will make you want to thrust y0ur fingerless- gloved fist in the air and shake your ironic mullet.

There is evidence of true musicianship, originality and genuine humour here. and an obvious love for the music shines through. Unfortunately, the at- first-inspired talkbox (think Peter Frampton meets Cameo) has become more than a little tiresome by the first instrumental on track three.

Still. full credit to Chromeo it does exactly what it says on the tin. (MA Edmundson)


THE FUTUREHEADS The Futureheads (679 Recordings) 0...

There's nothing wrong with an epic tracks- boasting act every now and then. but for those who like their guitar pop a little more spiky and immediate. then Sunderland four-piece the Futureheads are definitely for you. This prog-puncturing LP is a frantic. harmony-laden homage to the Jam. XTC and the Clash. complete with call and response vocals in magnificent Tyne & Wear accents.

Intelligent with obvious arty tendencies. like Franz Ferdinand on fast fon/vard. The Futureheads is one of the most riotoust refreshing debuts you‘ll hear all year. and weighing in at just over 30 minutes. there's plenty of time to listen to it over and over again . . . which you‘ll undoubtedly want to do. (Camilla Pia)


A Small Piece of Afterwards

(Fence) 00.0

Now part of the Fife musical metropolis that is Anstruther, Pinkie and John's debut for local label Fence has seen

some necessary changes. Their previous work with the likes of PJ Harvey and Trent Reznor

; set to one side. the beats and loops on their previous release (under

the name Lumen) are replaced by the folkish

elements here

melodeon and

concertina now being

the instruments of choice. Still present and correct. however. is Pinkie's staggering voice

soaring above a

claustrophobic backing on ‘The Long Way

Round' and hovering

above John‘s weave of eerie noises on closing epic 'Lay Down Your Arms'. Seems the new arrivals are settling in nicely. (Stuart McHugh)


DAVID BERKMAN QUARTET Start Here, Finish There

(Palmetto) O...

Pianist David Beckman

. has been a regular visitor to Scotland in

recent years. and has impressed with his

compositional as well as

improvisational skills.

. This album. delayed by the damaging collapse

of the Mactwo distribution company in

: London. clearly reveals

both those facets of his talents. His music tends to rely on fairly intricate and often understated

? means of making his points. rather than immediate ear-catching

flourishes. but repays attention as it gradually delivers depth and complexity. He is heard here with his regular New York quartet. featuring Dick Oatts on both alto and soprano saxophone. and the

excellent rhythm team of

Ugonna Okegwo on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums.

(Kenny Mathieson)


I Up All Night r (Vertigo) 0000

For months now. f RaZOrlight's Johnny

Borrell has been talking

l up his band's debut LP.

and thanks to the

frontman's excitable chatter claiming to be the songwriter of his generation. if it's anything less than a masterpiece. we're going to be disappointed.

In terms of sound at

. least. Up A// Night's

tense. scratchy guitars are certainly no different from any other garagey

act around, but the

compelling lyrical content and urban stOrytelling contained within do make each jittery melody more addictive. and stand-out track ‘Vice‘ is easily one of the loveliest moments of melancholy indie you’ll

hear all year. Not quite

the classic Borrell

promised then. but a

stunning passion-

' imbued slice of guitar

pop all the same. (Camilla Pia)



Love The Cup (Domino) um

Two-boy. two-girl Glasgow quartet Sons and Daughters have already been lauded at South By Southwest. celebrated on a national Franz Ferdinand suppon

slot and propped by

get this Greil Marcus. but this Domino reissue of last year's debut LP is the ultimate delivery on

their promise thus far.

Striding into the Last

Chance Saloon on the

back of Adele Bethel's

confident PJ Harvey-by-

way-of—Caledonia vocals

and a truly nagging

guitar and mandolin face-off during ‘Fight'. the seven tracks here

are similarly pent-up

slices of assured transatlantic excitement. Best of all is “Johnny

Cash'. co-vocalist Scott

' Paterson paying

breathless tribute to their least likely of influences. Far be it for us to

. champion them just

because they're Scottish so let's do it because

they're really. really bloody good.

(David Pollock) ROCK


Cherry Tree (Talitres) 0.00

This is the NY—based soul rockers' third ounng.and demonstrates a band

really getting their shit

together. Mixing the refined rock sound of Tindersticks or Nick Cave with a slab of sassy soul a la prime Afghan Whigs. the National are the kind of band that can really worm their way into your heart and soul and never

leave. There are all sorts of leftfield Americana influences here: a whiff of aCOustic Neil Young

on ‘I Don't Mind‘ and a

sniff of Jim O'Rourke on ‘About Today‘. but throughout it all the band. and especially acerbic. gravely singer Matt Berninger. stamp their own identity on proceedings. Exciting stuff. (Doug Johnstone)

POP PETER ANDRE The Long Road Back (EastWest) 00

With his shining tOrso. courage in the face of icky insects and enthusiasm for the even ickier Jordan. Peter Andre has been one of the few reality TV stars to squeeze record sales as well as column inches from his experience.



He‘s now threatening to release a duet with Jordan and claiming to have hundreds of songs to release. The Long Road Back. though. is unlikely to change anyone‘s opinion. It contains the nagging ‘lnsania' (written five years ago. not in the Australian jungle). two versions of ‘Mysterious Girl' and a selection of spectacularly flimsy pop songs. Cheer up. Peter: it should only be a short stroll back to anonymity. (James Smart)



This is the Tomb of the

Juice (Big Cat) 000

.1" g.“


One for those people who like their bands to have a personality that's at least as big as the


Enhanced (ID/Maxi DVD lllCldUCS I'(:.'. songs ‘i’OUB SECRETS COVER (VERSION). '.'l(lC'0 for WRAPPED UP l't BOOKS (plus CD only coliijniler game BL DVD only

cartoon Sll'll) gallery)



.1 1L." DEAR CI.XII".SIIROPHE .t'l’"|IRE\SS (hi. '.')i'.

l\ ,v ,.-\,.- L.

2-1 Jun-~8 Jul 2001

(sauna mos