I Bright single room available in newly decorated l.eith llat. Sharing with 1 other. £255 pcm. inclusive of CT 84 all bills. excluding telephone calls. Tel : 0131 555 3582.

I Room available in 2 bedroom flat. just off London Road. sharing with I female. Anything from 2 weeks to 3 tnonths. Stiit n/s female. £80 pw. no bills. no CT. Tel : 0131 466 l679or 07960 386 595.

I Friendly flatmate wanted for spacious room in ('rewe Toll llat. suit n/s profes- sional female. sharing with 1 female. £220 pcm + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 343 6225.

I 2 rooms available for n/s students. All mod cons. cen- tral heating. 2 bathrooms. cable tv. video & I)\'D. Next to a major bus route. 20 minutes' walk from Princes Street. lst room frotn July £250 pent. 2nd room available from August at £220 pcm. Tel : 0131 229 9058. I Double room, Bruntsfield. Bay lounge. separate kitchen. sanded lloors. To share with I other tnale. suit professional/mature student. £250 pcm + bills. Tel : 07903 363 404 t after 6 pm. 1.

I n/s female wanted for large rootn in l.eith llat. Suit professional or overseas stu- dent. £275 pcm. all inclusive. Tel : 0131 555 5954.

I Newington. Large dou- ble room for 1 single person. gay friendly. Available end of June. £270 pctn + bills + CT. Tel : 07729 251 443.

I Double room available in spacious. central shared home. suit n/s professional. flat has broadband. cable. free park- ing. park views & large lounge. £270 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 557 9560.

I Double room in large n/s New Town flat. Suit young pro- fessional. sharing with 3 others. £300 pctn. including (‘T & bills. 'l'el : 0131 557 9338 ( after 6.30 pm. 1.

I New Town rooms in gor- geous. (lreat King Street flat. £360/£300 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 557 9223.

I Female flatmate want- ed, share with 2 girls. double room in Queens flat. central location. tnust be n/s. £280 pcm includes bills 8; CT. Tel: 07941 898 596. After 6pm.

I The Shore, double room in new luxury llat. private park- ing. share with 1 other. suit pro- fessional. £350 pcm + share of ("l'. Tel: 07747 723 925.

I Haymarket. Large comfortable bright room in spacious llat. Shared kitchen & bathroom. all mod cons. CrCll. £290 pcm. no bills. Tel : 0131 667 6338.

I Great south facing doti- ble room itt l’olwarth Gardens. Suit young professionals who enjoy their weekends. £260 pcm. Tel : 07730 505 I36.

I Fantastic newly deco- rated king size roont in large llat 10 mins on bus from city centre. £280 pent + bills. Suit n/s prof. Tel: 07903 058 968.

124 THE LIST 10—24 Jun 2004

I Double room available 5th July for a 5 week period in friendly. spacious flat on (iardner's Crescent. Only 5 minutes from Haymarket Station & 1.othian Road. Sharing with 2 others. Fully furnished. bathroom with bath and shower. separate living room. Cool views. £380 includ— ing CT. Tel: 07748 391 034.

I Beautiful room In non- smoking. vegetarian flat (Trinity. Edinburgh). 25 tninutes walk frotn city centre along pleasant cycle path. Spacious. newly painted and carpeted. £240 pctn include bills. Available 1st July. Tel: 07812 392 751 /0131 552 4668.

I 2 rooms (one single, one double) available for rent in attractive. comfortable Marchmont flat. Recent decor and appliances. all mod cons. Would suit recent graduate /young professional. Single rootn £225pcm. Double rootn £240pcm plus council tax plus bills. 12 month lease starting 1/7/04. Contact Andy on 07967 724 179 or email Andystewartjohn(a‘ for more details!



I Lovely lady 43, Listy interests Wlfl‘M honest humor- ous man who wants to make the most of leisure time and maybe find a little romance too.

(Box no: P/496/l)

I Sunny, creative, confi- dent woman. 30's. seeks warm intelligent man 34-44 at ease with himself who enjoys words. travel. nature. with sense of adventure and fun.

(Box No: P/495/2)


I Tall attractive male. W'll travelled professional. slim. sorted. dry sense of humour. Seeks tall slim female to travel further and explore Edinburgh's summer delights. (Box No: P/495/3)

Edinburgh male, late 40's. limjoys eating. drinking. cine- ma. looking fora fun loving female who wants to enjoy a long term binding relationship. (Box no: P/496/4)


I Female fit & fem. liarly 50's likes theatre. music. walks. good food etc. N/s. (iSHO. Wlfl'M female for friendship +. lidinburgh. (Box no: P/496/5)




V I Saw You eating a sausage out of a bin and nearly died. ()h to be the tnash with your banger. Doss in thy door- way? U/496/ l

V I Saw You DJing in the Buff ('1th on a Friday night playing the funkiest tunes. lookin like a young Iggy Pop. Lovin' u is easy 'cos you are beautiful. U/496/2

V I Saw You Chris'.’? At the door of Nice ‘n' Sleazy's. You've got the looks of JT but have you got his moves? Would love to find otit —< "would be lovin' it!". (let in touch. U/496/3

V I Saw You Judge Judy smelling of thistle milk looking for a Danny Tagliatelle Cl). Have you lost your keys again or are they on libay? U/496/4 V I Saw You at Weekend (23/5) falling on Sauchiehall Street. Wish you had fallen for me. Hope you haven't damaged that pretty little face. 1.1/496/5 V I Saw You With a bouquet of tranquilitas. Cat in the hat look-a-like. Did 1 see you in River City or was it Taggart? U/496/6

V I Saw You 'Kelly Cooper' barman. getting into quite a srap at ()ptimo! Maybe we could roll about together some- time? [1/496/7

V I Saw You Salty Dog girl- with a blonde riddler boy corti- ing out of the loo together! I'd love to share a cubicle with you! [7/496/8

V I Saw You your codename is Lambchop. ‘Aw c'tnon naw you c'mon‘. You were looking for a Nirvana C1) or was it Morcheeba? Do you suffer from cape fear? U/496/9

V I Saw You Tyler. wearing your l‘ilvis shades at Cottiers on Sunday. liven your tall friend couldn't overshadow your presence. you gorgeous thing! See you next jazz? xxJM U/496/ 10

V I Saw You two gorgeous girls on Saturday 21/5/04 in Tinderbox. 1 ant in pain because I didn't get to go to Thailand or Spain with you. Will one of you call me? U/496/1 l

V I Saw You sexy eyes with the cool shades clutching a cott- ple of framed paintings. Can we meet? 1 love your stretchy bracelet! l'tn the busty blonde. U/496/12

V I Saw You foxy girl with your yellow T-shirt and summer glow. 1 want to rub on your sun oil. Hope you cart dig my gar- den baby! U/496/13

V I Saw You naughty Janey moaning about yer back in the lounge. Black sun love.

U/496/ 14

V I Saw You in Variety 24/5 Little pixie blonde thang. You were with some male friends. but no boyfriend. I hope. Let's hook up. have sotne liquer ‘n‘ smokes. U/496/l5

V I Saw You in Variety 24/5 with the little pixie blonde thang. You were in green top. 1 was green with envy. U/496/l6

V I Saw You kissing the Robot. How about a 69?xxx U/496/l7

V I Saw You Derren in the RCH in Glasgow. Fantastic show! I asked it about ur shakey table. u got all shy like me! Wanna show me how to shake my table one day? l. U/496/l 8 V I Saw You gorgeous ex- ballet dancing makeup lecturer fae Burnbank. Me2Another local boy who got a kiss but not your number. Will you be my Pavlova? U/496/ l 9

V I Saw You pretty clas- sics/history teacher going to Barbarians game Saturday 22nd May. Sat opposite you on train froin Glasgow. Never asked your name or number but really wish 1 had. U/496/20

V I Saw You outrageously in 'loop'. you took my hand but stole my heart. maybe some Dvorak sometime at the GRCH? Regards: Anarchic Mickey. 1.1/496/21

V I Saw You hi Caroline. enjoyed talking to you in the Woodside Social (sat 22). fancy meeting up again? U/496/22

V I Saw You afro working in Cottiers. don't give up in day job(H+M) Love front Dorothy in the land of ()z! U/496/23

V I Saw You dark hair. tiny. gorgeous. suede. Mount Florida to Central train Monday May 24. ljoined at Crosshill and sat across from you and your friend. Me tall. dark. speccy. Sigh! [1/496/24

V I Saw You on the 4. tall pret- ty lady with horn-rimmed glasses and merlot tint through ebony hair. you're swell!. U/496/25

V I Saw You working in Alldays at Kelvinbridge. Tuesday afternoon. You brunette. smouldering. deep. deep eyes. Me - too hot and

e Looking to

I‘ve been around a bit straight life for year to share my love wit to both quick llings and

buying a powercard on my way home. 1 could listen to your smtmthe-as-honey voice all day. I'll do anything you say. 1 saw sparks ...... .. U/496/26

V I Saw You blonde bomb- shell with mezzanine tickets at the Charlatans gig 25th May. We talked a little during the support act but 1 ran out of words your beauty so con- founded me! U/496/27

V I Saw You in The Pier (3/6/4). on BEST behaviour. (let me a shag pile at discount price so we can practice being on worst behaviour together! U/496/28

V I Saw You at Buff Club. Friday 28th May. You were very very sober. l was not. You drove me home and dropped your pal off on the way. I thought you were a good kisser before I lapsed into unconsciousness. When I woke up. I thought you were a dream. How can 1 repay the man with the sweet and gentle decency to lock my door and slip the keys through the letter box? U/496/29

V I Saw You small case made in Japanese-like fabric (don't care about the lipsticks that were inside). Thanks for contacting me if you've found it!! U/496/30

V I Saw You 19 years ago on Belmont Viaduct. You kept the swine at bay and requited my love. How can 1 thank you? DDX U/496/3l

V I Saw You in Arches at Razorlight gig. You with long dark hair walked into bar with friend and me standing itt mid- dle of room cropped hair with friend. U/496/32

V I Saw You Sueded headed. suit-wearing. large-lipped and oot-it in Rab Ha's. Mine's a pint!! 11/496/33

r lesbian love

and lived the s. but now 1 want h women. ()pen long-term

relationships. My name's ( hlamydta.

but friends call me Clammy. Interests include eating out ....... ..


You don't have to have penetrative sex to get a sexually transmitted infection, and even if you've never had sex with men, you could be at risk. It’s worth knowing what you can do to stay safer, and who to contact for advice or to discuss testing. For friendly help and advice, call one of these



3' Tel: 0141 211 8601

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