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The guide to events in central Scotland

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64 Theatre 1M: 68 Theatre 8 Dance listings a 73 74 Comedy listings 76 Gay 77 Clubs 78 Clubs listings 87 venues 88 Art 91 Gallery listings The Front . . . 97 Kids As the European elections loom, we ask prospective MEPs from all the main parties how they’ll fight for the 99 Sport arts and culture . . . The silly story of McConnell, 100 City Life Scottish Opera and the press barons . . . Plus letters 101cm, Life “stings on Engelbert Humperdinck, Henrik Larsson and the mortal danger of drinking cows’ milk. I The GOOdS

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12 Toni Collette Forget Murie/‘s Wedding: one of 106 Comics

Australia‘s most accomplished actresses has appeared 106 Records

in a range of fine films since her cult debut. With two 109 Games

movies opening this month, Paul Dale finds out what 1 10 DVD

makes Toni Collette tick. 1 1 1 TV

14 The Dalai Lama Exiled from the country he 1 12 Travel . 114 Food & Drink

leads. and a fervent believer in pacifism, the Dalai Lama has become an international symbol of Tibet’s struggle to hang on to its cultural heritage. Kate Saunders describes her visit to the religious leader, while we ask other experts to shed light on the problem of Tibet under Chinese occupation.

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128 Edwyn Collins 8 The Bureau of Oddities

18 Festivals! Thank God it’s summer. And we’ve got the festivals to prove it. The List checks out the finest of the summer festivities, from Download to Le Weekend via 36 other weird and wonderful events across

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29 Roman Polanski With a new cut of Chinatown on show in Glasgow and a complete retrospective at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, we preview the filmmaker’s most powerful movies.


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88 Eduardo Paolozzi Aged 80, the great- grandfather of Scottish art gets a retrospective at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh.

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