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The Last Kiss (L’Ultirno Bacio) (l8) 0. ((iabriele Muccino. Italy. 200] ) Stefano Accorsi. (iiovatina Mel/ogiorno. Stefania Sandrelli. 1 15min. I-‘laccid boy to adulthood transformation piece of part whimsy part machistno wish fulfilment. (‘arlo (Accorsi) has got his girlfriend pregnant. and his fear for the future is accetitttated by his best friend Adriano (Passoti) bickering constantly abottt how the arrival of a baby has led to seven months of sexless and loveless marriage. (‘arlo yearns for an idealised single life. (TA. Glasgow.

Laws oi Attraction ( 12A) 00

(Peter Ilowitt. IS. 2004) Pierce Brosnan. Julianne Moore. Parker Posey. Michael Sheen. ‘)0tnin. Ilaving stolen its premise from Adam's Rib. the l‘)-l‘) Hepburn/Tracey screwball comedy about a httsband and wife who must pit their legal minds against each other while defending feuding spouses in court. laws of Altt‘at‘lion amazingly manages to be neither funny. well paced nor well acted. Rogtte lawyer Daniel Rafferty (Brosnan) is a man only interested in putting briefs on show. Audrey Miller (Moore) is the straight-laced lawyer who is to raise his chagrin in every way as they go head to head over British rock star Thorne Jamison (Sheen) and fashion designer wife Serena (Posey). who wants rid of him. Pretty predictable fare. General release.

The Lion King ([7) Disney's first animated feature get the IMAX treatment. [NI/IX. (i/as‘goit:

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36 THE LIST 2/ May—10 Jun 2004

Live Flesh ( 18) 0... (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1997) Javier Bardem. Liberto Rahal. Francesca Neri. l00min. Based on a Ruth Rendell story. Almtxlovar's most rounded attempt to enter the mainstream follows the fate of a wheelchair-bound policeman. the young man responsible for the bttllet that put him there. and his wife. with whom the recently released convict is in love. Any message waiting to be read is drowned in the brightest and deepest of cinematographic experiences. and the pleasures here are several. But there‘s a hint that the director has slipped into middle-ground mediocrity. ('ameo. lit/inbmg/t. Looney Tunes - Back in Action (PG) 0. (Joe Dante. I‘S. 2003) Brendan Fraser. Jenna lilfman. Steve Martin. Timothy Dalton. lleather I.ocklear. 90min. Bttgs Bunny and the gang return for this feature length mixture of live action and animation. Loads of in- jokes but no genuine laughs beleaguer the usually reliable Dante's attempts to pay respect to the cartoon heroes and animators of yore. ((14. Glasgow. (il't).\’l'(’l1()l'. Glasgow. Main Hoon Na (PU) (Farah Khan. India. 2004) Shahrukh Khan. Zayed Khan. Amrita Rao. Sushmita Sen. Based on the favourite current Bollywood theme of Indo-Pakistani relations. this tells the story of Major Rain Prasad Shartna (Khan) who has to go back to school to protect General Amerjeet Bakshi's daughter Sanjana (Rao). whose life is in danger from those who do not want peace between India and Pakistan. l‘un. frolics and a little bit of serious politics have made this a huge hit in its homeland. ()(lemt ('itv ('entre. Glasgow. Monster ( 18) O... (Patty Jenkins. LS. 2003) (‘harli/e Theron. (‘hristina Ricci. Bruce Dern. Scott Wilson. Pruitt Taylor Vince. l()‘)min. Well tnade. if bleak and harrowing drama detailing the troubled. exploited life and death of US serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Theron is remarkable as Wuornos. who has strong support from Ricci in a unshowy role as friend Selby. Patty Jenkins' measured grim control of this dyspeptic tale pays ultimate dividends. UG(' Rea/reit- Street. Glasgow. One Continuous Take (tbc) (Various. Various. 2003) ‘)()min. ()pportunity to see the best shorts from Scotland and around the world. Many of the films will be introduced by the filmmakers themselves. (TA. (ilasgatil Pan Tadeusz (PG) (Andr/cj Wajda. l’oland/I-‘rance. l‘)‘)‘)) Marek Konodrat. Michal Zebrowski. Andr/ej Seweryn.

Boguslow Linda. 125mm. Andrzej Wajda‘s screen adaptation of Adam Mickiewicl's epic Poliin poem is a simple love story of the inhabitants of a Polish countryside mansion. While the characters go abottt their daily lives. they are silently waiting for Napoleon to invade Rttssia and regain the lost hope of independence for Poland. Lavish widescreen period dratna. I'i/Ht/IUILW’. Edinburgh.

The Passion of the Christ ( 18)

0 (Mel (iibson. IS. 2004) James (‘aviezeL Monica Bellucci. Maia Morgenstern. l2()min. As subtle as a spear jabbed under the ribs. and more boring than a lifetime‘s worth of sanctimonious sermons. Gibson's sado-fetishistic account of the last 12 hours of (‘hrist's life is a crttde. unedifying mess. I-‘caturing more gratttitous violence than the average ‘video nasty". it presents a pick'n'mix selection of the four gospels. plus a pedestrian stumble- throttgh of The Stalin/ix oft/1e (‘ros's - all in the baroque. blood-drenched style of a horror movie. (,'G(' Park/tear]. Glasgow. Performance ( (8) 00.00 (Nic Roeg & Donald (‘ammelL UK. l‘)7()) James Fox. Mick Jagger. Anita Pallenberg. l05min. (‘has (l-‘ox never better than here) is a violent gangster who has to go into hiding to avoid retribution from Ilarry Plowers‘ (Johnny Shannon) mob. By chance he ends tip in the Notting Hill house of Turner (Jagger). Turner sees (‘has as a source of rekindling his creativity and starts tormenting hitn with drug-induced mind games with the help of the beautiful Pherber (Pallenberg) and the androgynous Lucy (Michele Breton). Shot in two halves. one half gangster film. one half a requiem to psychedelic enhancement. experimental film and the belief in the self. I’te/omtattt‘e looks. feels and sounds like nothing else; it is a miraculous piece of cinema that will stand the march of time. Miss at your peril. ('atneo. Iz'tlinbttrglt. Rabbit Proof Fence (PG) .0. (Phillip Noyce. Australia. 2002) liverlyn Satnpi. Kenneth Branagh. David (iulpilil. 94min. It‘s the httmanity of Noyce's storytelling that is the most salient feature of this film about Australia‘s ‘stolen generation‘. The didacticism of this true story of the abduction of three aboriginal children from their tribe. and their resettlement at a prison-like camp for the training of mixed race children ittto white culture is hidden beneath its story of human struggle and endurance. Noyce forgives all. liven Branagh's Mr Neville. who we first encounter explaining the bizarre semi-fascist eugenics that motivate him. is seen as not so tttuch evil as profoundly wrong-headed. The children

Sara Millman’s Robin’s Hood opens the LLGFF on Tour at the GFT in Glasgow

are the natural stars. with performances perfectly measured to their ages and situations. Grosvenoi; Glasgow.

Repulsion ( t8) 0... (Roman Polanski. UK. 1965) (‘atherine Deneuve. Ian llendry. John I-"raser. I05min. Left on her own in her sister's flat for a few days. a sexually repressed young woman gradually deteriorates towards complete mental breakdown. Polanski's first Iinglish language movie remains one of his best. a genttinely disturbing exploration of intense paranoia and claustt'ophobia that unflinchineg picks at the audience's deepest neuroses. Part of the Polanski retrospective. See preview. page 2‘). Film/rouse. Iz‘tlirtbtugb.

Rights of the Father (Prawo Oica) (tbc) (Marek Kondrat. Poland. 2000) Marek Kondrat. Nina Roguz. Malgor/ata lioremniak. 87min. When a teenage girl is brutally attacked and raped. the suspects are released without charge despite sufficient evidence from witnesses. The girl's father loses hope in the justice system and decides to take the law into his own hands. Impressive Polish revenge thriller. film/rouse. Ifrlinbtug/t.

Robin’s Hood ( I5) (Sara Millman. US. 2003) ('Iody (‘ates. Khatee V Turner. 81min. A reworking of the classic green hero fable. Millman‘s version morphs the tyranny of King John into modern day institutionalised racism and oppression that drives people into drugs and crime. Part of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Tour. See preview. page 2‘). (i137: Glasgow.

Rosemary’s Baby ( 18) 0... (Roman Polanski. US. l‘)()8) Mia Farrow. John (‘assavetes. Ruth (iordon. 137mm. In this fastidious. frightening adaptation of Ira Levin's novel. young housewife liarrow moves into a new apartment block where she comes to believe that her neighbours are witches and her husband is the Devil. Polanski works at the ambiguity factor all the way through by contrasting the everyday surroundings with the extraordinary events (imagined or otherwise) taking place in and around them. while the cast all play it with some conviction. Part of the Polanski retrospective. See preview. page 2‘). Film/tome. Iz'tlinbtug/t.