V I Saw You Forbidden Planet. I picked up the samurai doll. you picked up the samurai doll. l was tall(ish) headphones & goatee. you were short(ish) dark hair. really cute!! U/495/38 V I Saw You You smiled at me. I on bus. you in posh sports car. Saw you top of Dalry Road 8.20? Fri l6/4/04. Look out for you on the bus. Dave ; ) U/495/39

V I Saw You Mr Duke of Dork and I ant very much in love with you. I hope I get to share my world with you more. There detinitely is a reason behind us meeting... Duchess Kissch U/495/40

V I Saw You Mr Townsend on 1 H5 in Body Shop. Gosh. you're lovely. but I didn't have the bottle to ask you out! U/495/4l

V I Saw You Little red head- ed Kiwi at Derren Brown. Have you heard from him yet? Thanks for the big pants. We shall modify them together soon. x x x x U/495/42

V I Saw You Looking in the I Saw You's'. Here's one for you. I think you're special. U/495/43

V I Saw You Punching cows in fridges. Now you see a blonde. That confirms they do have more fun after all! Shame really. have I missed my chance? U/495/4-l

V I Saw You Flirting with the from a rocking chair. whilst flashing a sultry and sexy stare. now if I'm your desire and you're my live wire. let the games begin and relight my tire! L’/-l95/-l5

0 I Saw You It's a Kat's life...and don't we know it?! You lit up my life in a blink of the eye. my sister in passion. fear. love and desire. X U/495/46

V I Saw You in the flesh at long last! It is so surprising our paths have never crossed before. Looking forward to them crossing again soon. To a lasting frienship Boxer Boy! Ax U/495/47

V I Saw You In a hazy gold- en glow. the sun surrounds you and stars fall from the sky to your feet. I lay myself before you. Cristina and wish only for you to glance my way and see my smile that is only for you. U/495/48

V I Saw You Breathtaking bookseller working for the opposition. I have a reputation which I occasionally live up to but I have three sons who need a stable home. Let me DrrrrTr with you. and we'll dance a hula as never seen before. U/495/49 V I Saw You Beanscene. Hollywood Rd. Sunday 16 May. You blonde. striped shin- jumper thing. Reading and writ- ing away. You left and I said it was not a day to be sitting inside. U/495/50

V I Saw You Sexy gardener- man smelling of bonfires. Thank you for a brilliant year xxx U/495/5l

V I Saw You Dark & hand- some (not tall) ticket inspector with earrings in both ears on

124 THE LIST 27 May—IO Jun 2004

the 16.35 Dunfermline to Edinburgh train on Friday 14th May. We smiled. let's smile again! U/495/52

V I Saw You Mr Yellow Line but you don't see me. Lovely Rita has hung up her uniform before she commits a serious traffic offence. U/495/53

V I Saw You Sexy Prestwick

boy looking seductive at Harvey

Nicks but our milkshakes are bringing all the boys to the yard and dam right they're better than yours! W&B U/495/54

V I Saw You Kristy (0’ Bootylushous. Neva got a chance 2 chat. Drink sometime soon? I) xx U/495/55

V I Saw You My little lep- rechaun in Planet ()ut. lighting for the talking stick again. Can't get a word in edge ways. xx U/495/56

V I Saw You In Fopp without the red top! What a Ilopp. . .tell me where's the next stop. U/495/57

V I Saw You Funking down the street. You go by the name of MC Loud... U/495/58

V I Saw You In the Venue spinning on your knees + burtt- ing a whole in your tracksuit. Cart I be your lire in the disco?!! U/495/59

V I Saw You Sexy new bar- man in Planet ()ut. Keep serv- ing those drinks and keep me happy! Wink wink xxx U/495/60

V I Saw You Sweaty sexy guy with your nice legs jogging in the Meadows. Blonde boy you make my morning! U/495/61

V I Saw You In the cupboard - but was it cupboard Iov'e'.’ U/495/62

V I Saw You In the Peartree. I gave you a special Springbok cappucino. You seemed to enjoy it. Come in and give me your number. U/495/63

V I Saw You Playing by ‘The Rules'. You wanna get a life with me. Christopher. U/495/6-l V I Saw You Allie. you can be the salsa on my nachos any- time. Wanna dance? x U/495/l V I Saw You My rock star boyfriend. X-vectors are better than ever. Love Courtney. U/495/65

V I Saw You With your friend and all alone in the Basement. Have I seen you in Fopp. Cock? U/495/66

V I Saw You Many tnoons ago. you wrote an 'I Saw You' for me. Missed opportunity! Me Mary. 22 Bus. Let‘s have those literary chats. U/495/67

VI Saw You Bubblebutt. I'll meet you in the Spectrum you can blow me a bubble. Luv Chad x U/495/68

V I Saw You on a night bus on London Road kissing good- bye to me. I cannot imagine a man like you is destined to find me and I am to lose you while happiness awaits. U/495/69 VI Saw You (01 Super Saturday Fire in the Disco. let me be the lilling in your taco bell. You like the lighting guy but I could light you up! (it) on say yes. Lordyl! U/495/70

V I Saw You Al. Al. Al. Al. Super Al. Al. the Basement x x o Maeveen U/495/7l

V I Saw You My Canadian beauty. selling me the food of life. Play on...X U/495/72

V I Saw You Cute muscular farmer boy. Love your muscles. must be front all that spading. Keep that fresh bunny-eye look about you. Torn shirts are kinky. U/495/73

V I Saw You In a sullen plume all ready and waiting. your hands in the cold were shaking. See you again my dark haired 'Hen'. U/495/74

V I Saw You Marty a dance- tastic night. my schneckie and my dancing bear. Doing the Tarantella sorts me right out. Big love. U/495/75

V I Saw You One evening in the Basement. I realised I love you. You're my best friend Al. U/495/76

V I Saw You In Filmhouse Cafe Bar on Sat 15th May with lady who had bicycle outside. Thought I saw you in New Town bar a month or so ago. Fancy a coffee? U/495/77

V I Saw You () ginger one looking for bats. peat bogs and beardy weirdos! Start looking for clean shaven men. They're far tnore reliable! C&A. We love you! U/495/78

V I Saw You Wee Alan in Fever. you've given me one...A girl can dream can't she? U/495/79

V I Saw You Hiding behind another Vodka + Red Bull. catching drips from your (ieorgc Forman with that bot- tom lip. No Miracle (irow? U/495/80

V I Saw You Alan in I‘Iabana. You write for Smrsguv and I always try to make eye contact with you but you never notice! U/495/8l

V I Saw You in Planet ()ut. Lou Lou Bella you are hot and I want you. Fancy it‘.’ U/495/l V I Saw You 1)] Dale from Bootylushous. You set my pants on fire. Planet ()ut Wednesday U/495/82

V I Saw You In the Basement on 18/5. You were in suit and were with 2 friends. We made eye contact several times and you smiled. l was waiting for a friend but wished I was with you. Fancy a drink? U/495/83

V I Saw You or rather I Soy You. White trash with a micro- biotic spin. You bummed your way through the thin walls of a I970's pant wearing caravan and we discussed the merits of leek soup far too early in the morning. I'm still not con- vinced. How much fora toma- to? U/«l95/84

V I Saw You working at TL for 8 years now? I love your Rovers Return story and I'll miss your liileen Iivans School of Dance moves. I still can't believe I'm friends with a pikey but still. 'you've done a lot of good things!'. And don't get whiplash dancing to Britney come Friday. U/495/85


female? Seeks male

W INTRIGUING bright, honest & independent female. 35. GSOH. likes both complex & simple things in life. Seeks interesting & straightforward male for drink & chat initially. Call me on 09067 510 1-15 & enter ID no. 400-1809

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I325 I421

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