Music rock & pop listings

Sunday 13 continued

I Live Music .\'ice'n'Slea/_\. 43l Sauchiehall Street. 333 9037. 9pm. £3. Burning llaggix Recordx night with bill to be confirmed.

I Live Music .\lacSorle} x. 43 Jamaica Street. 348 8581. 9pm. l-‘ree. Local bandx to be confirmed.


0 Red Hot Chili Peppers and N*E*R*D Murra} lield Stadium. RiVerxdale ('rexcent. 340 5000. 4pm. S()l.l) (MT. The funk rockerx return alter xla_\iiig (ilaxgow (ii‘ccti laxt )cat' for another lii;l\\i\'c open air xhow. hip hop headx .\' "li R ' l) pro\ ide xupport with another act tbc.

I Tronn, Secondskin and Wildtype Subway. 0t) ('owgate. 335 0700. 7.30pm. £tbc. Baby 'l‘iger night of indie and rock. I Stuart Clark and MPE Band \ViiiSllcbiiikiL‘x. 4 (3 South Bridge. 557

5| 14. 9pm. I-‘ree. l-‘our piece combo .\ll’li Band. on tour from America. hit the xtage at midnight.

Monday 14


I Tim Arnold, The Shrinking Violets and Rolla King 'I‘ut‘x \Vah \Vah llut. 373a St Vincettt Street. 22! 5270. 8.30pm. £5. Arnold wax li‘oiitiitaii ot' Jocaxta t}eah. that Ioti in the 90x. got hintxelt a bit iii a drug habit and cleaned up with the help of xome 'I'hai monkx. with whom he alxo recorded hix albtun Inkuium. which ix i‘cleaxed toda}. Additional lactoid: hix godmother ix June 'l)o[ ('olloli‘ Brown.

I Screamin’-white Noise aitd Masque 'l‘he ch Note (kite. 50 (ii) Kiitg Street. 55.3 I038. 0pm. £3. Darknexx- like retro hard rocking from the xcreamin’ people.

I My Latest Novel and La Reno Amps Your Sound. Stereo. l3 l4

KCIV inhaugh Street. 570 5018. 8pm. Regular xhowcaxe tor tinxigned bandx. See Sat I3 110' M) l.atext .\'o\e|.

I Acoustic Jam Nicc'n‘Slea/y 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 0037. 8pm. l‘ree. With a tree drink ax incenti\e l'or participantx.


I Acoustica ('abai‘ct Voltaire. 30 3 Blair Street. 330 0l70. 7.30pm. lirce l\'tillllil;tl'} contributionx on e\it l. A new night ol acotixtic xoundx ottering \aricd line-upx t'rom lidinbtn'gh'x linext xiiiger/xongwriterx. And remember. no cm L‘t‘ \ci‘xioiix allowed.

I Open Mic \Vhixtlebinkiex. 4 0 South Bridge. 557 5] 14. 0pm. Free. Jtixt turn tip and perl‘orm.

Tuesday 15

Glasgow I Nickelback ('arling Academ). l3l iigliiiloii Street. 090.5 030 3999/0870 77l

v; \J ~

\. b

-. lNE PlAl’llOl'SE

54 THE LIST ' k1

BIC RUNGA Occupying a shady glade somewhere between the dreamy magic of the Cardigans and the wide eyed drama of Fiona

Apple, Bic Runga’s pop sweet but not sickly, epic but not blustery. Her work flaunts enough different shades and tones to

keep things unpredictable and her latest album, Beautiful Collision, is very much what the title

suggests. (Mark Robertson) I King; [1155):

3000. 7pm. £3l.50. ()\er- l4x xhow. Snoo/erockerx plod on.

0 Nina Nastasia 'I‘he Arc-hex. 253 Arg) le Street. 505 l033. 7.30pm.

i: l 3M l 0 tad\attcc l. £ l4 ttlotii'l.

Bew itching liuro t‘olktronica lrom the

di\ itte .\lx .\'axtaxia. See pi‘c\'ic\\.

I Duke Special King 'l‘ut‘x \Vah \Vah llul. 373a St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. £5. Aka l’etcr \Vilxon from Bell'axt. who hax imprexxed the White Stripcx and the lli\ex with hix gramophone-backed alter-hourx lulladeering.

I The Project, Broken String, Easy on the Monkey, Red Casino and Black Ink Bar”). 200 ('l}de Street. 0870 907 0999. Split.

I Sub Roc, Sonus aitd Sleeping Dogs Stereo. l3 l4 chinhaugh Street. 570 50l8. 8pm. £4. Indie rock actx.

I We Start Fires and Trash Superstar The l5lii \tilc (Kile. 50 ()0 Kiitg Street. 553 I038. 9pm. £3. The


THE lEflENfl llf llllBK'lll'Hflll

~M 8W . IIHK Illlll


. Sunday 27th June 2004. EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE

Tickets £30 & £32.50

24hr telephone bookings 0870 606342 (National (all rates apply)

See Tickets 087I 2200 260, www.5eetickets.com

G'asgovx. H.741 it) Jim; Venom Edi/iborgiz, l l Jun.

headlinerx are an all-girl indie pop outlit. recalling the likex oi I.uxh and the lleartthrobx. l'or thoxe who know their 90\ indie.

I Roddy Hart Brel. Axhton Lane. 343 4000. 8pm. l.ocal acouxtic xinger/

xongw riter.

I Stone Autumn Beanxcenc. It) Skir\ing Street. 033 8000. 8pm. l‘ree. l.aidback. background xoundx.

I Live Music \ic‘e'tt'Sleal}. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9037'. 0pm. Another ot' the regular Jetpace lnduxtriex nightx. line-up the.


I RJDZ The Venue. I7 31 (altoit Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £8. Sottll'ttl hip- hop trout thix l'ormer DJ Shadow xtipport act. whoxe new album S‘im‘t' lli' lust Slim/xv ix otit on l)eliniti\c Ju.\ Recordx. I Band Showcase \Vltixtlcbiiikicx.

4 (i Stttilli Bridge. 557 Si 14. 9pm. l‘ree. ('all iii adtance tor a

Wednesday 1 6


I Anthrax and Stamping Ground The (iarage. Wt) Sauchiehall Street. 333 1 I30. 7.30pm £13.50. ()\er-l4x xhow. (iodlatlierx ol the rock/rap L‘l'tixxtH er xound. thankx to their collaboration with Public lineth man} moonx ago. But thcrc‘x xtill a whill of old xchool metal to their performance.

I Kain, The Owsley Sunshine, Tennessee Kait and Northern Remedy

King 'l‘ut'x Wait Wait Hut. 373a St Vincent Street. 33| 5379. 8.30pm. l’ree. l‘irxt ol~ tour l‘rec .\'li.\llS/l)l‘ xhowcaxcx of local likel} ladx. Kain dig their \eteran rock‘n'rollerx xuch the Stoncx and the l‘acex. Northern Remed) throw in an e\en rootxier rock approach. while the ()\\xlc‘} Sunxhine are poppier in their retro rock approach and ’l'ennexxcc Kail brandixh a punk edge.

I RJD2 (il;ixgo\\‘ School of Art. I09 Renl‘rew Street. 353 4530. l lptn. £9. See Tue 15.

I The Psychotic Pandas, Lost for Words and Gilbert Bartl). 300 ('l)de Street. 0870 907 0999. 8pm. £4. Screamocot'e from the l’xychotic l’andax. whatex er that might iti\ol\ e.

I The Figure 5 Nic‘c"it'Sle;t/). 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 0037. 0pm.

See 'l‘lilii'x 10.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. I00 \Voodlandx Road. 504 1537. 8pm. Free. \Veekl} xexsion for local muxicianx.

I Live Music Stereo. l3 l4 Kebinhaugh Street. 570 5018. 8pm. North (ilaxgow ('ollege night. with bandx to be confirmed.

I Live Music .\lacSorlc_\x. 43 Jamaica Street. 348 858]. 9pm. Free. 'l‘hree local bandx to be contirmed.


I Exposure Subwa). 0t) ('owgate. 335 0700. 7.30pm. Free. New open mic xt}le night. juxt come along and pla}.

I Malcolm Middleton and Jo Mango The Bongo (‘lub. Moray llouxe. 37 llol}i'ood Road. 5.58 7004. 8pm. £5. llall' ol' Arab Strap. Middleton pla_\ing xongx from hix acoustic xolo album of downbeat xatliicsx and hidden httmour.

I Blackjack Blues Band and Starsky \Vlitxllcbiiikicx. 4 (i South Bridge. 5577 5] 14. 9pm. Free. (itiitar rock with a bluex Vibe from the BBB with a bit of local indie action from Starxk} at midnight.


I The Needles, The Rising and The New Rosy Jewels King 'l‘ut‘x \Vah \Vah llttt. 373a St Vincent Street. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £5. Accexxible indie and garage rock xet from Aberdeen'x the \eedlcx. ptmting new lil’ 1.3.3. . . 5.

I Declan O’Rourke, Jo Mang

and The Contraband ()ran Mor. corner oi Byrex Road/(ireat Western Road. 0870 0133 0.53. 7.30pm. £tbc. Solo acouxtic xet l‘rom Irixh xongwritcr ()‘Rourke. iii a dotible bill with xitiger/xongwritcr Jo Mango and her band. Support from acouxtic boy/girl duo the ('ontraband. who are alleged!) identical tw inx. xeparated at birth. l’url (ill/iv lli'xi liml l‘i‘slli‘tll.

I ATP, Shatterhand, Anarchix and What the Dead Know Breltstock. Barfl}. 200 (‘l_\'dc Street. 0870 007 0000. 8pm. £4. l’unk/emo bill.

I Nothing from Nowhere, lnbalance, The Best Day Ever and The Perfect Reason The (‘atimuxcn l5 l'nion Street. 348 0000. 7.30pm £4 tadmncct. £5 (door). ()Ver— I4.x .xhow. limo/hardcore ptmk bill.

I Laker, B-Men and Neon Underground g3. 400 Sattchieltall Street. 35.3 3| l l. 7pm. £5. ()\‘Cl’- 14.x .xhow. Melodic indie line-up.

I Paige, The February Solution, Modo and Drawn Raw. Queen Margaret l'nioti. 33 l’niverxity Gardens. 339 9784. 7.30pm. £3. \Vcckl-V xliow case of local bandx.

I Heirloom and The Yes Men .\'ice‘n'S|ea/.}'. 43l Sauchiehall Street. 333 0037. 9pm. £3. Retro guitar—driven xottiidx.

I Jessica Insane 'I‘he l3th Note (are. 50 00 King Street. 553 I038. 9pm. £3. l-‘oo lighten meetx At the Drive-In. it \;t_\ x here.

I Kain Brel. A.xhton Lane. 343 4900. 8pm. Acouxtic xet from local garage rockcrx.

I Modus, Uncle Jack and The Front Sotmdxet. the Soundhatix. 47 ll)de Park Street. 33! 405‘). 8.30pm. £4.50. \Veckl} xhowcaxe ol' tip-and-coming bandx.

I El Presidente The Bunker. l03 I00 Bath Street. 33‘) I437. 10pm. Free.

I Paperback Throne 'l‘inderhm. I80 B_\rex Road. 339 3 I08. 0pm. Free. Acottxlic xet.