Who Jeff Reade. Sgriob-ruadh Farm, Tobermory, Isle of“. Mull From Pasteurised sheep's milk Full fat gamma years ago Chris bought a dozen: ambition being to produce soft sheep's milk Things have moved very fast and Chris now milks over 200 sheep. The resulting“: cheese. Mornish. has a brie-like quality. But as yoU’d find" " comparing the Isle of Mull with other Cheddars it has a uniqueness that is evocative of its originsTaete test Creamy, sweet and rosat almonds. And did you know Mornish comes from ‘nish' Gaelic for area of land and Mor - where part of their farm lies.


Who Jeff Reade. Sgriob-ruadh Farm. Tobermory, Isle of Mull From Unpasteurised cow's milk Full fat gen Jeff Beade's Isle of Mull is an interesting variant on the classic Cheddar cheese recipe. The milk from this part of the West Coast produces a pale cheese which can mature to a fairly fierce flavour of astonishing ripeness. It has a high fruity taste with a fiery tang and a spicy citrus. A staunch traditionalist. Jeff's wonderful cheese differs in temperament only. His cheeses are cloth bound. sealed with lard and matured for up to 12 months in his brand new cellar built into the hillside of Sgriob-ruadh. Taste test Savoury. grassy with lots of kick. And did you know His herds feed with spent grain from the whiskey distillers in the winter months. lending their milk a particularly heady taste.

Who Ann Dorwood. Dunlop Dairy, West Clerkland. Stewarton. Ayrshire From Unpasteurised goat's milk Full fat gen Bonnet is a Dunlop-style cheese which is hard and not dissimilar in texture to Cheddar. Don/vood‘s farm is a stone‘s throw away from the first farm ever to make Dunlop in the Parish of Dunlop Ayrshire. Taste test Sweet caramel and mild. And did you know? The name Bonnet comes from a mill in Stewarton that used to make bonnets.

Maisey’s llehuclt Who Humphrey Errington. Ogcastle, Carnwath, Lanarkshire From Unpasteurised cow's milk Full fat gen Quite a lot of Blue Stilton makers produce a cheese called White Stilton which is simply the Stilton recipe but leaving out the blue mould spores which are added at the beginning of cheesemaking. The cheese is exactly the same but instead of Stilton. Humphrey makes Dunsyre. This style of cheese was once found on every second farm all around the North East of Scotland. Taste test Green plums and slight fizz. And did you know? Kebuck is an old Doric word for a piece of cheese.

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