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Glasgow, Gilmorehilthz cont.

Transverse Wed 23 Jun. 8pm. £4 (£3).

(iender bending comedy and poetry show frotn drag artist Lynsey (‘alderwood (aka Jack l)awkins). playing with the politics of masculinity and lesbian idetitity. This is followed by a showing of the Julie Andrews musical. Victor Vit‘lm‘iu.

Alma Flamenco Thu 24 Sat 26 Jun. 7.30pm. £15 (£12.50). l-‘elipe 1)e Algeciras returns with a dazzling display of flantenco dancing. following an impressive track record that includes English National ()pera and Antonio Banderas flick. .llusk ()I‘Zm-m.

GLASGOW BOTANIC GARDENS 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. ll’. WC. WA]

Bard in the Botanics Wed 23 Jun-~Sat 24 Jul. Times yary. £8 £9 (£6). Glasgow‘s summer Shakespeare festiyal makes a welcome return following sell- out performances in 2003 featuring a reyiy'al of A .1ht/SIUNHH’I' .\'igltl's’ Dream. Mac/wilt. 7711' 721mm}; off/w S/m'tt' and Richard III.


297 Bath Street. 240 1 l 1 1. Ill. \\'(‘. WA] Grease 17nti1 Sat 12 Jun. 7.30pm; 5.30pm; 8.30pm (also Sat 5pm). £l0-~£28.50. The colourful goings-on at Rydell lligh particularly the romance of square out-of-towner Sandy and tough gtty Danny is the stuff of classic

escapism. In addition to a plot which groans with frustrated passion. bristles with gang tensions attd swings with teen serve. the songs are the soundtrack for a generation. Twenty years on. (ii-ease is still the word.

South Pacific Tue l5 Sat 1‘) Jun. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £8 £15. 1)ownlie1d .Mttsical Society presents Rodgers attd Hammerstein musical set iii an American military base on a remote South Seas islands during World War 11. Dance School of Scotland Thu 24 Jlln. 1.30pm & 7.30pm. £7.50 £10. The talented pupils at (ilasgow's prestigious dattce school present an end of term show.


121 Renlield Street. 332 1846. 11’. \\'(‘| Paras Over the Barras Tue 15 Sat 26 Jttn (ttot Sun). 7.30pm (Wed & Sat tnat 2pm). £10 £14. The sequel to James Bat'clay"s massiy'e popular comedy. set in wartime (ilasgow.


‘)8 lngratn Street. 552 348‘). 11’. \\'(‘. WA. WAAI

Life is a Dream l'ntil Sat 12 Jtitt. 7.30pm. £6 £‘) (£3 £4.50). Adventure tale from the (iolden Age of Spanish Theatre in which a women seeks reyengc on her cheating loser and ends tip imprisoned with the true Prince of Poland.

Cloud Nine Mon 21 Sat 26 Jtitt. 7.30pm. £6 £‘) (£3 £4.50). Surreal and


more than theatre...

Under Milk Wood Thu 17 Sat 19 June @ 7.30pm Dylan Thomas' most famous and enduring work. It's bawdy and beautiful. sad and sensual. Guy Masterson performs the entire work - playing all 69 characters himself! Thursday - Preview night all tickets £6 Tickets £12 (£6 concs)

"Absolutely wonderful... lntensely therapeutic. intensely uplifting.A tour de force of this man's talent... Guy Masterson is something exceptional." (BBC Radio Scotland) - T.

0141 330 5522

boxofiice@gilmorehillgl www.gilmorehillg l


wildly fttnny farce by ('ary1('hut‘chi1| coyet‘ing a myriad of subjects as it crosses between Victorian Africa and 'l'hatcher's Britain.


282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)000. Ill. \\'('. \VAI

Rambert Dance Company Tue

15 Thu 17 Jttn. 7.30pm. £6 £21. liotir works from Britain’s premier modern dance company. featuring choreography h} Sir liredcrick Ashton. Jay iet' de l‘i‘tttos. Rafael Bottachela and Ian Spittk. SL‘L‘ prey lt‘yy.

Celebr8 Sat 1‘) Jttn. 7.30pm. Scottish Ballet’s ftye yottth groups get a chance to shine. pltts a special appearance from two of the tnain company 's hottest dancers performing Ashley Page's Arr/"(l Arid .lrtm. See preyiew.

Bill T Jones Tue 22 k Wed 23 Jttit. 7.30pm. £6 £21. ()ne of the longest- runtting tttodern dattce companies it) the 1S makes a rare appearance in Scotland. performing four signature pieces. See prcyiew.


25 Albert 1)ri\e. 0845 330 3501. HT. \\'('. \VAI

RSAMD: Alone Up Here l'ntil Hi 1 1 Jun. 8pm. £tbc. A performance by final year students of ('ontemporary

Flora the Red Menace, Touring

Theatre attd Practice. in collaboratiott with Portuguese artists Joana ('rayeiro and Kiko Alegria.

The Threepenny Opera Thu

17 Sat 1‘) Jun. 7.30pm. £10 (£6). 'l‘hcatt'c \Vot'ksltop presents Bt‘ecltl’s cottll‘oy'et'sial ’l‘hrccpenny ()pera.


()3 Tl'Ullg‘illC. 552 4267.

Amnesty Benefit Sun 13 Jun. 7pm. £20 (£5). A night of theatre. music attd comedy including a new piece directed by 7:84's artistic director Loren/o Mele. w itlt all proceeds going to Amnesty. See pt't‘\ 1C“.

Peer Gynt'l‘hu 17 Sat 1‘) Jttn. 7.30pm. £8 £12 (£5 £6). Benclttottrs presents this new production of lbsen's gl't‘ulc‘sl \t‘l'st‘ play. St‘t‘ t‘t‘\ 1C“.

I: lit 18 is Sat 1‘) Jttn. 8pm. £5 £8 (£5). A tragicomic tale of lose and grieying looking at the three loy es 1/ left behind in the months after her death. See

prey iew.

The Serpent’s Egg Thu 24 Sat 26 Jttn. 8pm. £5 (£3). A pt'oyocatiy'e re- working of the Ingmar Mergtnan classic with a tnodern liuropean perspectiy e. Spring Awakening Thu 24 Sat 26 Jtm. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). RSAMI) final year acting students present this contemporary t‘c-working of this l’t‘ank \Vc‘tlckind Clil\\lC.

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