Oldies but still goodies

ELECTBO PUNK CARBON/SILICON Venue, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Jun 0000

Who says old guys don’t know how to rock? If there’s anyone out there still labouring under that misapprehension, this gig was proof positive that the exception is the only rule you need. For Carbon/Silicon, as much as this low-key tour wasn’t advertised as such, is the new outfit of Tony (Generation X) James and Mick (The Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, Libertines’ producer) Jones. And it could all have gone so horribly wrong - fortunately, though, Jones has obviously learned from his protégés, and has tempered his old-school rockabilly punk sound with some fierce, rabble-rousing electro. The result? A truly entertaining dance/rock outfit who will find fans within any generation. (David Pollock)

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King Tut’s, Glasgow, Mon 17 May oooo

The Scots have always been rather good at indie. but can we really rock? Well. Biffy Clyro and Terra Diablo say we can. and while you're at it. add newcomers Ludowco to that list.

Tonight the King Tut's crowd are unusually timid at first. but before long all


eyes are on this Glasgow-based fOursome as they throw themselves into their magnificently stroppy. angular rock with wild responses soon greeting the end of each track. The charismatic Curly- locked frontman boasts a staggeringly good mice that veers from rage-fuelled growl to emotional howl. and c0upled with thundering drums and searing guitars it makes for a performance that Simply oozes star potential. (Camilla Pia)

Up Close at Carling Academy, Glasgow, Tue 25 May coo

An up close gig in a barn the Size of the Academy? YOu must be joking! Yet that's exactly what was achieved with some clever sectioning off of the hall. leaving the lucky few competition winners (courtesy of SRH and the Reyal Bank of Scotland) watching the Charlies from a distance that would usually land you square in the centre of a moshpit. Playing in the afternoon. however. the quintet were on mellow form not helped by the fact that new album Up at the Lake isn't exactly pacey. Yet Tim and co were on guick-witted form during an extended Q&A. while oldies 'I Can't Even Be Bothered'. ‘North Country Boy' and an unscheduled encore of ‘Sproston Green' proved the songwriting mettle that has brought hem a decade and a half thus far. (David Pollock)



Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 2 Jun 000

The BMX Bandits have always been Teenage Fanclub's slightly camp and daft older brothers. Bellshill bOy Duglas Stewart has spent 20 years writing twee little pop songs vxitb lllCOllgrUOUS titles like ‘Nuclear Summertime and 'Death and Destruction. then sugaring them up

in a Beach Boys retro iangle. Which is exactly what we get here. Despite a six- strong band {including original member and Fannies drummer Francis MacDonald) things never get remotely raucous. as an amiable Stewart chats his way through a set of tunes so slight they make Kate Moss look like a lard-arse. Hardly earth-shuddering. this is a comfortable amble down indie memOry lane. (Doug Johnstonei

Cu. de. \x‘lit City-little :‘2 Denotes just announced

Tickets Scotland: Ripping Rescues:

I James Grant (‘uiiici- 'l‘heatrc. (ilaxgtm‘. 2-1 Jun. I Incredible String Band (‘ottier 'I'heatrc. Glasgow. 25 Jun.

Timbaland 8: Magoo Liquid Ronni. Edinburgh. 25 Jun.

I Nelly Furtado l'xher llitll.

Edinburgh. 2‘) Jul.

I Ben Harper (‘iirling

Academy. Glasgow. 28 Jun. DMX ('arling .-\cadeni_\'.

(ilasgou‘. 2‘) Jun.

I Van Morrison (‘hilc

Auditorium. (ilaxgow. 2‘) Jun.

I James Brown (‘arling

Academy. (ilasgou'. 30 Jun.

I Patti Smith l'xher Hall.

Edinburgh. l Jul.

I Usher SE('(‘. (ilasgou'. 2


I Bonnie Raitt l‘xliei' llilll.

Edinburgh. 4 Jul.

I Jamie Cullum t‘xlicr

Hall. Edinburgh 5 Jul.

I The Magic Band Arches.

(ilaxgtm'. 5 Jul.

I Marillion Barron land.

(ilasgou, (i Jul.

50 THE LIST ‘3 11-1.):u‘I/‘CU-1

I Jimmy Cliff ('arling :\L‘ittlL‘lll_\. (ilaxgim. 7 Jul. I KMFDM (iaragc. (ilasgou. ‘) Jul. I T in the Park Balado. Kinross. H) (E II Jul. $01.1) ()l'i' I The Doors Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgou'. l3 Jul.

Ouannum Sub ('lub. (ilasgou. l3 Jul. I Wilco Q.\ll'. (ilaxgow. l3 Jul.

Eamon Barron‘land. (ilasgou. l5 Jul. I Donny Osmond Edinburgh ('axlle. lo Jul. I Todd Rungdren (Iii-ling Academy. (ilaxgou. 17 Jul. I Cliff Richard Edinburgh ('astlc. 17 801.1) ()l'l & 18 Jul.

Steve Winwood (‘iii-ling Academy. (ililxgow. 1‘) Jul. I Ice T Barrimland. (ilasgou, 2] July. I Tom Jones l-Ltliiihurgh ('astlc. 23 Jul. I Westlife Edinburgh ('axllc. 2-1 Jul. 80].!) ()l'l

‘L’tcl‘ceis Scotland:

\‘L’ ay Ahead:

I James Taylor Edinburgh

('astle. 25 Jul.

I Gillian Welch

Bai‘rou'land. Glasgow. 26 Jul.

I Burrito Deluxe Queen's

Hall. Edinburgh. 2‘) Jul.

I Don McLean ('arling

Academy. (ilasgou, 5 Aug.

I Air ('orn Exchange.

Edinburgh. 10 Aug.

I Dio Barrowland. (ilasgow.

|() Aug.

I Bloodhound Gang

(iaragc. (ilasgow, [7 Aug. Jethro Tull (‘orn

Exchange. Edinburgh. 2() Aug. Shane MacGowan (‘ui-n

Exchange. Edinburgh. 21 Aug. Donnie Munro (‘ui-n

Exchange. Edinburgh. 22 Aug. The Charlatans (‘ui'n

Exchange. Edinburgh. 23 Aug.

The Zutons Liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 2-1 Aug. New Found Glory

Bai‘rou'land. (ilasgou, 24 Aug.

I The Rasmus Barrimland.

(ilasgow. 25 Aug. Dashboard Confessional Liquid

Rooms. Edinburgh. 27 Aug. I 50 Cent SE('(‘. Glasgow, 30 Aug. 80].!) ()l'T DKT/MCS (iarage. (ilasgou'. 3] Aug. I Rush SE(‘('. (ilasgou'. 1-1 Sep. I Liann Rimes (‘lytlc Auditorium. Glasgow. 17 & I‘) Sep. I Ronan Keating Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgow, 2] Sep. I Moody Blues (‘lytle .-\uditoriuni. (ilzlsgtm. 30 Sep. I Janis Ian Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 3 ()ct. Avril Lavigne Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgou. 7 ()ct. I Maroon 5 Barroxx'land. (ilasgou. 8 ()cl. SOLD ()I'T Cowboy Junkies l'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 0 ()ct. I The Delagdos Barrimland. (ilaxgtm' ‘) ()ct. I Lloyd Cole & the Commotions Barrowland. (ilasgou'. l2 ()ct. I Sarah McLachlan Rinul (‘oncert llall. (ilasgou. 1‘) Oct. The Zutons ()Ml'.

“LTctce'tluastx. t

Glasgow. 21 ()ct. I Kate Rusby l'shcr llilll. Edinburgh. 23 ()ct.

John Mayall l'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 2-1 Oct. I Lionel Richie Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 1 .\'o\‘.

Jah Wobble Renli‘ew l‘erry. (ilasgow, (3 Nov.

Ibrahim Ferrer t'slier Hall. Edinburgh. (3 .\'o\‘.

Paul Weller ('lyde Auditorium. (ilasgow, 7 .\'o\. I Anastacia Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow, 7 .\'o\'. I Deep Purple Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 8 .\'o\'. I Motorhead Barrimland. (ilasgou‘. ‘) .\'o\.

Ben Folds Royal (‘oncert Hall. (ilasgow in .\'o\'. I Beach Boys (‘lxtle Auditoriutn. (ilasgou. I‘) .\'o\'. I Gabrielle (‘lxtle Auditorium. (ilasgou'. 2| Nov I Michael Buble l'xltcl' Hall. Edinburgh. 23 .\'o\'. I Jools Holland (‘lytlc Auditorium. (ilasgou'. |() l 1 Dec.