I Eric Truffaz 'l‘ron 'l‘heatre. 05 'l‘rongate. 552 4207. 8pm. U250 lblllfilh. SL‘L‘ ‘l'ue l.

I Kesha-Koshka ('ate (‘ossac-liok. Rtissian (’ultural ('entre. l0 King Street. 5550755. 9pm. £5 (£5). (i)‘ps_\-j;l// l‘usion l'rom \igel ('lark tguitar). ()leg l’onomare\ l\ iolinl and Lev Atlas

tx iolin).


I Jazz Brunch ()x}gen Bar & (irill. 5 5 lnlirmar} Street. 557 9997. 2 5pm. l’rce. SL‘L‘ Still 50.

I Julian Arguelles Trio llenr} \ Jan ('ellat'. 8 Morrison Street. 407 5200. 8.50pm. £5. The sa\oplionist teams up with two of the linest _\oung Scottish jax/ musicians. bassist Aidan O'Donnell and drutnmer John Blease. pa} ing hotnage in part to the great Sonn} Rollins.


I 4 Jazz Ilurnbrae. .\lilnga\ ie. 942 595l. 8pm. l‘rec. See .\lon 5l.

I George Penman and Friends ('al'e Source. I St Andrew 's Square. 548 0020. 8.50pm. £5 t.\lembers l'reel. Vintage ja// l'rom (icot'ge w ith this informal ex ening prior to Jan l't‘xllHll Week.


I Jam Session 80 Queen Street Bar and Restaurant. 80 Queen Street. 220 5097. 8.50 ll.5(lptti. lirce. See .\lon 5l.


I Jazz Concert .\'orth lidinburgh Arts ('enlre. l5a l’enn}\\ell (‘ourL 5l5 2l5l. 0.50pm. £5 ll.'2 £5.50). Annual ja/x concert from St Mar} 's .\lusic School.

I Mr McFall’s Chamber Queen‘s llall. ('let'k Street. 008 20l9. 7.45pm. U2 tU0i. 'l'he lat-out music group push back tnot'e boundaries \\ ill] a collaboration between the ensemble and _ia// sa\oplionist l’hil Bancrolt and pianist (‘hick I.) all. plus \idco wot'ls l'rom John .\lc('ieocli. See panel.

I Bill Kyle’s Sh" Hot Jazz Quartet ()\_\gen Bar & (irill. 5 5 lnlirmar} Street. 557 9997.

9pm midnight. l‘ree. See 'l‘ue l.

Wednesday 9


I Three Candiru lchai-(h na. 43 ()lago l.anc. 557 4524. 8pm. U.50. See Wed 2.


I Moishe’s Bagel llenr) ‘s Ja/l ('cllztl'. 8 Morrison Street. 407 .5200. 8.50pm. £5. Ja/l intlected Hunter and balkan dance music featuring (ireg Law son on liddle from Mr Mcl‘all‘s ()t'chestra. l’ete (iat‘net on accordion. l’liil .’\le\ander on piano and Mario (‘aribe on bass.

Thursday 10


I The Michael Deans Quartet Beer (are. (‘andleriggx 552 98l5.

9 l l.45pm. l‘rec. Sec Thu 27.


I John Rae New Jazz llenr} ‘s Ja// (‘ellaiz 8 .\lorrison Street. 407 5200. 8.50pm. £5. Drummer .lohn Rae l'eatures the talents of Rum ()uigle). Konrad \\'is/niewsl\i. .\lartin Kershau. l’aul Harrison and Aidan ()'I)onncll.

St Andrews

I Emily Druce and Steve Jones ll} i'c 'l'healrc. Abbe} Street. “I 554 475000. 8pm. U0 tL'8l. Respected singer-song“ riter ol' soull'ul blues limil} l)ruce is joined b} guitarist Ste\e Jones.

Folk&woi'ld "

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at ruth@list.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Norman Chalmers.


I Ian Bruce St Andrew ‘s in the Square. ol'l' Saltmarls‘el. St Andrew ‘s Street. 5480020. 8pm. £0 tl.'4l. Big- \oiced songwriter. popular in tolls clubs across Europe. w ith a repertoire that encompasses Burns and the Scots tradition.


I Duck Baker The Hunting l.odge. (ilencairn Square. 0l505 522920. 8pm. l'S linger-st} le gtiitar star with a \ast arra} ot' picks from blues. gospel and Appalachian music to Scots-Irish.

Friday 28


0 Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Rufus Wainwright [<0in ('oncet‘t llilll. Sauchiehall Street. 555 8000. 7.50pm. U850. Astonishing singing l'rom the legendar} .\lc(iarrigles’ l'tills-tlct‘tu‘tl eclecticism :tlltl l‘rench- ('anadian roots. \\ ith the celebrated songwriting and \ocals ol Rultis tsoti of Kate and London Wainwright! on piano and and guitar. See pt‘e\ iew.

I Music for Malawi Ramsliorn 'l‘heatre. Ingram Street. 552 5489.

5.l5 0.50pm. lintr) b} donation. An inl‘ormal music session b} the Slt'alhcl)dc l'nix'ersit} (horns and BA Applied music ensembles conducted b} Alan 'l'a\ener.

I An Evening for Troubadours Ramshorn 'l‘heatre. Ingram Street. 552 5489. 8pm. £0 (£5). linjo} lirench melod}. l}ric and \erse in a relaxed cabaret atmosphere.


I Cesaria Evora and Modeste Hughes l‘sher llall. l.othian Road. 228 l I55. 8pm. U4 U850. (‘ape \‘erde blues sung in a ttnique st_\ le b} this (i()-}t';tt'-tiltl (iramm_\ winning gratin}.

East Kilbride

I Da Capo Alba in Concert liast Kilht'itlc .'\l'l\ (l‘tllt‘L‘. ()ltl (.Uilt‘ll Road. 01555 20l000. 2pm. l’ree. Scotland‘s award-winning guitar and mandolin orchestra mises classical. modern. l‘olk and pop.


I The Norman Mackay Band Kingsknowes llotel. Selkirk Road. 0l890 758575 . 9.50pm midnight. l‘rce. Iidinburgh accordion—led ceilidlt crew as ltart ol' the Mcliwan's Sessions series.

Saturday 29


I Acoustic Heaven @ the Ramshorn Ramshorn 'l‘heatt'c. lngram Street. 552 5489. 8pm. £5 (£4). Acoustic night l‘eaturing the gospel sounds ol Susan Rita. .\lags .\lc.\'u|t} and Laura Dunn.


I Scottish Fiddle Orchestra l'sher llall. l.othian Road. 228 l I55. 7.5(lptti. [l l “3.5”. Massed litltllcs tackle the reels. jigs and \salt/es.

I Ceilidhs at the Caley ('alcdonian Brew er}. Slatel‘ord Road. 228 5088. 7pm. £0 (£5l. Last Train to .-\uchenslntggle set the tempo lot” the li\el} (‘Rllt‘.\ L‘ctlttlll dance.

East Kilbride

I Music Day liast Kilbride Arts ('entt'e. ()ld ('oach Road. ()l555 20l000. llaggerdash. Noon-2pm. l’ree. l)a ('apo Alba. 5pm. liree. Beggars Row. 8pm. £8 t£0l. Artburst Weekend leatures folk and acoustic music all da_\.


I Ceilidh Dance with Canned Haggis Ceilidh Band Western House. A} r Racecourse. 2 \\'liitletts Road. 01292 5l5205. 7.50pm. £8 ([0 (under l0s £40. (‘eilidh dance with the (armed llaggis Band featuring liddle. guitar. ke}boards. llute and meals.


I Solus Ro}al (‘oncert llall. Saucliieliall Street. 555 8000. 7.50pm. (ilasgow Peace (‘oncert on the occasion ol' the \ isit to the cit} ol‘ His Holiness the |)alai lama. 'l'lie e\ent includes messages of unhersal peace and goodwill and will include contributions li‘om Bhangra. (ilasgow llellenic Dancers. (ilasgow ()riental l)ance .-\ssociation. Intercultural linsemble. Krishna Ballet. l’an Alrican Arts. l’at'agon International. Punjabi .\'o l. Scottish 'l‘t‘adilions of Dance 'l-l'llSl. Sounds international. Tibetan l.ion l)ance. \‘oicebeat. and the Yuet .\ling (illlllcu‘ ()Pt‘l'il.

I The Zulu Acoustic Sessions Wan} ()'(‘onnor's. \Vest (ieorge Street. 554 5l54. 7pm. l‘ree. l.i\ e music limit a host ol' local perl'ortners.

I Moscow Nights (‘at‘e (‘ossacliok Russian (‘ultural ('entre. King Street. 555 0755. 8.50pm. I’ree. (ieorgie (iajjic on accordion talses a journe} through Rtissian. l'krainian. Hungarian and .\lolda\ ian music.


I Mick Ryan and Pete Harris Wee l‘olk ('lub. Rt)}ill()ill\. lnlirmar} Street. 5.57 2970. 8.50pm. £5. (it‘eat linglisli singers with guitars. mandolin. mandola. bou/ouki. banjo. bass and \\lti\llc.

I Gretchen Peters and John Lester The Venue. ('alton Road. 557 5075. 7.50an U l. ('ontemporat')‘. wide- ranging .\'ash\ ille songwriter w ith intelligent. introspecti\ e compositions that tneander through l‘olk. countr} and blues.

I Julie Dawid and JD Guthrie Ro\_\ Art House. Roxburgli Place. 550 9222. 7.50pm. £5. A blend of l'olk. ia/I. poetr} and L‘tilllL‘tl}.

East Kilbride

I Alastair McDonald and Karen Hunter liast Kilbride Arts ('entre. ()ld ('oach Road. 0l555 201000. 8pm. £8. (£0). (ilasgtm -boi'n Alastair .\lcl)onald teams up with local liddler Karen llunlet‘. l’at'l nixll’I/llllwl lli't'lu'ml.


I The Cast Drumellan llouse. 078| 805857. 7pm. U2. Singer and liddle and \iola pla} er .\lairi (‘ampbell with guitar and mud accotnpaniment li'om l)a\ e l'rancis.


I The Power of Compassion The Hidden (iardens. 'lramwa}. Albert l)ri\e. 0845 550550]. 7.50pm. U2. Masked dances and sacred chants b} Buddhist monks from the 'laslii l.liunpo 'l‘ibetan .\ltlllll\lL‘l'}.

I Magic Feet Ro};tl ('oncet‘t llall. Saucliieliall Street. 555 8000. 8pm. Jolin Rae's cellic/‘ia/x l'usion group with guest Hungarian and Romanian \ irtuoso 31H“) musicians.

Edinburgh I Legends of Country iii-union 'l‘heatre. l.ad_\\\ ell \Va). Musselburgh.

folk & world listings Music

. "llSl

H Bi

Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Rufus Wainwright Heavenly vocal harmony. poignant songs and musical adventurousness with the McGarrigles and wee Rufus. See preview. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. Fri 28 May.

June Tabor Dark. brooding. beautifully musical and even sometimes very funny. singer's singer June Tabor (pictured) is back. with her usual consummate accompanists on piano. accordion and viola. Queen‘s Hall, Edinburgh, Sat 5 Jun.

Capercaillie Glasgow's West End Festival kicks off at the Oran Mor, the converted church at Byres and Great Western Roads. Titled after the Big Songs, of Gaelic tradition. the new venue is home for two nights of Karen Matheson and co. Oran Mor, Glasgow, Thu 70 <3 Fri 77 Jun.

005 2240. 7.50pm. U2 (£9). Tribute to the greats of country including l)oll_\‘ l’arton. Kenny Rogers and 'I'annn)‘ \Vynette.

I Me Suena Tu Cara 'I‘he Doric 'l‘avern. Market Street. 225 l084. 9pm. Free. Al‘ro/Spanisli/Brazilian quartet.

Tuesday 1


I Leith Folk Club The Village. South l-‘ort Street. 8pm.£5. New club opens with the new line-up of Scots entertainers North (lea (ias.

I Folk’n’Friends The (‘anons' (iait. ('anongate. 550 448l. 9pm. Free. l’riendl)‘ weekly folk club.

Wednesday 2


I St Andrew’s in the Square Ceilidh Dance St Andrew's in the Square. oll’ Saltmarket. St Andrew‘s Street. 548 0020. 7.50 10.50pm. £5.'I‘uition given.

I Song Session (are Source. St Andrews in the Square. St Andrews Square. ol'l' Saltmarket. 548 0020. 8.50pm. l’ree. Singers arid listeners welcome.


I Hans Theessink lidinburgli l‘olls' ('lub. (‘abaret Bar. the Pleasance. 050 2549. 8pm. £0 (£5). Star Dutch- born and Attstrian-based singer and guitarist. one of the linest blues

rc\ i\alists.

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