up for being so shy. L'/-I95/3()

V I Saw You Triptych. Tramway May Ist: (IlK‘?)ather- ine. we talked of .\'eil Young in the garden. gave you my num- ber. Just in case you lost it! L'l-l‘)5/3I

V I Saw You - See you. mornings on the tube. I get on Kelvinhall. you get off Cessnock. You dark and exot- ic. me pale and disheveled. Look up and see me'.’ [5/495/32


V I Saw You superchicken. swimming in the mist. reading salacious novels and participat- ing in the World Dominoes Championship. Don't try to hide your happiness. don't try to hide how happy you are! Let's do it again soon? xxx L'/495/33

V I Saw You Miss Bin Laden. sorting city refuse. with your sexy blonde swagger and dark shades. Come sort out my tomboy trash‘.’ But hurry. I'm on the move. xxx [LAWS/34

V I Saw You High Street hostel receptionist. You cute Canadian guy. I couldn't stop sneeking a look at you. LAWS/35

0 I Saw You the lawyer/go]fer/escort on the Grassmarket Sat night. Lost your number after promising I wouldn't. Couldn't find you after you left. Sorry! L7495/36 V I Saw You All at Mr Sinclair‘s lIat Sunday 2nd May... from the three pished Aussies seeking the where- abouts of our dignity and the address to post our full written apology to! L'/4‘)5/37


"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" —Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34


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