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Theatre & Dance

Open-Air Children’s Storytelling and Puppet Show Sat 1‘) Jun. 2 3pm. Free. Kelyinside Allotments. Kirklee Road & Mirrlees Road. ()pen-air storytelling with puppets and music for the under 12s. Refreshments ayailable but bring a folding chair. Part of the West liud l-‘estiyal. Celebr8 Sat 1‘) Jun. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Theatre Royal. 282 Hope Street. 332 9000. An eyening of dance and celebration for all ages. with appearances from Scottish Ballet dancers and a showcase of the talent in their edttcation classes.


On the Beach, Under the Sea t’ntil Mon 23 Aug. Scotland Street School Museum. Museum ol~ liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. 'I‘ouring exhibition for children six and under focusing on the hidden treasures oi the seashore. and featuring a beach but and a giant shell for storytelling. plus a shell investigation centre.


The Snail and the Whale Sat 12 Jun. 2pm. £3. (iilmorchill(i12. U l'niyersity Ay'enue. 330 5522. Julia l)onaldson reads from her new tale about two unlikely friends who embark on a round-the-world journey together. See prey iew. Underworld & Another Me .\1on I4 .1111]. 10.30am. £3. (iilmorehill(}12. 1) l'niyersil}' Ayenue. 330 5522. ('hildren's author (‘atherine .\1ac1’hai1 reads from her latest noy'els. I'Itr/erri'm'lrl liolloyys a school trip to some local cares and :lltul/u'r .llt’ looks at a strange case of stolen identity. See preview.

Hover Boy 8: Airy Fairy Tue 15 Jun. 10.45am & 1.30pm. £3. (iilniot‘ehilKil2. ‘) l'niy'ersity Ay'enue. 330 5522. Margaret Ryan tells the tales of ()scar Smith the boy who can ltoVet' .3 l‘eet oil the ground and Uses his powers to catnap Mystic .\log. This is followed by the story of Airy l'airy. who hasn’t been doing too well at lait‘y school. See prey iew

Tall Tales in the Tower Sat 1‘) Jun. noon. l-‘ree. 'l‘ron Theatre. (r3 'l'rongate. 552 4267. l-‘un interactiy'e storytelling sessions in the 'l‘ron's (‘lock lower lol' ages 3 5.


Activities and Fun

On Your Marks l'ntil Stilt 20 Jun. .\lon. Wed Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm1'l'ue 10am 8pm. l‘ree. Royal Museum. 2 (’hambers Street. 247 4219/4422. (iet set. go . . . ptit your litness to the test and bare fun with all sorts ol’ sports and games from around the world.

Youth Dance Wed 16 Jun ts Wed 23 Jun. Wed 4.30 (rpm & (r30 8pm. £3 (£1.50). .\'orth lidinburgh Arts (‘entre. 15a l’ennywell ('ourt. 315 2151. Ages 7 12 (k 13 16. Learn a range ol~ dance styles l'rom contemporary to street dance.

Youth Theatre Thu 10 Jun. Thu 17 Jun & Thu 24 Jun. 4.30 (rpm. £3 (£1501. North lidinburgh Arts ('entre. 15a

l’ennyw e11 ('ourt. 315 2151. Ages 11 15. l)e\elop a range of drama and physical theatre skills at this youth theatre group. Creative Drama Workshops Sal l3 Jun. Sat 11am & lpm. £4 (£1.50 £21. .\'orth lidinburgh Arts ('entre. 15a l’ennywell (‘ourt. 315 2151. Ages 3 (r k 7 12. Learn some basic acting skills in an informal setting.

Big Art Wee Hands Sat 1‘) Jun. 1 1am 6'; 1pm. £(r (£1.50 £4). .\'orth lidinburgh Arts (‘entre. 15a l’ennywell (‘ourL 315 2151. Ages 3 (r (k 7 12. liyplore collage with colours and images with the help o1" artists Rosie (iibson and Brian llartlcy.

Theatre & Dance

Catch Your Breath Wed l(r Hi 18 Jun. 10am (Wed Thu mat l.l5pm. l-‘ri mat 2pm). £5 (£2.50 £3.50). .\'orth lidinburgh Arts ('entre. 15a Penny well (‘ourt. 315 2151. Puppetry. performance and Video images are combined in this 98 THE LIST '1; 2.:

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story about a child with a w ild imagination. brought to you by 'I’heatre- Rites and the 1.y ric Hammersmith. The Happy Gang’s Club Club Sub! Sat 1‘) Mon 2| Jun (not Sunl. Sat 2.30pm; .\1on 10.30am. £7.50; lout‘ lot‘ £24. l'sher llall. l.othian Road. 228

1 155. A magical. musical submarine

w here the Happy (iang are the gt'ooyy crew. Set sail lot' an ocean 11111 of ady'entures and singalong l‘un.


I’m Glad You’re Part of My Family Thu 17 Jun Sun 2‘) Aug. Thu 10am 7pm: Fri Wed 10am 5pm. National Portrait Gallery. 1 Queen Street. (r24 (r200. One hundred winning entries in a competition run by l-‘amily Mediation Scotland for children to paint their lamin and what it means to them are displayed as part ol' the organisation‘s 20th anniyersary and coinciding with liamilies Day on 2‘) Aug. See photo caption.

Outside the Cities

Theatre & Dance

Singing Kettle - Deep Sea Adventures Thu 10 Sun 13 Jun.

'l‘hu 1-‘ri 10am & 1pm; Sat/Sun noon & 3pm. £8 t£(ri;1'amily ticket £27. ('umbernauld 'l'heatre. Kildrum. (‘umbernauld 0123(r 732887. The keltlct's head 011 down ittlo the depths 01‘ the ocean ltrt' some underwater singing l'un.

The Kosmic Krew Sat 12 Jun. 2.30pm & 5pm. £(r.50; lotll' for £23. lly're 'l‘heatre. Abbey Street. St Andrew s. 01334 475000. Ages 4 14. A fantastical swashbuckling space-age musical lt‘ullll'lllg l.iam l)olan l‘rom 1)i.sney 's Urge/it It.

Cyrano Sat 1‘) Jun. (rpm. £(r (£41. llowden l’ark (‘entre. 11owdeu.

1.i\ ingston. 0150(r 433(r34. ('atherine Wheels return with a new adaptation ol‘ the man with the big cook and his tale of ltr\ e and loss.

The Kosmic Krew Sun 201ml.

2 4pm. £tbc. Albert llalls. l)umbarton Road. Stirling. 0178(r 473544. Ages

4 14. A lantastical swashbuckling space- age musical l'eaturing Liam l)olan l'rom Disney ‘s [Nee/'11 It.

19 J i. "I ‘4 :11."

Georgia, age

FAMILIES in all their shapes and sizes are celebrated by children in this exhibition of winning entries in a Family Mediation Scotland-run competition marking its 20th anniversary.

I I'm Glad You're Part of My Family, National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 624 (5200, Thu 17 Jun—Sun 29 Aug