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Glasgow Fridays

Bars and clubs

GLC Café Bar ll I)i.\on St. (ilasgovv. 226 5050. Free. Karaoke is sttpplied tonight and Saturday for those who like their entertaimnent intintate and in-yer- face. The drink prices are very reasonable and the bar staff are friendly. If you fancy yourself as a Britney Spears or Robbie Williams sottnd-a-like just step up to the ntike. Bttt there’s no chance to be a wall-flower in a place where everybody knows your name and they 're awfy glad you came?

Fresh at the Polo Lounge. 84 Wilson Street. 553 fl2f. 10pm 3am. £5 at tlte door or discounted ticket from Delmonica’s‘ next door. liresh front its successful ‘Mating (lante’ night on batik holiday Sttnday. the Polo presents its very own favourite Friday night slot. Those of a laid-back bent catt lotntge on the sofas while the datice fiends dutifully


Various venues, Glasgow, Sat 19 Jun

~ “I

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shovv off downstairs before friends attd potential playmates. The head-banging sounds are provided courtesy of Andy itlld Michelle.

Glasgow Saturdays


Pride Scotia (ilasgow. Saturday 1‘) June. Assemble in Blythswood Square at l 1.30am. Kick off at lpm. l‘ollovving its successful debut in lidinburgh last year tlte parade and rally for l.( iBT and friends promises to be a joy ful jamboree of dancing. pot-banging and sexual diversity celebrating. The parade will follow a new route throttglt tlte city centre attd disperse itt (icorge Square at approsimately 2.l5pm. Afterwards a l’ride Scotia festival w ill take place at the Arches in Midland SI. SL‘L‘ prey ievv.


Lush at tlte l’olo Lounge. S-l Wilson Street. 553 ll2l. £5 or discounted liclsels frotn the sister sltop nest door. You want more. girls and boys‘.’ ()K. tonight is the occasion for you lovers of lttst attd the ltish life to conte to the aid of the party. This one lasts until 3am itt the morning AND you have a cltoice of the door level seating area. the trophy room or the

. ' g‘ay@list.-co.uk ,

dance area for the hardcore dancers. Also t'ecottttttendcd is the secluded ‘passion pit‘ vvay upstairs for the especially shy attd randy. l’lush couches are provided.

Club Mystyx at the llogshead. 36 North lirederick St. Sat 12 June.

b’pm latttt (doors close for entry). [5 members. L'S non-metnners. .‘ylembership available at door for L'S/year. A night for those vv ho like a bit of entertainment with a tvv ist. Dress code is fetish and/or black. Location is the upstairs bar of the llogshead. btit remember to use the entrance through the wrought iron gates to the left of the pubs main entrance.

Glasgow Sundays


Club Devotion with [)1 Annie. IS Jamaica Street. 8-17 0820. E3. l’lyers/free passes available frottt the l.(iBT centre and all good gay venttes. formerly l’enelope‘s .\'ite ('lub. the venue has undergone a name change and introduced a queer night on Sundays and Thursdays with the divine f)J A.\'.\'Ili. llav ing established a firm following with her appearances at Bennets. l)J Annie will be manning the decks at this vetttte tonight and Thursday. Her debut performance attracted a crowd of 250. (io along and join them.

WHEN Pride Scotland, the country’s biggest gay festival, went bust in December 2002, it looked like the gay and lesbian community would no longer have a visible rainbow to parade with pride under.

Since it began in earnest in June 1995 it quickly became an annual orgy of dancing and demonstrating that told a largely bewildered society that GAY stood for Good As You. But the formation of a new body, Pride Scotia, ensured that from the debris of the old, there would be a new

celebration to take its place. Following a successful debut last year in Edinburgh, Pride Scotia will kick off in Glasgow at 11.30am on Saturday 19 June with a parade from the city’s Blythswood Square. Before participants make their way through the city centre to George Square at 1pm, there will be a rally featuring participation from politicians Patrick Harvie MSP and Rosie Kane MSP and light relief from a comedian or two.

Daniel Donaldson, Pride Scotia Director, says: ‘It’s been two years since Pride last visited Glasgow and we’re delighted to be returning to Scotland’s biggest city, particularly when it also celebrates ten years since Pride first burst on the scene in Edinburgh in 1995.’

To mark this milestone the organisers have teamed up with the Arches to provide a festival of live acts, DJs, a health and community fair and also a youth event.

From 2.30pm to 11pm, this marathon of mayhem will boast a host of new and well established talent. DJs James Longworth (Vibe, Blaze) and Steve Close will provide earth-moving sounds, while music acts Shim R, Sir Fred from El Jugador and Baby Karma headline at the main stage. The Pride Awards, which will include input from The List magazine itself, takes place at 4pm. There will also be poster highlights from the photography exhibition ‘Boys in the City’ by Menelas and the launch of Healthy Gay Scotland comic book, COCKTALES and a brand new resource for younger gay and bisexual men. A well-stocked bar will be available throughout the afternoon and

evening to lubricate the festivities.

Donaldson adds: ‘LGBT equality has come a long way since Pride started out with the welcome repeal of the infamous Section 28, the equalisation of the age of content and the introduction of civil partnership legislation. There remains a place, however, for Pride in the 2tst century and this year promises to be an event for Scotland to


74 THE LIST ft) 2’1 JUL“ 7003.

ANGIE ‘0’ at Merchant Pride. 2() (‘andleriggs. 564 1285. This popular bar lays claim to hosting the catnpest Karaoke itt Scotland. with the superlative Angie ‘()‘ officiating as the Mistress of ('eremonies. If you wanna find ottt if this is true join her on the night.

Glasgow Mondays


l’ttssioltztllly at ('ube. 34 Queen Street. 223-8990. ll.3() 3.30am. £3 (£2 with flyer). Kick-start the beginning of the week courtesy of those gay-friendly cltaps and chapesses at ('ttbe. If the cheap drink and cracking sounds of [)1 Shawn's doesn't entice you out of your post-weekend slumber then the regular talent on display for girls and boys just might. Weekly. ll.3()- 3.30am

Glasgow Tuesdays


FUN at (‘ube 34 Queen St. 223 8990. l l.3()pm 3.30am. lior those with the staying A.\'l) spending power to enjoy another mid-week dance-a—thon. ('ube presents its second night of musical may hem (see above). .‘yfeet up with that handsome ltttttk or honey you took home last night. or just get yourself another buddy or buddyette. l l.3(lpm- 3.30am.

Glasgow Wednesdays


Fourplay linvy. 2o (‘ambridge Street. 332 3437. llpm 3am. £4 (£2 with fly‘er). Weekly. New gay club. A belter of a night is guaranteed at linvy. but if your idea of foreplay is ‘are you still avvake‘." chances are you won‘t make it with this super—cool crowd.

Allure The Tunnel. 8-1 Mitchell Street. 204 ltX)(). ll.3()pm 3am. £3. Weekly. This newish gay ttite is brought to you good people by the brains behind ('ube’s Passionality and MN. promising happy. cheesy pop in the company of DJ Darren. Dance and be merry.

Club Devotion with 1)] Annie. ta Jamaica Street. 847 ()820. £3 btit free passes/flyers available front nearly l.(iBT centre. Another chance this week to enjoy the delights of this new gay night. courtesy of the clttb formerly known as l’enelopes.

Edinburgh Thursdays


Metrosexual (‘ity- Nightclub. Market Street. 226 0560. I lptn 3am. £3 entry before midnight: £4 after. Weekly clttb nite by James Longworth t\'lBli. BLAZE. lispionagel for the capital's elite gays. The redoubtable I).l l‘ilthee (Vibe. Kiss) spitts an urban music soundtrack.

Edinburgh Fridays


Polysuper—Camp Newtnwn Bar. Znh Dublin Street. 538 7775. ltlpm 2am. l’ree. Weekly. l)J.s l’olystlpet' l’ete. :\li attd guests whip up a storm of catnp classics and new sounds. Sally l" and DJ .‘ylichelle go a wee bit alternative dovv it below.


Blaze ligo. l’icat'dy Place. 478 743-1. Hi I IJune. l lptn 3am. £3 before midnight: £4 after. l-‘ortnightly. [M James Longworth. who will be ptttting iii an appearance at Pride Scotia‘s festival on Saturday I” June. promises to ignite the gay weekend vv itlt a chart and commercial/funky house soundtrack. Lovers of the best queer and dy'ke tracks lll the nation’s capital will doff their caps at the super sexy sottttds from the coolest of all track trippers oit the decks. Be There or Be l 'navv are?