The statement by the Scottish Arts Council‘s James Boyle that we have 'an absolute obligation . . . to respect the office of the First Minister' would be incredible if it weren‘t remembered he is a ‘New' Labour appointee and not that of the Scottish Arts community.

Coming to the rescue of their unionist masters is. after all, the role of Scotland's senior quangOCrats. along with setting up the obligatOry photo opponunity to make them look like they're doing something.

However why is it an obligation to in Americanised 'New‘ LabOur speak ‘respect the office of First Minister'? Jack McConnell hardly respects it himself, acting as a middle manager for Government in London.

As for histOry and culture. he shows little self respect. This is the man who thinks the “Parcel of Rogues' from 1707 should be celebrated and wastes €300,000 researching a new logo for Scotland because of a unionist cringe about tartan.

No wonder the Scottish Arts community shows little faith in a man whose 'clan tartan‘ was displayed on Tartan Day as City of London Pinstripe.

Graham C B Roberts Glasgow


Re: Islay Bonita (495) Really liked yOur feature on Islay. I'm so going there as soon as I can. But l won't be staying at the recommended farm house. I phoned to find out about prices and the woman was a bit snotty. Maybe I wasn't the first to bother her that day.

Jane Strides



Re: A monumental mouse (494)

I guess you don't get a lot of correspondence from Australia. but I was in Scotland on holiday recently and picked up a copy of The List on my way

2 THE LIST 10—24 Jun 2004


The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email editor@list.co.uk

through. Although I thought it was a cut above your average listings magazine. I totally disagreed with your review of Troy. which I found brilliant and utterly riveting. Not because of the storyline or the directing, but because of the breathtaking performance by Eric Bana. Couple that with the damp gorgeousness of Brad Pitt. and you've got a film no- one with a functioning libido could resist.

Charlotte Smith


MILK THE STORIES Re: Letters (495)

l have no idea whether anything Sandra Busell says (in your letters page) about the dangers of milk are true. However, a ten second Google search revealed that the quote from Sir Douglas Black. which you said you were unable to trace. first appeared in The Times on June 12th 1984.

Chris Clough


Alright, goody two shoes. We stand corrected. Now turn to page 74 and enjoy our paean to dairy produce, in which we name Scotland's finest cheeses.


Re: Boothby Graffoe (495) Boothby Graffoe is a clever man. You can't help thinking that thousands of people OK. OK. women will have gone to his show. having been tickled by that picture you printed of him last issue with his cat sitting on his guitar. looking dead comfortable and confident. Men who are good with cats are infinitely more attractive than those who're not.

Maybe it's because it makes them feel good to simply make another creature feel nice and don't necessarily expect very much in return.

But. just in case you're reading. David Mellor and Robin Cook. don't try anything funny. Rebecca Leach


SOCCER KNOCKERS Re: Letters (495)

What is it with readers of The List? Whenever you write about football you get a complaint from someone who thinks football shouldn't be covered in the magazine. Have they not noticed you've got a section called Sport? Do they think that theatre. cinema and art are the only things worthy of your pages? What pish. I'd like to see an article on the amazing spirit of survival against all odds at some of the smaller clubs. Bring on the boys from lnverness!

Sean Kramer

By email


Re: Henrik Larsson (494)

I'm a Leeds United fan. and l'd just like to thank everyone at Celtic for their generous contribution to our miserable season. But next time you want to pass on your damaged goods. can you make it a dreadlocked Swede. and not an oven/veight Aussie? The only schadenfreude comes from the fact that your 'god' of football looks set to be signed by a Spanish team that's even

worse than Leeds. See you in the Intertoto Cup in 2006. Henrik.

Andy Dunning


WHAT’S IN A NAME? Re: The politics of culture (494)

Are you a floating voter? Not got a clue who to mark your ‘x' beside for the Euro elections? I didn't have a scooby either. until I read the news piece on the political parties and their representatives“ views on culture; then I was even more confused. It wasn't the deft intricacies of each party's policy or the complex arguments put ton/yard to back up their case. No. l was utterly entranced by the names of the candidates. Were they made-up people? Chas Booth. Elspeth Attwooll, Ian Hudghton. Catherine Stihler and Struan Stevenson? Do you need an interesting name to get into the political game nowadays? Oh. my head hurts. Actually, maybe I was just put off by the image of Davina McCall being sexually assaulted on the same page.

Fran Brown

via email


Re: Letters (495)

ans magazine'). the same letter is awarded generous column inches for an inspired and fantastic example of Opinionated football punditry usually reserved for tabloid spons pages. SpOrtscene. Radio 5 Live and down the pub with the two-pint experts. Nice one. Doug!

Late Nite Bob

By email


That bottle of port must be tasting twice as nice for Letter of the Fortnight writer Doug Johnstone (495). While criticising Brian Donaldson for his thoughts in the Henrik Larsson piece (‘keep your effusive words for the arts'). and implying that football has no place in The List ('never mind that The List is an


An ideal drink for any occasion






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