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The politics 0 culture

In the run up to the European elections on Thursday 10 June, The List asked each of the main parties for their cultural policy in the new Europe

ith ten new members and a backlash against it led by Robert Kilroy Silk. the European Union is in a state of flux. Culture and identity are poignant issues - does being part of a wider community mean strengthening or weakening national cultures and what role does a devolved Scotland have to play among the 28 yellow stars?

CONSERVATIVE - Struan Stevenson

'In terms of cultural policy for the European elections. the shOrt answer is that there's isn't much! But the reason for that is that we really believe that culture is something which tends to be unique to partiCular nations and countries. What we. as politicians. should be concentrating on is safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation which allows you to express this culture.‘

In a nutshell: No policy. Classic laissez faire. Europe is a threat to national culture and identity and so Scotland shouldn't be involved in the first place. Stay well clear and don't mix politics with culture. Cultural priority 0 Spin factor —8 Clarity 10

LIB DEMS - Elspeth Attwooll

‘WithOut much of the European funding available many Scottish cultural projects would still be on the drawing board. However. Scottish Liberal Democrats do not believe that the EU is the most appropriate place to make Cultural legislation. but we do believe that Our membership of the EU offers a great many cultural opportunities. We also wish to ensure a free and diverse media in member states.‘ In a nutshell: Likes European money. but doesn't want to make cultural policy within the Union are those splinters from the fence hurting yet? Cultural priority 5

Spin factor 3 Clarity 7 LABOUR - Catherine Stihler

‘Labour wants to see a Scotland where Our identity continues to grow and develop. The EU matters to Scotland. With ten new members. it is the biggest trading block in the world with a queue of countries wanting to join. The new members of the EU will bring their own cultural identity and histOry. and there is a great deal of scope fOr cross learning and exchanging ideas.‘

In a nutshell: Let ‘s be a big part of the new Europe Cultural life will be strengthened. not weakened. through these links. But how? Not so clear. Cultural priority 7

SSP - Felicity Garvie

‘In today's world of the internet. air travel and global capitalism. the idea of international socialism is no longer a utopian fantasy. ThrOugh working in cooperation with the new social movements throughout Europe. the SSP seeks to create a new European society and culture based on decentralisation. diversity and mutual respect. The SSP is committed to including the majority of the Scottish population in Scotland's cultural life. As a start the SSP would double the Scottish arts budget.’

In a nutshell: Strong words of putting money where mouth is.

but specific cultural policy in Europe vague. Cultural priority 8 Spin factor 4

Spin factor 5 Clarity: 3 Clarity 2 GREENS - Chas Booth

‘The record of the Greens in the European Parliament on arts and culture is a strong one. Greens have stood up for artists' rights and the promotion of minority languages. Greens have fought hard for European funding for cultural projects. and will continue to do so. There is not yet a Scottish Green voice in Brussels. but with the support of voters. we hope to take our seat in the new legislature'

In a nutshell: Strength in being part of Europe will promote Scotland's cultural identity and life through funding and prOjects. Cultural priority 5 Spin factor 3 Clarity A

SNP - Ian Hudghton

'In the last term of the European Parliament. SNP MEPs worked tirelessly for the protection of Europe's cultural and linguistic diversity. as well as defending and promoting the European film industry and protecting the rights of artists. We want to see Scotland follow the Irish example. where sustained support for artists. both great and small. has paid huge divrdends. Investment in culture is never wasted.‘

In a nutshell: Ambitious independent Scotland in an enlarged Europe followrng lrish example. And again in Gaelic.

Cultural priority 7 Spin factor 4 Clarity 7

4 THE LIST 27 May—10 Jun 2004


With Davina and Dermot about to grab almost every waking hour of Channel 4 and E4 screen time from Friday 28 May, we scour the archives to see what lies behind the acres of tabloid fodder. And talk about Polish folk

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Number of weeks BBS will be on TV for 10

Rumoured first prize haul £1 00,000

Age of actress Amanda Redman. who recently slammed Big Brother for ruining British television 45

Hits in two weeks on an internet site offering raw webcam coverage of a family of wild boar in Germany (yup. that's Pig Brother) 1.5m

Running time of BB3 winner Kate Lawler's Cardio Combat video 64 minutes

Years since the first ever Big Brother. in the Netherlands 5

PeOple employed by production company Endemol 3300

Polish contestants who have subsequently spent time in a psychiatric facility 1

Days the Bahrain BB lasted before being discontinued due to religious protests 10

Total number of votes cast over the duration of last year's Big Brother

1 2,000,000

Total number of votes cast for Labour in the 2001 General Election 10,700,000

Votes cast for last year's winner Cameron Stout 1 ,928,570m

Times Jade has been pregnant since leaving the show 2

Minutes of every hour on air in which Davina McCall will look really. really excited 53