reprise of her guest appearance as a masseur on Frasier. One wishes there was more of it. especially given that Guest. along with Michael McKean and Harry Shearer (the nucleus of the Spinal Tap group) create a scientifically well observed but empty turn as dime store trio the Folkmen. DVD extras include 15 additional scenes and commentaries.

(Tim Abrahams)


(18) 93 min (Artificial Eye) .00

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Hilltllt lule Sfill‘t é M

Smack may have mucked up thousands of lives. but filmmakers would be stumped without it. Ten-year-old Paul (Harry Eden) takes

care of his brother and his junky. widowed mum Mel (Molly Parker). while developing a supportive yet unhealthy friendship with Keira Knightley's 'lesser‘ junky (she doesn't inject). He learns what his mum's 'medicine' really does. horrible stuff happens but love conquers all. with bleak east London scenes brought alive by an evocative Nitin Sawnhey soundtrack. Parker is an accomplished. captivating performer but Knightley. despite having a smaller part and significantly less talent apart from looking way more gorgeous on the brown stuff - has her mug all over the DVD cover. That ain't right. Minimal extras. (Ashley Davies)


(E) 11min (BFI DVD retail) oooo

. . m

A I; foe“) 0 7m! _3

release of Tim Webb's extraordinary 1992 multi award-winning short animated film. Originally commissioned to be part of Channel 4's Disabling World season. this small film (that

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intended to shed some light on the complex contrary condition of autism) took on a life of its own. As Webb researched the project he began collecting testimonials and authentic art work from many of the autistic people he met along the way. The result was a beautiful patchwork animation built around the observations and drawings of these clearly gifted and very special people. Quite where the market is for this small release is something of a mystery but it is certain to find a place in the reference library of any progressive thinking council or school. Extras include biographies of the director and producer. subtitles for the hearing impaired and a great picture gallery A tiny gem that may iust be worth a quarter of an hour of your time.

(Paul Dale)



(12) 115min (Entertainment in Video DVDA/HS rental; retail) .0.

Joe (Alan Cumming) and Sally (Jennifer Jason Leigh) Therrian live in the Hollywood hills. Against their better judgement. this successful novelist and famous Hollywood actress decide to have an anniversary party to celebrate one year of being together after a brutal reconciliation. And so the stage is set for

Answers by email marked ‘ELVIS' to promotionstu‘ or on a postcard to The List. 14 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 1TE no later

than 25 June 2004. Please include daytime telephone number and postal address. Usual List rules apply.

II t) , anniversary it. A pa it 1M?


the deranged. miserable and just plain smug to drip through their front door in this digitally shot improvised drama. Jointly directed by Cumming and Leigh. this fascinating little actors' piece has actually been around since 2001 but for some reason has not found a theatrical deal. so here it is for the first time on DVD and Video and it is well worth checking out. A sort of weird. perverted companion piece to Bernard Rose's brilliant lvansxtc, The Anniversary Party sets out to usurp every Hollywood socialite cliche in the book while remaining totally sceptical towards the head state of your average showbiz cling on. It is also difficult to think of another film that boasts more incisive. relaxed and studied performances from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow. Kevin Kline. Phoebe Cates (Gremlins). Parker Posey (Dazed and Cor ili ised’) and John C Reilley. Also look out for the best Peter Sellers; lookalike you will ever see (surely a homage to Blake Edwards classic comedy The Party). DVD extras minimal.

(Paul Dale)



Channel 4, Fri 11 Jun, 11.35pm O.

Punk'd’? ‘lt's when you Just get dissedf' explains this MTV hit's excitable presenter. Cheers. that's really cleared that one up for me. Essentially. Punle is an A—list celeb— ridden version of those hidden camera inanities that used to crawl all over our screens like so many lice. The Jeremy Beadle of this tawdry emission is Demi Moore boy—toy Ashton Kutcher. girlisth pretty. hyperactive and irritating as chicken pox.

Among the ingenious pranks Kutclier has lined up for the first show. we get to Witness the diminutive star of Malcolm in the Middle turn the air blue with expletives when his frightfully expensive Porsche mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile. superstar Justin Timberlake is brought to the very cusp of greeting when a band of men in blue boiler suits descend on his mansion

You’ve been punk’d

demanding 890.000 in back taxes. then start emptying the house of its contents. Laugh? I didn't.

In fact the only one who seems to find these (often barely audible) whee/es remotely funny is Kutcher himself. He'll be laughing on the other side of his face when his rich. powerful chums stop phoning him.

(Allan Radcliffe)


For the police in Boulder. Colorado. the death on Boxing Day 1996. of six- yearrold beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey was an open and shut case. The child was

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