V I Saw You working for the council before you went to karate. Please don't let the robots eat us and can 1 have some of your vitamins‘.’ [7496/78

V I Saw You cute guy wear- ing lots of blue - looked kinda blue maybe I could cheer him tip . . . [.7496/79

V I Saw You Molly on 10/4/4 for the very first time. 51b 100/. and absolutely gorgeous. Here's to lots of summer fun and a little more sleep please! Love from all your family. especially Mummy x x [7/496/80

V I Saw You sexy Alex. voicing your thoughts on reli- gion and life. I love you. Happy graduation! [7496/81

V I Saw You Friday. Traverse bar/cafe while drinking bottles of beer with a small dark big nosed friend. You were the manager (1’). Petite and blonde and served me pea and mint soup! [7496/82 V I Saw You (‘arolyn and I think you are the bee's knees. [' R my wee sandwich. Love Sharon. [7496/83

V I Saw You oh my (iod. you know you want tne. don't go changing to try and please me!!! [7496/84

V I Saw You (‘orn Row girl. looking sexy in your Levi's & pink plastic flip flops. Loving it big time. (‘an I get them with a pocket on the breast'.’ x [7496/85 V I Saw You Vanessa . . . the stars falling over your head. don't touch my love don't touch. livery one my eyes. my heart. my soul. my hope. Love Yoti x x x x [7496/86

V I Saw You in your dazzling spangly skirt in the Trav. Yoti are llouncy —- wonderful! (Iet your t*ts out love! Jean x [7496/87 V I Saw You shorty pants with the mouse ears in l’lanet looking cool! (‘all me you know who! [7496/88

V I Saw You mature lady in the art school shop. li(':\. Kind of felt sorry for you not getting all the 'I Saw You's'!! l’l.[' 950'.’ [7496/89

0 I Saw You 20/5/04 in I’lanet Out. You blue Sonetti top with big packet at the puggy machine. [7496/90

V I Saw You Jean from the scheme . . . bouncing up and down cos you've done your degree!!! ('ongratulations. you're brilliant! [7496/91

V I Saw You ()ndine. pole dancing and shakin' your toosh in the Trav. You go girl. [.7496/92


(“to respond to

female seeks male.

55"? KIMBERLEY 18, hlonde, blue eyes. fun loving. adventurous 61' will always try new things. WIII‘M similar male for fun & possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter 11) no. 1900699

it?” ASIAN female, 5'1 , dark hair & eyes. attractive. likes nights in/out. cinema. eating out 8; long walks. \Vlfl’M man for fun & then who knows! ('all the on 09067 563 557 8; enter [1) no. 18744225

W OUTGOING FEMALE 20, from (ilasgow, with long blonde hair. loves cinema. nights out & in. seeks male to share these things with. (‘all tne on 09067 563 557 (I; enter II) no.18349426

(“A male SPURS it"EIHt‘llt.‘

Attyttliintfl’»; (Lat: «Maxi-'2.

REALLY cute 25yr old male. 5'3. dark hair. seeks hyper- active girl who loves clubbing. R&B. cinema. the gym & socialising. (‘all tne on 09067 510 145 & enter [1) no. 4001809 FIREMAN from Glasgow, 38. 5'1 I. told good- looking. friendly. genuine & honest. loves sports. concerts. pubs & travelling. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter [1) no. 18752225

W LIVINGSTON 43yr old, 6' tall. medium build. enjoys social nights out & cosy nights in. seeks similar female for possible 1-2—1 relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter [1) no. 18842225

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@male seeks male

W GLEN, 32, straight acting & looking. non scene. slim. auburn hair. \'(}S()II. likes a good laugh. WIII‘M male for fun. friendship 61; possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 8; enter ll) no.18621425

W BLUE EYES, black hair. 5'7. outgoing male. likes nights in & out. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter 11) no. 2284142

(Na '\,/ft?tii.tlt§ seeks ft'rtiialt?

W GAY female, 33, black & pink hair. plays in a band. seeks honest. genuine 6k sane female for possible relationship. (‘all me on 09067 510 145 & enter 11) no. 4000809

W EDINBURGH female, 25, 5'2. with medium length brown hair. likes clubbing. listening to music & going out with friends. ('all me on 09067 563 557 & enter 11) no. 18749225

“W DALKEITI'I 28yr old female. brown eyes. long hair. seeks female to have some fun with. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter 11) no. 11743130 FUN Glasgow female, 24. short brown hair. likes going out & socialising with friends. ('all me on 09067 563 557 & enter [1) no. 11732130


CHAT9;* WOMEN dial:

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08" 233 88 88

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0870 233 33 33

FREE 03701 221303 '

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126 THE LIST ‘1’} :)-.-.lllll.l)()()-'1




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