midnight; £3 after. (‘lassic and modern

I Dropkick, Dovetail and Ellis L'Attache. Shandwick Place. 22‘) 3402. 7.30pm. £4. Indie rock with a touch of country from Dropkick with support from indie types Dovetail and lillis.

I George Benson Playhouse. 18—22 (ireenside Place. 08706063424. 7.30pm. Superstar guitarist and soulful crooner makes a welcome return.

I Hothouse Flowers Queen‘s llall. (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 7.30pm. £17.50. Funky pop jazz. with a new album to boot Into Your Heart.

I Si-cut.db, Philippe Petit, Posset and The Sun Machine Subway. 69 ('owgate. 225 6766. 7.30pm. £4. Deep throbbing dub and minimal techno presented by French label Bip-llop. with local support from the Sun Machine's dark electronica.

I Nucleotides and Murnie The Mercat. 28 West Maitland Street. 225 3861. 9pm. £3. Nucleotides are instrumental surf rockers from lidinburgh.


I Heather Leigh Murray 'I‘olbooth. Jail Wynd. 01786 274000. 7.30pm. Day pass £12 (£8); two day pass £22 (£l4l: festival pass £40 (£261. Valley girl turned punk who then moved on to trying to capture a sound that ‘mirrors weather systems and the movement of the stars'. First ever [7K show a solo improvisation on pedal steel and voice. I’art uflm ll’t’t’kvml. I The MV EE Medicine Show Tolbooth. Jail \‘v'ynd. 01786 274000. 8.30pm. Day pass £12 (£8): two day pass £22 (£14): festival pass £40 (£26). Modelled on the travelling minstrel revues of old. and featuring Matthew Valentine and lirika lilder on electronics and acoustics. from analogue tone generators through acoustic guitar. ukulele. aufoharp and harmonium. I’urt ally ll'vrkmul.

I Pelt 'l‘olbooth. Jail Wynd. (ll 786 274000. 9.30pm. Day pass £12 (£8); two day pass £22 (£l4l: festival pass £40 (£26). Pelt are an all-improvising ensemble birthed in West Virginia and centred around guitarist Jack Rose. bassist/cellist Patrick Best and banjo/esraj player Mike (iangloff. I’art (if-[.0 lll'(’l\'(’ll(l.


I Sucioperro, Holmes, In Car Stereo and Genepool Harbour Arts Centre. Harbour Street. 01294 274 05‘). 8pm. £3. Power trio Sucioperro have been compared to ‘Neil Finn on crack'.

Saturday 29


I Coheed 8i Cambria and The Cardinals The (iarage. 490 Sauchiehall Street. 353 3111. 7pm. £8.50. ()ver-l4s show. Named after two fictional characters whose story they will be outlining in a forthcoming comic book. (‘oheed & (‘ambria are neo-prog rockers for the mosher generation.

I Bell X1, Six by Seven and Cherry Falls King Tut‘s Wan Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £6.50. Ass-kicking. monolithic indie rock from Dublin and Nottingham respectively. Six by Seven have worked with Death in Vegas on forthcoming single ‘Ready for You Now'. Part of I 0 Days in May.

I Driverdown and Mexico (‘(‘.»\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 8pm. £7. 'I‘riprockers [)riverdown launch their debut album Getting I! ()ut the ll’ay.

I Ardisson liskrima. (ilasgow School of Art. 168 Renfrew Street. 353 4530. 10pm. £7 (£6 students. £2 (iSA/RSAMD studentsl. Two-step and breakbeat from this Seed Records artist.

I The Features, The Fallout Trust and The Pulse Barfly. 260 (‘lyde Street. 0870 907 099‘). 8pm. £5. Tennessee quartet the Features follow in the wake of fellow southern garage rockers Kings of Leon and My Morning Jacket. but deliver a sharper pop fix with traces of a Sparks and Blondie influence to their sound.


TV on the Radio We were raving about them last issue and they're so good we‘ll rave about them again. Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes will number among your albums of the year come December, so see them now while they're young and juicy. Nice 'n Sleazy. Glasgow, Thu 27 May.

Download Two days of ear bleeding rock mayhem might be enough to send you and your Cocker Spaniel heading for the hills but for those in love with the beautiful noise. a mid-week showdown with Metallica. the Distillers, Iggy and the Stooges and Slipknot is a recipe for aural bliss. See feature. Glasgow Green, Wed 2 8. Thu 3 Jun.

The Chap and Scatter More aural unpredictability from the south (of England that is. not like Texas or something) as Lo Recordings stars the Chap do their own peculiar electro rock hybrid. Scatter. on the other hand. are a sprawling free associating beast clawing at folk, rock, jazz and spoken word which could end in disaster but more often ends in delight. See preview. Nice ’n ’Sleazy, Glasgow, Wed 2 Jun.

Edwyn Collins and the Alexander Brothers If there was ever a collaboration worth heading out of town for it was this: the debonair high priest of rock‘n'roll. Edwyn Collins. and those twin antique Scottish crooners the Alexander Brothers. God only knows what it will sound like but a hoot is bound to be had by all in attendance. See Answer Machine page (28. Festival Club, Wellington Square, Ayr, Fri 4 Jun.

Fence Collective The more eclectic side of Files Fence Records comes out here as we get an electrified rock shock from the Supergun, spacey dreamscapes from Pinkie lv‘laclure and John Wills (pictured). some swamp trash blues from Super Shitbox as well as all the regular loon-folk folks like the Pictish Trail, HMS Ginafore, King Creosote and many, many more. The Venue, Edinburgh, Thu 70 Jun.

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