Paul Van Dyk

Stacy Pullen

Manq a noise

Johnny Regan goes behind the decks at COLOURSFEST 2004.

ou’ve got to hand it to ('olours. They work

tirelessly to keep (ilasgow at the forefront of

the global clubbing consciousness. Also. they’ve worked bloody hard at putting on this

waterfront rave for the last three years. in the face of

the antipathy from a small crowd of .\'imbys that greets just about any attempt at large-scale merry— making in this country. A recent newspaper article headline read: ‘You can have l2-hout' rave at Braehead . . . .lust keep the noise doan A quick peek at what’s going on across the five stages reaffirms the festival‘s raison d‘etre. and undermines the idea that it's going to be a quiet one. With all due respect to sound control consultants and decibel watchers. it will take something substantially thicker than canvas to muffle this line-up.

Perhaps the big news of this year's event is that (‘olours and Soma have decided to collaborate in Arena 3. and there‘s a general sense of ‘Yoti’re great’. 'No. you are' between the two camps at the moment. Soma are pulling out the big guns. with (ireen Velvet. Stacey l’ullen. Kevin Saunderson. Master ll and Tom Middleton punctttating a stage line-up that references just abottt every significant twist and turn in the label's history. It's a fascinating club cross-fertilisation exercise. live for all to see.

(‘olours aren‘t only gelling into bed with Soma this year Sheffield superclub (iatecrashei‘ lends its clout on the main stage. with live acts inelttding .\'l '- .\'R(i. Way Out West and the always entertaining Public Domain. It’s big names all the way with the DJ line-up here. Paul Van l)yk. lierry ('orsten. Lisa Lashes. Anne Savage and (iuy ()rnadel all get up on that raised stage to make the big arena move.

(‘olours has always had a firm grasp on the fickle world of lashionable dance music. and the essential

label right now has got to be Hed Kandi. with its couture savvy. glam fttnk house mixes and full compliment of beautiful people behind. and in front of. the decks wherever they touch down. The UK's ‘spangliest. sexiest. funkiest club brand‘ (thanks. ('olours) are taking over Arena 3 of the festival with Andy Norman. Stonebridge. llatty Loveheans. Mark Doyle. Matt (‘ollins and the venerable Jon Mancini spinning what promises to be the most unashamedly fun part of the shindig. lixpect Hed Kandi to do their usual and totally rejig the ventte until it resembles the reception at a gay wedding.

Arenas 4 and 5 put the emphasis on homegrown talent. and in recent years the ('oloursfesl crowd has responded well to the inclusion of their own people on the hill. Arena 4 is called the ‘Back to the Future’ stage. and is in memory of Scottish dance 1)] Tom Wilson. Acts such as 'l‘Tl“. (JFX. Ultrasonic. the Rhythmic State and (‘hill I'M all play live. and the DJ line-up is no less scary. Hard dance legends Joe Deacon. Marc Smith. 'l‘echnolrance. ()hsession. Jon (‘amphell and (ieorge Bowie are all set to show' the whippersnappers what‘s what. sort out the wheat from the chaff. the men from the boys and the fair- weather fans from the hardcore rave addicts.

Slightly more palatable to your average dance music enthusiast is the Beat l()() line—up in Arena 5. The literally huggy Mr Paul N‘Jie plays alongside lluggy himself. (‘olin 'l’evendale and Lisa Littlew'ood play nicely together as usual. along with fellow (ilasgow cohort Scott Mackay. The fifth. outdoor stage is dominated by that denizen of house. Mr Danny Rampling. someone who can always take a party and make it into something special.

I (_,‘o/or/rsfost is a! Brae/load Arena. Glasgow, :3 Jun. See vitriol lllljllil.

20THE LIST. ".74. ' l."

I Download Scotland (2—3 Jun) Revel in the maximum heaviosity of Scotland's only true metal festival with Metallica. Iggy 8 the Stooges and more. See feature (page 18). Glasgow Green, 0870 169 0700, £79.

I Caledonlan Beer Festival (4-5 Jun) Summer football fun is the theme for this year's Beer Fest. Twenty different cask beers are available over the weekend. along with a select range of premium lager. Sweet. Caledonian Brewery, 0737 337 7286, E7.

I Largs Jazz Festival (4-6 Jun) A little bit of New Orleans comes to Largs for one weekend as the sound of jazz echoes around the town. Vikingar and various venues, Largs, 07475 676 782, prices vary.

I Highlands Festival (4-12 Jun) Inverness opens its doors for everything from Flamenco dancers and Buddhist monks to massed pipes and drums. hip hop and Highland flings. Various venues, Inverness, 07463 777

7 72, prices vary.

I Colourfest 2004 (5 Jun) Scotland's biggest dance festival covering old skool hardcore. glam house and tuff techno as Colours join forces with Soma. Gatecrasher, Hed Kandi and Back to the Future. See feature page 20. Braehead Arena 8 Board walk, Glasgow, 0870 444 6062/0747 204 5757, £30.

I Meadows Festival (5—6 Jun) This two-day community festival with live bands. street theatre and fun fair celebrates its 30th year. Check out performance poetry. food and refreshments. ethnic musicians. skater ramps. and a specially designed acoustic area. The Meadows, Edinburgh, 0737 620 9708, Free.

I Leith Festival (6-12 Jun) This fun week of festivities includes sports. live music and children‘s shows before culminating with the Leith Pageant and Gala Day, replete with bouncy castle. pony rides. hot air balloons, bands, football and much more. Leith, Various Venues, 0737 553 7929, Freefs. I Keith Waditional Music Festival (11-13 Jun) A celebration of traditional music through song. ceilidhs.