ELIZABETH PALMER Photography, Napier University

Based on her relationship to the family home an isolated plant nursery in rural Scotland Elizabeth Palmer‘s work looks at the physicality and mortality of such ties. The textured. organic surface of her large scale salt print taps into this earthly element. while a book of distorted digital and optical images delves into her family's psychological attachment to the dilapidated buildings. Should they return to England. where the rest of their family lives. or stick it out where they are? (RS) Next steps Elizabeth hopes to gain experience as a photography assistant while continuing her creative work and applying for further study.


Jewellery & Silversmithing, Edinburgh College of Art

By her own admission Jennifer is obsessed with modern architectural forms. The shapes have always intrigued her, as has the way ‘a simple block can be beautiful'. Having spent many an hour in the National Museum of Scotland ignoring the exhibits and gazing at William Playfair's angles and curves. she has worked the modernist dream into her jewellery creations. Some of the brooches even function with a magnetic device so they are fastened together with a bond that operates through material. it's a brave new world out there in jewellery making. (RH)

Next steps After winning awards in competitions run by Carrick Jewellery Company and Ortak Jewellery Company, Haston plans to carry out further study.


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MARGARITA VAZQUEZ PONTE MFA Tapestry, Edinburgh College of Art

Now if you thought tapestry was all about weaVing and medieval towers. think again. No one on the course touches a loom and the only things that Margaritas work threads together are setinds. prints and film. She says she has a love- hate relationship With her medium. short films digital tapestries you could say where a montage of images and music deal With a variety of themes including apocalyptic and seductive ones. where ambient music evokes a certain mood c0unter-pointed by jarring sounds. Her film ‘Never Been in a Riot' was shortlisted for the Becks Futures (Student Film and Video Prize) 2004 and Will be at the CCA in Glasgow 12 Jun—25 Jul. lRHl

Next steps Residency at Unidee Cittadelartre in Biela. Italy.

Nearly 1000 mini models made of bright. glosSy material known as Model Magic spill onto the table for Mooney's degree show piece. Inventory. They represent objects in the stream of many conSCiousnesses and their effect. Mooney acknowledges himself. is a bit ‘jumble-Saley'. They are mixed up and are defiantly low art - cheap. junky souvenir-like objects that are made guick for mass production. The material was a revelation discovered in his mum's primary school class.

Next steps Shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries and awarded grant to travel to Finland to dOCUment Inventory in the Archipelago. almost as if they've been washed up there.

JOCK MOONEY Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art


Graphic Design, Edinburgh College of Art

You might have seen Gainford's work recently promoting the Edinburgh College of Art fashion show. Her designs are currently scooping up awards left rightjand centre. PIGS (pictured) won this year's Royal Scottish Arts Design Directions competition. the brief for which was to design postage stamps for a campaigning issue. The idea was to challenge stereotypical perceptions through. mixing photography with digital work. Ami says that subversion is always key to her designs. (RH)

Next steps Twelve week placement with design agencies Pentagram and Lewis Moberly in London and then staying on to find work.

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