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Fringe programme announced; we give an instant verdict . . . Scotland's chance to restore its waterfonts to glory . . . Ubiquitous girl‘s morning after . . . Plus letters on Henrik Larsson. Jack McConnell and missing quotes on killer milk.


12 Missy Elliott Hip hop may be a man‘s. man‘s world but it now has a new head of state. Sylvia Patterson hails Queen Missy and finds out that a girl doesn’t have to flash her booty to excel.

14 Cheese nation After years of dreary dairy. Ruth Hedges finds that Scotland now produces a vast cache of perfectly pungent cheeses fit to stand proud at the international deli counter.

21 Theatre awards What happens when you force a dozen theatre critics into a dark room together with a year of theatre to ruminate over? You get awards that highlight and celebrate the growth in political posturing on the stage. Steve Cramer reports.

107 Beastie Boys A lot has changed in the six years since

the last Beastie Boys album but, as Mark Robertson finds out.

for hip hop's clown princes it‘s business as usual.

1 13 Confessions of a meat eater After 21 years of loving the good green stuff it took just one visit to a farmers' market to convert Alice Whitehead to carnivorous ways.

The second edition of our Deli Guide, completely updated and expanded, providing all the detail on good fresh food and drink, and just where to find it.

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