(32. Glasgow. Sat 15 May ossos

It’s a shamo that South London rappor Ty’s outstanding Upwards album was ocllpsod last ysar by UK urban darling Dizzoo Rascal’s Morcury-wlnning musings. as 1y is ovary blt tho domostlc hip hop horo as Bow's boat-known boy In da cornsr.

Eschowlng tho backing of a DJ- mannod Tschnlcs 1200s sat-up. 1y brings a full flvo-pisco band to tho livs arona. safsly transporting tho dsllcato fragmsnts of soul, jazz and broksn boat that mado Upwards so vital. Tho music is taut and sharp.

Out of da oornsr

and whsthsr ho was boatboxlng, doing 360-dogroo splns or mimicking

statuss with tho rsst of tho band. 1y oozsd charm onstags. Tho attonding assortmont of scruffy studsnts and Adidas-clad hip hop hoads lappod up ovary momont. and whon bona-fldo bangsrs Ilko ‘Oh You Want Moro' and ‘Walt a Mlnuts' droppsd. ths rosults wars simply awosomo. (Hugh Loask)



Barfly, Glasgow. Wed 12 May 0000

OK. so they might look and sound like the bastard children of the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath. but up close and sweaty this lot look like their own roadies. And they're all from Nottingham. which is certainly what you might call an inaUSpicious start.

Never mind that. though; they do make a great noise. Brilliantly described on their press release as 'straight outta the UK of A‘. ETCLD (which is. let’s face it. a name that's going to get them noticed) blend the long-haired. beer-stained momentum of such contemporaries as the Datsuns with the Sab's more typically downbeat scuzz. They're damn good. and gratifyineg - absolutely not hippies. (David Pollock)



Nlca'n’Sloazy. Glasgow. Fri 21 May 0...

Are there any synthesisers left unpurchased in the city of Glasgow? Not. to be quite frank. if the first two bands on here have anything to do with it. First up at this ingenious showcase of all that is incredible about the West's music of the moment were Park Attack. and they whitewashed

the place with a mixture of remedial Roland bleeping and roaring Joy Division riffs.

Multiplies. meanwhile. are much the same. but with a lot more of the foppish. pop-loving tendencies that have worked for Franz Ferdinand thus far. But no such electronic trickery for Mother and the Addicts. The brainchild of Sam Smith and recent Chemikal Underground signings. they rock like the Velvet Underground gone surf. with an unlikely touch of the Beatles thrown in for good measure. (David Pollock)

M”. W ,.. Zr. 4-,. M, ..




Barfly. Glasgow. Tue 18 May

With snivelling dullards like Keane dominating the charts. there's nothing like an air of mystery to make life more interesting. and tonight's support act have it in abundance. We are first introduced to Secret Machines as three figures cloaked in darkness whose sound builds from a distant rumbling into a

Blonds dehsad charm

majestic mix of Low and the Flaming Lips. A stark green light allows us to identify the two intense faces responsible fOr these ghostly voices and huge swathes of keyboard and guitar which cushion the thundering rhythms of the intriguing sticksman. who boasts a huge bass drum and even bigger hair.

Blonde Redhead find it hard to follow this mesmerising performance but the wonderfully odd-looking trio inspire hysteria from the crowd who jerkin dance to their bewitching guitar whirlwinds. sinister sounding pianos and childlike boy-girl vocals. Their beautiful melodies creep out of a live sound more ragged than it is on record and. as a result. it is infinitely more enjoyable. but not quite enough to pip their predecessors to the post. (Camilla Pia)

" ." r,’ l 7r i": 47: 239 Argyle Street. 0141 204 5151 Ticlmls Scotland: 127 Rose Street. 0131 220 3234

.. ,. “9...... 91 South Bridge. 0131 225 7010 v.13}, mimic}: 0141 339 8383 Ticketmaster: 0870 169 0100

I Olrlachooi Renfrew Ferry. Glasgow. 11 Jun.

I Dslclds Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 11 Jun.

I Dirty Amsrlcana Cathouse. Glas ow. 11 Jun.

I Ths Magn flosnts. David Jack and Psnpuahsra King Tut's. Glasgow. 11 Jun.

I Josh thtsr King Tut‘s. Glasgow. 12 Jun.

I Had Hot Chill Psppsrs Murrayfield. Edinburgh. 13 Jun. SOLD OUT.

I Wilco QMU. Glasgow.

13 Jun.

I Bowsa and Morlsy King Tut's. Glas ow. 15 Jun.

I Nloksl ack Carling Academy. Glasgow. 15 Jun.

I Anthrax Garage. Glasgow. 16 Jun.

I Tho Boat Renfrew Ferry. Glasgow. 19 Jun.

I Bart Janaoh Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. 19 Jun.

I UFO Carling Academy. Glasgow. 19 Jun.

I Bath Nollaon Chapman Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh.

19 Jun.

I do" Back Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 19 Jun.

I Klilawltoh lngags and Chlmalra QML’. Glasgow. 19 Jun.

I Yo. Clyde Auditorium. Glas ow. 20 Jun.

I S ooglsnlfty Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. 20 Jun.

I YO. SECC. Glasgow. 20 Jun.

I les and Loud Hampden Park. Glasgow. 20 Jun.

I Missy Illlot SECC. Glasgow. 21 Jun.

I Bob Dylan SECC.

Glas ow. 23 Jun.

I I ondls Clyde Auditorium.

Glasgow. 22 Jun; Playhouse. Edinburgh. 26 Jun.

I Dropkick Murphya Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Jun. I Brian Ksnnsdy Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. 22 Jun.

I Ixodus Cathouse.

Glas ow. 22 Jun.

I 3 until. Playhouse. Edinburgh. 23 Jun.

I Fsar Factory QML‘. Glasgow. 23 Jun.

I Suzanna Vaga Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23 Jun; Carling Academy. Glasgow. 24 Jun.

I (IS fsat Jos Satrlanl, Stsvs Val and Hobart

Frlpp Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 23 Jun.

I Bob Dylan SECC. Glasgow. 23 Jun.

I Jamsa Grant Cottier Theatre. Glas ow. 24 Jun.

I incrsdlblgs String Band Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. 25 Jun.

I Timbaiand l Magoo Carling Academy. Glasgow. 25 Jun.

I Ban Harpsr Carling Academ .Glasgow. 28 Jun. I Van orrlaon Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 29 Jun. I Jamsa Brown Carling Academy. Glas ow. 30 Jun. I Patti Smlt Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 1 Jul.

I UShOI‘ SECC. Glasgow. 2 Jul.

I Bonnls Raltt Usher Hall. Edinbur h. 4 Jul.

I Jam s Cullum Usher Hall. Edinburgh. 5 Jul.

I Marllllon Barrowland. Glasgow. 6 Jul.

I Jimmy Gllff Carling Academy. Glasgow. 7 Jul.

I T In tho Park Balado. Kinross. 10 & 11 Jul.

I Tho Doors SECC. Glasgow. 13 Jul.

I Donny Osmond Edinburgh Castle. 16 Jul.

I Todd Rungdrsn Carling Academy. Glasgow. 17 Jul.

I Cliff Richard Edinburgh Castle. 17 SOLD OUT

& 18 Jul.

I lo. 1' Barrowland. Glasgow.

21 July.

I Tom Jonas Edinburgh Castle. 23 Jul.

I Wsatllfs Edinburgh Castle. 24 Jul.

I Jamss Taylor Edinburgh Castle. 25 Jul.

I Gillian Wslch Barrowland. Glasgow. 26 Jul. I Burrito Dsluxs Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 29 Jul.

I Alf Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 10 Aug.

I Dlo Barrowland. Glasgow. 10 Aug.

I Bloodhound Gang Garage. Glasgow. 17 Aug.

I Th0 Baamua Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 Aug.

I 50 Cont SECC. Glasgow. 30 Aug.

I Rush SECC. Glasgow.

14 Sep.

I LsAnn Rimsa Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow.

17 & 19 Sep.

I Ronan Ksating SECC. Glasgow. 21 Sep.

I Moody Biusa Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 30 Sep. I Janis Ian Queen‘s l-iall. Edinburgh. 3 Oct.

I Maroon 5 Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 Oct.

I Lloyd Colo It tho Commotiona Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 Oct.

I Sarah McLaohlan Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. 19 Oct. I Llonsl Richls SECC. Glasgow. 1 Nov.

I Anastacla SECC. Glasgow. 7 Nov.

I Dssp Purpis SECC. Glasgow. 8 Nov.

I Motdrhsad Barrowland. Glasgow. 9 Nov.

I Ban Folds Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow 16 Nov

I Bsach Boys Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 19 Nov. I Dabrisils Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 21 Nov I Michasi Bubis L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 23 Nov.

I Jooia Holland Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow.

10—11 Dec.

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