(twister Film Cheese Who A & H Seator. Grimbister Farm, Kirkwall. Orkney From Unpasteurised cow's milk Full fat gen Mrs Seator carries on a strong tradition of farmhouse cheese making in the Orkney Islands. This traditional cheese once made all over the Highlands of Scotland has a moist. crumbly texture. not unlike that of WendSIeydale. In such a subtle cheese the flavour of the milk is all too imponant and. as we know, Orkney‘s milk is among some of the finest in the world. Taste test Sweet. milky with hints of lemon and apple after-taste. And did you know? Like a Wensleydale tradition. this cheese goes amazingly well with rich, moist fruitcake.

Who Ruaraidh Stone, Blarliath Farm, Tain From .. Pasteurised cow's milk Full fat gen Another Highland cheese. Produced in Tain on the beautiful

east coast of Sutherland. This blue is made more like

a continental cheese rather than the more traditional

Stilton type. When young, Strathdon is slightly chalky

and mild but we only sell it when it's older, creamier ,f and has developed more flavour. Taste test Rich, " mellow, well-balanced and grassy. And did you

know At its peak of maturity the rind appears to

develop a salty crystal-type texture.

Who HJ Errington & Co, Walston Braehead. Ogscastle. Carnwaph, Lanarkshire From Unpasteurised cow's milk Full fat gen Dunsyre is probably one of the best known cheeses in Scotland. It is widely available due to Humphrey Errington’s commendable endeavours to meet Scotland's demands. We try to complement his efforts by maturing until around 12 weeks old when we feel Dunsyre tastes its best. Taste test Fudgy mint and apple cider. And did you know? Humphrey uses only unrefined sea salt in his cheesemaking.


Who Barry Graham, Loch Arthur Creamery. Beeswing, Dumfries From Unpasteurised, organic and vegetarian cow's milk. Full fat gen Making a Cheddar cheese in the south west of Scotland Barry Graham is all too aware of the great past traditions of farmhouse cheese making in this area. He strives daily to produce a truly special cheese that could live up to such a tradition. Barry will never rest and will always aim for perfection but we think this cheese easily lives up to the expert traditions of cheese making in the south-west. Taste test Balanced, mild and savoury.

And did you know? Barry talks for hours with old cheese-makers. soaking up their deep knowledge of the craft.

“tun. ..

10—24 June 2004 ms LIST 11