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Careful (15) CC. ((iuy Maddin. ('anada. 1992) Kyle Mc('ulloch. (iosia Dobrowolska. Sarah Neville. 96min. Madness up in the mountains as the (‘anadian idiosyneracist takes its to 'l‘ol/bad where every'body‘s got the bots for everyone else. despite the avalanche that threatens. Soap send-up. custom- made ctilt. but not to evet'y‘body’s tastes. Part of the Maddin retrospective. Film/muse. Iz‘iliiilitug/i.

The Cat in the Hat (PG) .0

(Bo Welch. ITS. 2003) Mike Myers. Alec Baldwin. Kelly Preston. Dakota Fanning. Spencer Breslin. 82min. American classic. perverted and robbed of its charm. Mike Myers” golden touch may have just come to an end. Mind yott this did pretty well in the States. but there is. of course. no accountng for public taste. St'lt’rletl release.

Cheaper By the Dozen (PG)

0. (Shawn Levy. l'S. 2003) Steve .Martin. Bonnie Hunt. Piper Perabo. Tom Welling. Hilary l)uf. 97min. Tom Baker (Martin) is a football coach who finds himself tnoving to a big-name job in ('hicago while trying to keep his huge family under control when his author wife Kate (Bonnie Hunt) has to go on an unexpected book tour. Another dull. harassed dad comedy from Martin. remade from a 1950 (‘lifton Webb vehicle. ('('/. ('lvrlt'hunk.‘ I'(‘I. Iii/inlnujeli.

Children of the Hubble (tbc) (David llayman/Jak Milroy. l'K/.-\fghanistan. 2003) 60min. in 2003 Scottish actor/director David llayman travelled to .-\fghanistan with a cameraman and $16,000 in Spirit Aid money. Atnid the post-war devastation of that country he discovered a series of villages that hadn't seen a doctor in 24 years and where many children were dying. This inspiring documentary follows the month-long mission to create a tnedical response unit in the heart of a post war zone. llayman will introduce his lilm and host a question and answer session alter the screening. HIV]: Glasgow.

0 Chinatown (15) ooooo (Roman Polanski. l'S. I974) Jack Nicholson. liaye [)unaway. John Huston. l3lmin. Private eye Jake (iittes takes on a routine case in [937 LA and ends up uncovering more than he bargained for. Splendid conspiracy thriller with a handsome period look and a quite superlative cast. Despite rumours spread by Nicholson and Polanski. though. the nose-slitting scene was faked. See preview. page 29. (ii-"II (i/usgnn‘.

Colonel Kwiatkowski (Pulkownik Kwiatowski) (the) O... (Ka/imera Kutz. Poland. I996) Marek Kondrat. Renata Dancewicz. Zbigniew '/.amachowski. l23min. Based on a trtte story about an army doctor-officer. who. through disguising himself as a very important member of the (’ommunist Party. managed to save many members of the l'ndergrottnd Army (AK) frotn the paws of Soviet l’olish secret service militia squads. which tortured and brutally murdered thousands of people in late 1940s and l950s. Surprisingly (considering the Schindler-esque subject matter) this is very entertaining. It also boasts a finely structured plot line (mainly due to the fact that lllosl of it is true) and some superb acting. If you are even slightly interested in Polish history or cinema. this is a must. Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (Po) .0. (Sara Sugarman. 1S. 2004) Lindsay l.ohan. Adam (iarcia. Alison Pill. Megan l‘ox. 89min. Teenage princess l.ola (l.ohan) is

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devastated when family circumstances dictate that she has to move frotn New York to live in New Jersey. In her new suburban surrounds l.ola is determined to prove that you can take the girl out of New York. bill you can't take New York out of the girl as she makes the most of her native sassiness to land the lead role in the high school musical. In the process she makes enemies of the rich kid ('arla Santini (l‘ox) and befriends the self- dottbting lilla (Pill). The friendship between l.ola and lilla is tested when the best friends head into New York to woo a drunken British rock star ((iat'eia). Above average simplistic moral life lesson tnovie. a kind of pre-Sr't and the ('in as it were. St'lt't'lt’t/ I'('/('(l.\(’.

Cowards Bend the Knee (tbc) ((iuy Maddin. ('anada. 2003) Darcy l'ehr. Melissa l)ionisio. Amy Stewart. Tara Birtwhistlc. 60min. A hockey player abandons his pregnant girlfriend at an abortion clinic to pursue a woman who won’t allow a man to touch her until her father‘s death is avenged. Acclaimed featurette from (‘anada‘s answer to Derek Jarman. The screening includes two shorts: 'I’llt' Dem! I'iII/it'r ((iuy Maddin. (‘anada. 1985) 25 min. When the patriarch of a troubled clan dies. the eldest son's resentful yearning conspires to bring back his father in only a partial state of living. l’ltis Ilt'tlrl (If Illt' liar/(I ((iuy Maddin. Canada. 2000) 6 min. Two brothers are in love with a woman who discovers that the world is at serious risk of death by heart failure. Part of the Maddit) retrosiwctive. I-i'lm/muvt'. Ifrlin/mrg/i.

O Cul De Sac ( IS) 0... (Roman Polanski. 1K. (966) Lionel Slander. Donald Pleasanee. l't'ancoisc l)orlcac.

ll ltnin. liarly British exercise in Polanskian absurdity stars wounded gangster Slander turning tip on the remote island owned by l’rospcro figure Pleasanee and his apparently ill-matched concubine. The result is something like Beckett meets 'I‘llr' lent/rm]. with a cilietistc\ knowing cynicism added to the

strange brew. An odd one. Part of the Polanski retrospective. See preview. page 29. Film/muse. Ifrlin/mrg/i. Cyberworld 30 (Hi) (Various. IS.

2000) Jenna lilfman. Matt lirewer. Woody

Allen. 44min. Jenna lilfman is the cyber- host who introduces its to various unrelated segments of cyber animation. The Simpsons and Ant: make 31) appearances in a spectacular display of today's most impressive graphic technology. I.l'l.'lX. (i/mgm):

0 Dance of the Vampires (aka The Fearless Vampire Killers) (l5) (Roman Polanski. l'S. I967) Jack

Mae(}owran. Roman Polanski. Allie Bass.

Sharon 'l‘ate. l’crdy Mayne. 107mm. Peculiar Hammer-type spoof horror. with .‘ylac(}owran as the eccentric professor and Polanski as his assistant. both staying in an isolated. cast litiropean castle infested with vampires. Although there are moments of pure Polanski genius. most of the movie mislires. and it's remarkable mainly as an oddity. Part of the Polanski retrospective. See prev icw. page 29. I'i/m/muxt'. [Jilin/Hugh.

The Day After Tomorrow ( (2A) 0. (Roland limmerieh. t'S. 2004) Dennis ()uaid. Jake (iyllenhaal. limmy Rossum. l)ash Mihok. Jay () Sanders. lan lloltn. Kenneth Welsh. l2-lmin. See review. page 30. General release.

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne (l’(i) ... (Robert Bresson. l'rance. 1946) Maria (‘asares. lilina l.abourdcttc. l.uciennc Bogaert. 90min. A young Parisian takes revenge on her bored lover by arranging for hitn to marry a prostitute. A collaboration between Jean ('octeau and Bressoii has to be an intriguing one. and this occasionally irritating effort is interesting for the manner in which Bresson's eharacteristically austere manner copes with his seenarist's emotional flourishes. (MN/i Glasgow:

0 Deserted Station (lstgah- Matrouk) (tbc) O... (Alire/a Raisian. lran. 2002) l.eila llatatni. Ne/am .‘slanouehehri. Mehran Rajabi. Mahmoud

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and th Prisoner of Azkaban

Pak Neeyat. l00min. A couple drive through the Iranian countryside on a religions pilgrimage when suddenly an accident forces them to hang around in the tniddle of nowhere. Based on a treatment by Abbas Kiarostami ('Ii'n). this may lack the complex. paradoxical nature of the master's sct'ipt/ directorial work as it predicates the wife's tnelancholia and the husband's irritation on fairly accessible motivations bttt it’s a tender meditation nevertheless. (ii-"I: (i/(Isgmv. La Discrete ( 12A) ((‘hi‘istian Vincent. France. I990) l"abriee l.uchini. Judith ilenry. Maurice (iarrel. Marie Bunuel. 95min. A jealous author seeks revenge on his ex-girlfriend aitd her entire gender by seducing a young woman with the sole purpose of dumping her. A sophisticated comedy of sexual politics and manners. (i157; (i/(lvemi'.

Down Among the Big Boys ( lts') ((‘harles (iormlcy. Britain. 1993) Billy ('onnolly. Douglas llenshall. Alex Norton. iiwan Stewart. Maggie Bell. Ashley Jensen. 90min. Detective l.ottie (Connolly) is set to marry ('laire (Bell). the daughter of a wealthy businessman

w ho's latest ‘business’ ventttre is robbing the local batik. l.atc 'l‘\' adaptation of one of (ireenock's own Peter McDougall's consummate comedic scripts. set in (ilasgow. film/muse. I-[t/in/mrg/i.

Down Where the Buffalo Go ( Ix) (lan Knox. l'K. I988) llarvey Kcitel. Andrew Byatt. Stella (ionet. Katherine Stark. 95min. A powerful and moving human drama (set on Scotland's River ('lyde) eentring on the strained marriages of two tnen forced to question the significance of their lives amid such crumbling relationships. l'i/mliuuvt'. Iz'iliIi/mrg/i.

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary ( 12) C... ((Euy Maddin. ('anada. 2002) Wei-Qiang thang. Tara Birtwhistlc. l)ave Moroni. ('indy Marie Small. Johnny A Wright. 75min. Maddin's bonkers dance take on the Dracula myth. See l)V'l). page I it). I-‘i/m/muu'. IztliiiImrg/I.