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Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication for Glasgow to Fiona Shepherd at, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803 and for Edinburgh to Henry Northmore at, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Mark Robertson, Henry Northmore and Fiona Shepherd.

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+ Martyn Joseph

LIQUID ROOM. EDINBURGH Wednesday 23rd June


Thursday 24th June SEATS NOW AVAILABLE

Ticket information

Tickets for most shows can be obtained in advance from:

Tickets Scotland 236) Argyle? Street. Glasgov.’ 01.21 20-1 51:31.

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Tickets Scotland 127 Rose Street, Pane and SebaStian and . , _ and band Edlllt)tlrgii. (>131 220 323.1. "lends The” 099881 the A . ' .

Ripping Records at SOUTH Bridge. town show not only provndes an Monday 19th July

01:31 226 7010. appropriate centre piece for the _‘

Way Ahead 01.21 339 8383. ever improving West End Festival. , . -SOl-OCAREER"

bUl lealUreS a great SUppOl'llng “Whmmfimumm r;

Thursday 1 0 cast Camera Obscura. V Twrn. the Trashcan Sinatras and more “N 04

Glasgow and it's free. Can't say fairer than I Jet ('arling Academy. Ill Iiglinton that. eh? Botanic Game/73 Street. 0905 020 3999/0870 77| 3000. 7pm. £12.50. ()\'er- 14.x show. Dinosaur Glasgow 83! 72f!“ rock'n'roll 1110le from guys young Red Hot Chlll Peppers and _ enough [0 know better. l-lll'L'ilNlhl'V N*E*R*D Reinforcing the notion popular all the same. i I Capercaillie ()ran .\1or. corner the“ they can Stand beSlde. the ' Bytes Road/(ireat Western Road. 0870 l'kes Of U2 as one Of the blggeSl ,_ 0132 053. £15. The Melamin'x SLNSlUlls live draws around today. the "'

kick off with the \eteran crosxover Chins do this [any magsive .- -. . .-,‘,..,‘. ' .as Iolk/pop hand it ho inaugurate this in“ summer Show. And if this wasn t I] . . \cntte \lllldlul tn a com eltcd church. N .‘ . l’ur! rif’I/lr' Him! [furl l’r’xlit'rtl. enough- the support from Pharre” . E .e " .‘ I Bic Runga, David Mead and Williams' bunch of hip hop . * * Pete Murray Kinu 'l'ut’s will Wall I - .. r otharlos and currentl « Hut. 273a st \tnccnl Street. 221 5279. n d . I5 I B/ll- 01312281155 8.30pm. £7.50. Middle or the mud U alanUllce specra guess songxtresx from .\'e\\ Zealand \thxe (we ll give yOU a clue. they “3 only current album Beautiful ('n/lt’sirm is wee and they‘re back from the N73 biggest indigenous seller. d - , . ~~ ~ . . ead make thlsa unmissable I Pink Grease g3. 490 Sauchlehall d ) S r I M f. I Street. 353 Al I l. 9pm. £5. Slit-triad all QUl- 9? Drewell Ulray le 0 m nm 353 am combo \klto describe ll]L‘ltt.\L‘l\'C\ its it SladlUm. Edlrtburgh. SUN 13 JUN. ' ‘looxe sextant oI‘ ugh. L‘tttolionalh N- ' . . r- - maNastasralnnumu ., retarded. Ireaklsh ,Voung men’. Well. C q 8 I" ""“"”"”" “l “m ('H'N‘UI‘M

mum, W hm mm "1“, mukc u collaboration this American singer

gloriously chaotic" glam electro slea/e Of qule beaUlllUl and fragile

i-nck'n'nill sound. songs has teamed up with two

I Regina: spektor Bulll)‘ members of Tuvan music

lll]).\litll‘\). _()()( lyde Street. 0570 907

0999. 9pm. £6. This porcelain-skinned Collectlve HULln'HULlr'TU to

chanteuse has been picking up rate produce a quite unlikely but II.

rex'ieu s. (or her odd. compelling brilliant sound, See preview. songwriting. lhe Strokes are .xllL‘ll lam Arches G/asgow Tue 75 Jun {tlg‘vfjl-g ON ("HACK ("OUR that Julian (‘asahlancas hits recorded a w '_ St T I 7” ' a M i C duet_\\'ith em on er my SI v rllllie at num entre I Ripley, MOW?" and The Hype name indeed but those local . l , J 3“” if?" 5”?“- "870 "(In masters of good taste the Weird Fnday 26th November .tpm. . ncue are a me odic r . . .- , J t.

rock quintet l'ront liast Kilhl'ide. AttraCtorS are hOSt'ng thls I've i ll h, UM” I. I The Casuals, 'rhe electro-funk-pop jamboree on the S, I \. ; gnfitzppame Eli-rang RaincoatS. Edinburgh leg of WS's jaunt and dturd‘ly 27th November ska-Q.

a Ie a e fl ays illlt _ r .’ Moses 'f‘hc (“Unmet [‘niun the” tongue m Cheek surreallsn] if.“ r Ilt' hut» l'illitilli llill .'.li.‘. ultiolllz it lollt Street. 2-18 (i006. 7.30pm £4 (adulncel. ShOUId go down a treat on Dom , £5 (door). (her-14.x slum. ltttlic rock sides Of the country. Bongo C/L/b. line-up. Edinburgh, Fr/ 78 JU/i.’ Stereo. »" .1: , U I El Dog, Bob Cuba, Endor and G/asgow' Sun ,9 Jun. Street. Glasgow Tel: 0141 221 $279

Cat Kills 6 Run. Queen Margaret

l'nion. 33 l'niversity (iardenx. 339 Live’n’Loud It may not 4m

3,733.'Zi.l_:(llltltl. £3. “with. ailment. at everybody's cup of decaf latte BITTER gwtflfi LONG RYDERS ( ' with chocolate Sprinkles but this

I December, Con Artist and

Vagrant “(c.nxlmfl.‘ 43' is the cream and the sugar of the A M Satlchi ‘hall Str‘t .‘33 i)( 37. l) . £3. fli ht world of pop. Think: " ° ' in. ,.:..t in still: .i...g,i.,...l"" 838g, 8.“... moan! genoan or we REPLICANTS

Promotions night. I The Commercials and Reilly’s

tie-coucneres (mPUBEssmce

Bunton, Jamelia (pictured).

Otter The 13m Note (are. 50 (in McFIy. Sam & Mark. Mark Owen. MACHINESQEIPBOUD MARY

Ki”? SW“- 553 “‘33- “Pm. U. Michelle McManus and about half " ' " '

admglrlcgtlgym; m a million others. making this pop TICKET Szfi' 24llRS: 0870 169 0100 & Blues ’um, overghadowfihwkm kid nirvana. Hampden Park. In Person: at GUSGOW Virgin legastore, Tickets Scotland, EDIIlBllRGH Ripping, Illegastore,

I 4 “imam, SW“. 33] “73” 8pm Glasgow, Sun 20 Jun. Usher Hall B/0-0131 228 llSSJndOnlrne: Q

Free. Local hand hill.

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