Linkin Park

Some kind of monster

Summer’s coming and we select the highlights of the festival season in Scotland. To kick off our coverage, Henry Northmore Checks out Glasgow’s new metalfest, DOWNLOAD.

hey talk about a resurgence in rock with the Darkness picking up a Brit this year. but Download is real rock. metal. proper heavy. .\'o fucking about.

Metallica. the greatest heavy metal band ol‘ all time. take headlining duties with young pups Linkin Park topping the bill on the second night. Two midweek days of full on heavy metal thunder may seem like a weird idea. but with a line-up of this quality you‘d be insane to miss it.

It‘s hard to think of anyone more metal than Metallica. They set the stage. created the template and are still up there with the most exhilarating live experiences the world has to offer. They set the blueprint for thrash. the l‘aster. heavier bastard ol’l‘spring ol’ metal. the speed just adding to their complexity. not just their volume. Their brutal Kill ‘em All (1983) was a true statement of intent. a take no prisoners blitzkrieg ol' furious filling and head-shredding

18 THE LIST 2/ NIH“, l(;.J.;1it; ENJOY.

l'ret work. .lames lletlield‘s growling. menacing vocals. the Marlboro man gone to seed. Kirk Hammett‘s lithe. dexterous guitar stylings. ('lil‘l' Burton’s thundering bass and group leader and ligurehead. drummer Lars l'lrich.

The masterpiece .Iluslr’r of I’Hp/ir’ly (1986) secured their titles as kings of metal. and it‘s still believed by many to be the greatest metal record of all time. It was a true progression. the complexity ol’ the songs. the pitch black themes: there was a nod to pr‘og rock but none of its noodling. overweight hloatedness ~ just an expansion oi vision. ‘\\'e|come Home (Sittilldl'lttliik. Battery” and the epic 'Master ol‘ l’uppets‘ all chug with l‘earsome portent. But true tragedy struck that same year. On 27 September l‘)b’(i their tour bus crashed while touring Sweden. and (‘lil‘l‘ Burton was killed. His death hit the band hard. Replacement .lason Newstcd was never really accepted on board. and by 2()()l he couldn‘t take their