o o Top Scottish chefs reveal their favourite cheesy recipes

cheese mixture and cool in the fridge for 2 hours. Shape the mix into small balls. dust in flour. then coat in egg wash and bread crumbs.

To serve

Fry in vegetable Oil at 180 until golden brown. Serve With salad of apple and walnuts.

I Restaurant Martin Wis/tart. 54 The Shore. Edinburgh. 0737 553 3557

1259 mascarpone

1009 creme fraiche

2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Roasted vegetables

4 parsnips. peeled and sliced

1 butternut souash. peeled and diced

1—2 fennel bulb. sliced

8 baby aubergine. halved

3 slow dried tomatoes

Method (pastry)

Sift the flour and salt into a bowl then add the other pastry ingredients (two of the eggs). blend with your fingertips. then knead to a dough. Wrap the dough in cling film and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. then divide into six and roll as thin as you dare. Press each into a tartlet dish (about 8cm). trim and prick the base with a fork. Line with foil and fill with dry beans. Place in preheated oven 190' c/ 375 'f for 12mins. Remove the beans and foil and brush the inside of the tart case with the remaining egg. place in the oven for ten minutes. Allow to cool. Method (filling)

Blend all the ingredients apart from the Dunsyre Blue and asparagus tips. Pour the filling into the tartlet cases. crumble in the blue cheese and place


Martin Wishart’s Warm Cheese Fondants, Apple and Walnut Salad

Cheese fondants

SOg plain flour

509 butter

150ml milk (warm)

125g of Bishop Kennedy

Selection of mixed salad leaves

509 of walnut

1 Braeburn apple

Bishops Kennedy or Stinking Bishop. which is made by the Howgate Dairy in Perthshire. is a soft cheese

David Bann’s ‘Dunsyre Blue and Asparagus Tartlet’ served with roasted vegetables and a red chard and rockette salad.

with a strong flavour that is slightly mellowed using Serves 6 three asparagus tips in each. Bake for 10-15mins. this recipe. it is great with salad apples and walnut. This is a deliCious and light summer meal Method (roasted veg) Method Pastry Toss the prepared veg in olive oil. place in a baking

2009 plain flour

75g butter idicedi

3 egg yolks

2 tblsp cold water

Pinch of salt


125g Dunsyre blue cheese 18 asparagus tips

tray and roast at gas 5 for about 15 mins.

Dress with a fresh basil pesto and balsamic and honey reduction. To make the basil pesto. put basil. toasted pine nuts. parmesan. salt and pepper and olive Oil in a blender. For the balsamic. add honey and simmer until thickened. Allow to cool.

I David Bann's Vegetarian Restaurant, 56—58 St Mary '3 Street, Edinburgh 0737 556 5888

Over a low heat melt the butter in a pan. then add the fl0ur and stir to form a roux. Slowly add the milk while stirring centinu0usly with a wooden spoon. continue to add the milk until the mixture becomes smooth. Next add the Bishops Kennedy in small ainOLints and stir in until melted.

Usmg a small tray approxmiately 25cm sguare. place a piece of Silicon paper in the bottom. Spoon the


The comprehensive directory for fulfilling your cheese dreams. (:oiiiiizlcti‘ l)“; l .ii.r.i ltiiiliarn

EDINBURGH a. MIDLOTHIAH Dobbies Farm Foodhall Dobbies Garden World. Melville Nurseries. Lasswade. Midlothian, 0131 6631941. Mon. Wed. Fri 8. Sat 9am—6pm; Tues 9.30am—6pm; Thurs 9am—8pm: Sun 10am—6pm. Scottish cheeses include Burns Truckle and Highland varieties such as the popular Caboc cream cheese. The Food Hamper

124 High Street. Dunbar. East Lothian. 01368 865152, Mon—Sat 9am—5pm. Closed Sun. Offers a changing variety of Scottish cheeses. including Lammermuir smoked from the Dunbar trout farm. ~ Glass 8. Thompson 2 Dundas Street. New Town, Edinburgh, 0131 557 0909. Mon—Sat 8.30am—5.30pm: Sun 1 1 am—4.30pm. Three Scottish cheeses Isle of Mull. Dunsyre Blue and Lanark Blue.

Harvey Nichols 30—34 St Andrew Square. City Centre. Edinburgh. 0131 524 8388. Mon—Wed 10am-6pm; Thu 10am—8pm; Fri/Sat 10am—7pm; Sun noon—6pm. 15 different Scottish cheeses including Maisey's Kebuck and Iona Cromark. a sheep's cheese washed in lona malt. The makers of Strathdon Blue will be in the store offering free tasting on 17th July.

I J Mellis Cheesemonger 0 30a Victoria Street. Old Town. Edinburgh, 0131 226 6215.

Mon-Sat 9.30am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm.

0 6 Bakers Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. 0131 225 6566. Mon—Wed 9am—6pm; Thu 9am—6.30pm; Fri 9am—7pm; Sat 9am—6pm; Sun 11am—5pm.

0 330 Morningside Road. Edinburgh.

0131 447 8889. Mon—Wed

9am—6pm; Thu 9am—6.30pm; Fri

9am—7pm; Sat 9am—6pm; Sun

1 1am—5pm.

Each store stocks a massive variety

of 67 Scottish cheeses. including all

those featured here and many more. Jaques and Lawrence

37 Court Street. Haddington. East

Lothian. 01620 829829. Mon—Fri

8am—5.30pm; Sat 9am—5pm.

Closed Sun.

The range currently includes Criffel.

Bonnet. and Dunsyre Blue.

» Kitcheners Delicatessen 127—129 POrtobello High Street.

Portobello. Edinburgh, 0131 669

9290, Mon—Sat 8.30am—5pm.

Closed Sun.

15 Scottish cheeses. including a

variety of Mellis cheeses and Stilton

from Mull.

Fine Wine Company

145 NOrth High Street. Musselburgh.

East Lothian. 0131 665 0088. Mon noon—8pm; Tues—Sat 10am-8pm. Apr-Sep also Sun 1-7pm.

Offers a comprehensive range of 16 different Scottish cheeses. including all Mellis cheeses.


o 49 South Clerk Street. Newington. Edinburgh. 0131 668 3737Mon—Sat Sam—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight. - 155—159 Bruntsfield Place. Edinburgh. 0131 229 7054. Mon—Sat 8am—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight.

- 48 Raeburn Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. 0131 332 8844. Mon-Sat 8am—midnight; Sun 9am—1 1pm.

12 Scottish cheeses including choices from the Isle of Mull. as well as Highland Fine Cheese varieties.


Delzique 66 Hyndland Street. Patrick. Glasgow. 0141 339 2000, Mon—Sat 9am—8pm; Sun 9am—8pm. 1 1 Scottish cheeses. including Arran varieties. and Inverloch goat's cheese. Heart Buchanan 380 Byres Road. Glasgow. 0141 334 7626. Mon—-Fri 8.30am-9.30pm; Sat 9am-9.30pm; Sun noon—7pm. The range changes weekly but Scottish cheeses always make up at least a third of the stock. I J Mellis Cheesemonger 492 Great Western Road. West End. Glasgow. 0141 339 8998. Mon—Wed 9.30am—6pm; Thu 9.30am—6.30pm; Fri 9.30am—7pm; Sat 9am—6pm; Sun 11am—5pm.

67 Scottish cheeses including seasonal varieties.

Kember & Jones Fine Food Emporium

134 Byres Road. West End. Glasgow. 0141 337 3851. Mon—Sat 8am—8pm; Sun 9am—5pm.

Due to open in June 2004 with a broad range of Scottish cheeses. Peckham’s

- 124-126 Byres Road, Hillhead. Glasgow. 0141 3571454. Mon—Sat 8.308m—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight.

o 43 Clarence Drive. Hyndland. Glasgow. 0141 357 2909. Mon—Sat 8.303m—midnight; Sun 9am—midnight.

0 61—65 Glassford Street. Merchant City. Glasgow, 0141 553 0666. Mon—Sat Bam—midnight; Sun 10.303m—-11pm.

- 1 14 Kirkintilloch Road. Lenzie, 0141 776 6050. Mon—Sat 8.30am—- 10pm; Sun 9.303m—10pm

0 275 Mearns Road. Newton Mearns. Glasgow. 0141 639 3782. Mon—Sun 8am—10pm.

At least 12 Scottish cheeses. including Loch Arthur and Criffel. Pestle and Mortar

41—43 Glasgow Road. Blanefield. 01360 771110. Mon—Fri 8.303m—8pm; Sat 8.30am—6pm: Sun 10am—5pm.

Offers four different Scottish cheeses Isle of Mull. Criffel. Dunsyre Blue. and Lanark Blue.

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