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Glasgow Thursdays


O Aquamelon at Aqttamelon.

Spin midnight. £thc. Weekly. 'l'hix nexx earl} xe.xxion hringx together the \er} linext in Scottixh DJ talent and putx them in a line location. Next (ilaxgou DJ cotnpan} Sk} Rocket Ideax lrontx the idea. and \\ ill he in charge ol a rolling roxter ol‘ xpinning talent that includex tthix monthl llarri limit the Stih ('luh. ('raig Stnith ol Audio Deluxe. .-\nd_\ l'nger ol Soulxa. the ('axa l-utura DJx and the ('arhon gu} x. Aquamelon ix the lormer (iordon Yuill rextaurant oll Bath Street.

I Back to Mine at the the Bar. ‘l'iinex the. Free. Weekl). lf\c‘l‘_\ 'l‘hurxda}. lltc‘ I.ite Bar ix taken ox er h) a dillerent celeht‘it). DJ or media pla} er. doing xx hat the hell the} like on the deckx.

I Budda at Btidda. l lpm 3am. £thc. Weekl}. Relaunched \enue hack on track \xith Krix Keegan in control.

I Blunt at ('ottierx 'l’heatre. 9pm lam. Hip-hop. R&B and danceltall xx ith Dax id Mac. and hctllx. glitch and electronicx \xilh Nel.

I Cheeze at Sti';ttltc‘|}tlc‘ Studentx’ :\xxocialion. 9pm 3am. £lhc. Weekl}. 'l‘he higgext and tackiext xtudent night ex er.

I Columbian at the .-\x_\ luin Back Room. Spin lam. liree to (‘l'Sl’ memherx; £l otherxxixe. Weekly l’ut xonte hreakin‘ lunk in _\our trunk \xith thix entertaining night ol xtudent madnexx.

I Dirty Thursdays at Blanket.

l lpm 3am. £5 t£5i. Weekl}. (iet deep doxx n and dirt) ax Ra} mond Woodx attd Naeem mix tip xome ol the moxt hoot_\licioux Rth in the cit}. \xhile Bill} .\Iilligan xerx ex up the xtudent claxxicx and dirt) pop ttmex.

I DogGod at Q Bar. 10.50pm 3am. £3. Weekl}. Night ol eclecticixm at the heautilul cluh under ('orinthian. lt \xax cloxed lor agex htit no“ the} 're getting hack into the groox e. l’ure claxx.

I Evil at Barll}. l(l.3(lpm 3am. £2. Weekl}. (ioth. induxti'ial. punk and tnetal meet at thix hIack-elad happening.

I Fantastique at .\l.-\S. I lpm .‘sain. £4 l£3 l. \VCL‘k‘l}. 'IiilL‘ \L‘l‘nttc‘llltll‘ DJ .\lirrorha\\ pla_\x a lriendl} hrand ol pop- luxed houxe lor a 'I‘hurxda} night ct‘oxx’d looking lor kickx. I’urxe-lriendl} drinkx pi‘icex make thix night a good draxx.

I Firewire at Bamhoo. l lptn 3am. £4 t£.‘~i. Weeklx. (iraham l‘erguxon \pillx R&B and chart claxxicx in room I. while DJ toaxt ix in the red room p|a_\ ing indie pop and rock. in the lounge. Robin B pla_\'x an eclectic mix ol dixco. lunk and will

I Freakmoves at (ilaxgoxx School ol .'\rt. llpm 3am. £5 t£2l. Weekl}. l'ltra- line hip hop night lor the xtudentx. \x ith DJx Dema and Nice.

I Homework at Vault. l lpm 5am. £5 l£4i. Week'l}. Ian and Stexie man the hox. xo all inxecuritiex over the tunex are dixpelled. 'l‘hix night aimx at xtudent xatixlaction \tithout compromixing the

qualit} lC\Cl\.

YOIII PASS to sun Cllll llGlllS ll HAS“! E [DIIIUIGI


I Hype at ('uhe. l lfitipm 3am. £3

(£3 l. Weekl}. Jim l)a Bext teamx tip “ith the llxpe crexx to ptit on a night ol txxixted. ultra-lunk) houxe. l’lent} ol cheap hoo/e makex thix a lun night ottt. I Instant Access at Suh ('luh.

llpm 3am. £2 llreei. It) Jun. Weekl}. (iiant :\lhino mentalixt Dax'id Wrench ix the guext at thix kerrra/ee ‘I'hurxdax night at the Suh. Sttpporting are local 7 Piece hand the Strip. lrexh lrom a gig at the Brill (‘luh Should he an education.

I Loaded at liquid Lounge.

ltlpm 3am. £4 l£3l. Weekl}. ’I‘hree lixe handx kick the night oll. making an} lor Joe Kane on deckx \xith xome indie. mod and xoul at latn.

I Madhouse at the Shack.

10.30pm 3am. £5 l£3l. Weekl}. ('J and Andy take _\ou to the hrink ol inxanit} \xith .xome ol the moxt outrageoux attd courageoux .xtudent anthemx.

I Old Skool Reunion at Archaox. llptn 3am. £5 tlree £2.5(li. Weekl}. ()ld \c'hool teclmo claxxicx and dixco xl_\ lc‘ tunex lor the lren/ied xtudentx do\\ n Archaox \xa}.

I Phunky Monkey at Belo tlol‘llic‘l‘l) Baha/ai. Spin 3am. l‘ree helore l lpm; £4 l£5l alter. Weekl}. Scott (iraingel‘. Vance and Richie .\lc('olm are on xpinning dutiex at thix nexx eluh that lookx like getting ex en higger than Baha/a. l’lent} ol drinkx promox. lunk} anthemx and lloor tillerx make it a “inning lormula.

I Polo for Me at the Polo Lounge. ltlpm lam. l-"ree. Weekl}. You. the luck) punter. take the helm tonight. ax requext cardx are axailahle ox er the har and in the hooth. Notice lor the unimaginatixe: 'I am What I am' ix prohihited h} Ian and punixhahle h} xpanking.

I Record Player: at (ilaxgim School ol:\l'l. ltlfillpin 3.30am. £3 t£3i. Weekl). lli—l-‘i Sean tlli-l’idelit} l and lluxhpupp} tDi\ inei perlortn cheap deck xuckin' to dixceau. dtttnh electro and Sllx phunk. 'lhex adx ixe )ott to act tip. drexx doxxtt and pla} eaxx to get.

I Retro at 'lraxh. llpm 5am. £4 t£2 l. Weekl}. Dax e Young. Stex en Bt'oxxn and the Kra/_\ Karaoke team pl} their \xarex at thix lahuloux night under Pitt Street. .\ xtudent night xx ith xtunning tunex. xtunning looking people and a xmattering ol drinkx promotionx.

I Skint at the (‘athouxe l lpm 3am. £4 t£2 l. Weekl}. .\ night that rellectx the rexurgent alternatix e xcene at the moment. Rock. indie and xome tough chemical hreakx and heatx. \\ ith a cloud much like the one )otl \L‘L‘ olll\ltlc lllt‘ (Stiller) ol Modern :\rt.

I Speakeasy at the t‘nixei-xal lSauchiehall l,anei. ltlpm 3am. l-"ree. Weekly ll )ou leel like a lexx drinkx alter the ptih. htit don‘t “ant to go cluhhing. Speakeax} ix lor _\ou. 'I‘he mtixic ain't compromixed. hut the x the ix chilled.

I Stand at the l'nixerxal. Next date the.

I Topform at the Bull. ltlpm 3am. E'J‘L'L‘ hclot'e llldnllllll £3 alter. \VL‘L‘H}. i think \\ e hax e to tttrn ox er to ’l‘oplorm themxelx ex to xum tip thix nexx night: '.»\it extraxagan/a ol muxic and t\\ ixted entertainment. think the Roxal Variet} l’erloi'manee hoxted h} )our drunkext drunken uncle. 'l‘hink end ol the pier. think end ol the \xorltl. think otit ol _\out‘ hox!’ Willi Radio ()ne'x (iill .\lillx.

Glasgow Fridays


I Abnormals Anonymous at (ilaxgoxx School ol:\t‘t. Next date thc. 0 Aquamelon at .-\qtiainelon.

Spin midnight. £thc. Weekl). liarl} xexxion lroiii nexx (ilaxgoxx DJ promotion compan) Sk} Rocket. The xpinning talent on .xhoxx here ix xoinething xpecial. \\ ith cluhx like the Stih. ('axa l‘utura. Soulxa. Audio Deluxe and (iood Viht'ation Sound S} xtem all donating DJx. Brilliant to xtart the night. The \enue ix the lormer (iot'don Yuill restaurant oll Bath Street.

I Afterglow at .'\d I.ih. l lpm late. £5 t£4 l. l l .lttn. 'lhe laxt ex er :\llet'glo\\ at thix line little ptih cluh. Northern xottl. lunk} tan and exxential mod lrom rexidentx l’aul .\lollo_\ and Mick} ('ollinx. Mark Wilxon ol the D_\namic 5 Sotil (‘ltih plaxx tonight.

I Archaos at Archaox. l lpm 3am. £5 t£3.5t)i. Weekl}. .\lainxtream chart tlttltc‘t‘. \otll and c‘llct‘xt‘ at one ol the huxiext l-‘ri nighterx in loxxlt.

I Babaza at Belo. (ipm 3am tl)Jx lrom l lpmi. l‘ree heloi‘e l lpm; £5 alter. Weeklx. 'l’he \enue‘x legendar} lirida) nightx take the name ol the cluhhing inxtitution that uxed to he here. l’aul 'I‘raxnor. Bill} Jonex and Roxx Macmillan are in charge ol the muxic. and the} 'x e heen knoxxn to rip it tip in the paxt.

I Bass Invaders at the Big Joint. llptn 5am. £5. ll Jun. Monthl}. 'lhix ix a real character ol a name. and thix night ix right in line with itx xenxe ol uneonxentional cool. The lnxaderx xpin txx ixted haxx techno. houxe. electro. duh and hip hop lor xour aural pleaxure. l.aexk lt'om Barcelona are in the houxe lot‘ llllx xc‘xxloll.

I Bogota! at ('ttha Norte. 5pm 3am. l‘ree. ll. IS Jun. Month}. Salxa. merengue. Rtin and latin pop xupplied h} DJ Sula/at:

I Bombafusion at the Souiitlhaux. llptn 5am. £S t£(ii. IS Jun. .\lonthl_\. 'l‘he Bomhalttxion era/inexx continuex into xummer ax the) hring their drum tk haxx. hip hop. hreakx and houxe to the ’haux.

I Boogie Wonderland at linxx. llpm 3am. £7 t£5l. Weekl}. .\lad dixco night \\ ith loadx ol drinkx promox and a xoundlrack to tnake the ladiex xliake lllc‘lt' ttxxt‘x.

listings Clubs

Aquamelon An early club session in the former Gordon Yuill restaurant around the corner from the Buff Club. New DJ promotion team SkyRocket bring spinning talent from the Sub Club. Audio Deluxe. Soulsa and Carbon together here. Aquarne/on, week/y Thu—Sat.

Break Yourself with Keb Darge Do yourself a favour and get up to the Liquid Lounge for this date with funk maestro Keb Dage. He is the king of the funk compilation. and now you can check him out live behind those decks. Liquid Lounge. Sat 72 Jun.

Club Noir Not many clubs have taken on the Academy and won. so let's see what this burlesque party can do with the space. There’s no lack of effort or idea with dancers. performance art and cigarette dispensing ladies in place while the music does its own twisted thing. Carling Academy. Sat I 2 Jun.

RJDZ A lesson in live hip hop. given by the RJD2 crew out of the US. The best hip hop residents in the city. Dema and Nice. are on support duties. Glasgow Schoo/ ofArt. Wed 16 Jun.

Death Disco Mylo is the fine guest at this happy. morbidly- named club. The Face, C) and others have heaped praise on his debut album. and now you can check him out behind the decks. The Arches, Sat 79 Jun.

Rub Down Goodbye to Ad Lib as a club venue. Rub Down do their booty-shakin‘ party thing with their very. very impressive soond system. Boab. Creme de Menthe and Nut Brothers are in charge of musical duties. Ad Lib. Sat 79 Jun.

Wevie Stonder A night worth attending for the spectacle alone. Wevie's fans are fervent about the genius behind his crazy cack electronica and wig out live show. Get to fine venue Stereo to check out what the fuss is about. Stereo (Kelviiihatigh Street). Sat 19 Jun.

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