Clubs listings

Glasgow Fridays continued

I Fluid at Trash. I lpm-3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. Beat 106's Lisa Littlewood. Scott Mackay and Raw B all play as residents at this raucous party tip at the mad end of town. Funky house. urban pop and loads of cheap booze tnake it a winning proposition.

I Fresh at the Polo Lounge.

1 lpm—3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle and Andy are in charge of the ttitisical dtttics at this delicious. gay/mixed Merchant City club. Most who enter come otit smiling.

I Cribs at Blanket. l lpm—3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. Darren l). Raytnond Woods and Billy Milligan are in for this night of funky house. R&B atid studenty madness. A very popular club right tiow. I Friday Street at the Liquid Lounge. l lpm—3am. £5 (£4). 28 May. Monthly. Classic tiiod sounds. 6()s psyche and northern soul at Scotland‘s premier mod club. The residents are Mikey Collins and Pattl Molloy. and they are joined on the decks this month by Kevin Conn from Edinburgh.

I Full On at Privilege. l().3()pm- 3am. £9 (£7). Weekly. (iekkoboy. Stewart Green. William Daniel. Gav Houston. Stu Hirst and (iio l-‘erri are your hosts at this weekly dance night down on Hope Street.

I Funhouse at Barfly. I lpitt 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. A night of clued-up punk and cathartic indie pop nonsense. It‘s pogo-a-gogo with Radio 1‘s Vic Galloway. Mr Paul Needles and DJ Alpha Mitchell. For 28 May it 4 Jim only 'x’l-IJsI' card holders get FRI-$15 t'nnjv all night.

I Funk Room at the Arches. Next date 18 Jun.

I Goodfoot at the Riverside Cltib. Next date tbc.

I Honeytrap at Ad Lib. Next date the. I I Love 1970 at Strathclyde Student‘s Association. ‘)piti»-3atii. £tbc. Weekly. As the name suggests funky ftiit 70s classics all night lottg.

I Kinky Afro at the Stib Clttb. Next date ll Jun.

I LiveVEvil 4th Birthday Party at Glasgow School of Art. I lpm—v3am. £1() (£8). 4 Jun. Monthly. The mighty drum 8; bass club goes from strength to strength with yet another great line tip. with Pendulum. Skynet and VJ Anyone joining the regular livil spinners. Mungo‘s Hi-Fi are in the bar downstairs. l()().

I Latin Fever at Havana. ()ptn—2am. Free. W *ekly. DJ Keith I) spins tip some Colombian. Cuban. New York atid African salsa. adding a twist of Latin chart. R&B and global beats to the rhythmical stew. Tasty.

I Lite at the Corinthian. l()pm— 3am. £tbc. Weekly. The Corinthian facelift gets into full swing. with the Lite bar atid club taking over the action on Fridays. All the top DJs from (il's other venues make regular appearances.


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80 THE LIST 27 May—10 Jun 2004

Bolz Bolz guests at Seismic, Fri 28 May

I Mixed Bizness at (ilasgow School of Art. Next date tbc.

I Moda at Moda. 9pm 3am. Free. Weekly. Darren Dunn eases his way through the night with the finest iti house. garage atid R&B.

I National Pop League at Woodside Social. 8.45pm 2am. £3. 28 May. Monthly. This line indie institution goes ahead again with the very best postptitik. C86. indie pop. kissing. romance. dancing atid general titerry- tnaking. Sounds okay. eh'.’

I The N00 Groove at the l'niversal.l lpttt 3am. £5. 28 May. Nick Peacock and Briati Williamson share their formidable record collections with the people of (ilasgow once more. An organic approach to the music and a friendly crowd makes this a line funky night ottt. Brand new ttities. house. jazz. fttiik and disco make up the setlist.

I Offset at Cube. l().3()pm 3am. £8 (£5). Weekly. Dance classics aitd ttiff house from residents including Sim Millennium (iirl atid fortner I’luylmv ccntrefold Rebekah 'l'easdalc. She gets a little support (ha ha) from Simon Foy. (iary Curley. Jim Da Best atid Richard Levinson

I Opus at ()ptts. 8pm 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Patil drops some smashing tunes and takes the ()ptis set into the morning with his Wicked Sotinz.

I Outer Drive at the Stib Club. Next date l8 Jttti.

I Pukka Funk at the 'I'ttnnel.

l lpmr-3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Massive new night for the Tunnel. bringing together three of (ilasgow‘s best-known DJs. Kris Keegati. Iain ‘Santos' Thomson atid AJ. lixpcct big vibes. cos this one’s been hailed as Scotland's answer to lled Katidi.

I Rebel Bass at Fury Mtirry’s.

I lpm 3am. £tbc. l l Jtiii only. This paint-peelineg heavy night of hard techno. gabba and old-school comes courtesy of Twisted and Brainlire. As is usually the case with these nights. too many DJs to mention them all bttt there's ()bsession. Rob Da Rhythm and

the 'l'ot'turer among others. (iotta love those names.

I Red and Gold Room at Arta. l()pm 3am. Free before I lpm: £7 after. Weekly. DJ Michael ()‘Shea pops tip to spin only the finest salsa atid Latin tunes to a very well-heeled Aria crowd. I Release at the Arches. I().3()pni»—3atn. £tbc. I I Jtiit. Monthly. No-nonsense drttttt & bass frotn Barakaand Calaco Jack of Curves and Concept 'l‘heory. More power to their elbows.

I Return to New York at the Tunnel. 0.30pm 3am. £6 (£4). 4 Jttii only. Triple bill of some of New Yorks finest with dirty house. ftttik attd hip hop from Arthur Baker. The Loose Cannons (live) and Mark Ronson.

I Rockit at Bamboo. l().3()ptn--3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. ()ne room house. one room soul and ftitik and some chillottt in the lounge. Ati itntnensely popular night with iitost shades of opinion.

I Second Nature at the Cnivcrsal. I lpm 3am. £3 before midnight; £5 after. 14 May. Broken beat. fttttk. house. disco. hip hop and electronica —- truly something for every taste upstairs in the lounge bar with Tom Churchill (limoticon Recordings) attd Andrew Pirie (Traxx).

I Seismic at Ad Lib. l lptti 4am. £7 (£6). 4 Jttii only. This wildly inventive electronica collective and clttb now welcome the (ierman techno maestro Bolz Bolz fora night of unbridled. hard edged experimentation in sound. This is one of the last clttb nights at Ad Lib.

0 Shoogakube at Soundhaus.

9pm 3am. £7. 28 May. Monthly. A new clttb night that incorporates live music on a regular basis. This time there's retro psychedelia from Figure 5 and titanic electropop from ()valsotil. (iootl vibes come as standard at Shoogaktibe. Sec /)I'('l'l(')t'.

I Sine at the Arches. 10.30pm 3am. £8. 4 Jtiti. Monthly. DJ Ratiiage. DJ Dunn atid l’liatkat take to the decks at this new night of twisted ftttik.

I Special Ed at Ad Lib. Next date the.

I Stateside at Liquid Lounge.

1 lpm— 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (iet yer arse Stateside for a night of ftitik. soul. jazz. hip hop and broken beats with residents Aaron Petrie aitd Michael Rafferty.

I Subscience at (‘luh 69. Next date tbc.

I Super Scientists at (‘lub 69. Next date tbc.

I TFl Friday at the Barony Bar. Strathclyde Student's Union. 4ptn—-3am. £2 (£I ). Chart. cheese and audience humiliation with DJ Phil.

I Tidy at the Shack. I().3()pm—-3.3()am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Let that infectious Friday feeling take hold of you while DJ lain llanlon takes control of the dance floor.

I Tiger Tiger at Tiger Tiger.

1 lpm—3am. £6. Weekly. This hugely popular bar. club and restaurant goes wild after hours with a selection of commercial dance atid R&B for all those stunning ladies and swanky boys. I Tronicsole and Tracktion Sessions at MAS. l Ipnt-3ani. £6 (£5). Weekly. Residents (iordon Logan. Mash and Chris Harris spin at this great trippy house party.

I Urban at the Tunnel. 1 lpm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. An R&B session courtesy of Pat)! N'Jie at this newly relaunched. classic (ilasgow venue.

I What? at the Liquid Lounge. ()pnir‘3am. £5. Weekly. MASH. Chris Harris aiid Milton Jackson do the right thing and drop house bombs all night long (among other things. mind) at this cool weekly.

Glasgow Saturdays


I African Boots at the Carnival Centre. 8pm 2am. £5. 2‘) May only. An evening celebrating African roots cultttre with music by Unity Reggae Soundsystem. DJ Tchico. African Djembi drummers Ayawara and lots of lovely food frotn the Caribbean.

I Bailamos at Havana. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Keith 1) brings you a world selection: salsa. R&B. Latin chart action atid whatever else gets ‘em going.

I Base at the Tunnel. l().3()ptn»—3atn. £7 (£5). Weekly. Chris and Martin llesketlt. along with Chris Harris atid AI Kent. weave a fine fabric of funky house and R&B at Mitchell Lane's finest dance emporium.

I Bebado at Riverside Club. Next date tbc.

I Bedlam at Queen Margaret lfnion. Next date tbc.

I Boogie Wonderland at linvy.

I lptn3ani. £7 (£5). Weekly. Big night of disco for those who like their booze cheap and their tunes funky. Straight fun and you know what that's like. y‘all.

I Break Yourself at Liquid Lottnge. Next date tbc.

I Budda at Bttdda. l lpm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. Big tunes atid sexy house grooves with residents AJ and Ian Thompson. Bttdda looks to be getting back on track after the re-Iaunch.

I The Butt at the Bttff. 8pm 3am. Free before I().3()pm; £5 after. Weekly. Nick Peacock and Mark Robb cook up a little new school jazz business at (ilasgow's new jazz. sottl and funk


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