THE MASTERS AT WORK put in a live double headlining DJ set this fortnight. Johnny Regan catches up with one of house music’s seminal figures.

isposability is central to dance music culture.

Think of the number of acetates punched up on

a weekly basis. the amount of vinyl weighing down shelves the world over. and the life span of most of the records being played. It‘s no great tragedy to accept that the culture sucks down ephemera and enjoys the essence of it for the eight or so minutes of enjoyment that it affords on the dancelloor.

Masters at Work. then. are a remarkable proposition: an abiding edifice in a world of throwaway pleasure. The collective has released consistently interesting. inventive records since the start of the 90s. They‘ve pushed the envelope in the world of soulful house under the MAW license. redefined jazzy electronica with the legendary NuYorican Soul project and kicked pop up the arse with things like the Bucketheads album. the remix of St Etienne‘s ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart' and the seminal ‘Love and Happiness'. which must have undergone more remix surgery than most other dance tracks since the dawn of the genre.

So where are ‘Little Louis‘ Vega and Kenny ‘Dope‘ Gonzales at now. as they gear up to appear in Scotland as a collective for the first time in seven years‘.’ Dance music is in a funny old state right now. so how are the Masters reacting to the new landscape? Vega speaks with the assurance of someone who has observed the cycles of fashion and taste for some considerable time. ‘I feel good about what we've done for the last 14

years. because we have put out a great number of

records that will be remembered.’ he says. ‘We still have all these people who travel hundreds of miles to hear us spin. and that means a lot. I met a woman who said that she and her boyfriend fell in love to our tune ‘To Be In Love'. and now it‘s going to be the big song at their wedding. How can that be bad'."


Musically. the collective seems robust. and this has been the most prolific year for MAW yet in terms of the number of mix CDs they‘ve released. Their Edinburgh appearance is part of an eight-date tour to celebrate the release of a mix album on funky house label Defected. Masters at Work are still booked at a scary rate at venues all over the world. so someone forgot to tell them that dance music was in a state of decline. Not that it would matter much to Vega if it was. His position has always been that of the outsider. however frequently popular culture has aligned itself with their sound over the last decade and a half. ‘Everybody seems to be looking for something right now. and that‘s not what we‘re into.‘ he explains. ‘You should just make the music that excites you and forget about all that. We explore all of the music that has influenced us. and right now we’re looking at doing something more in the rock vein.’ 1 ask him which guitar acts have particularly affected MAW. proffering the Clash as prime candidates. He needs no such suggestion to start him off on that band’s merits: ‘They were amazing. In fact. I have just put ‘The Magnificent Seven’ on my Choice CD as one of the tunes that really means a lot to me.’

Vega‘s voice has the ring of authenticity. This is a guy who hasn‘t just seen it. done it and bought the T- shirt. but probably designed the T-shirt and programmed the soundtrack. He enthuses about the Edinburgh date: ‘Kenny and l are both excited about playing up there. It ain‘t the warmest place in the world. but we‘ve had some dark. sweaty nights in that town.‘

Masters at Work join Audio Deluxe, the Honeycomb, Edinburgh, Fri 28 May (Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales goes solo at the Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Thu 27 May).


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27 May—10 Jun 2004 THE LIST 77