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With no 'big although naturally it’s his own compositions that have made him a legend in unlocked and a Apart from the good idea' to capture those his own lifetime, notwithstanding the fact that the quality of these fantastically enjoyable fun fights against the who have no recordings have also contributed to him being one of the most sampled combo system involving gigantic demons that act knowledge of the genre. people in hip hop. However, if it’s the original breaks of Run DMC’s ‘Peter playing cards. The game as end-of-level bosses. Which is a shame Piper’, or the Tribe’s ‘Clap Your Hands’ that you’re looking for then you may looks lovely. all dusty the pace never changes. because it can be a be disappointed, as the source material for these two classics ‘Mardi and leather-bOund numbing yOur senses great rnindbender at Gras’, and ‘Nautilus’ - are missing from this live performance. But bearing in with0ut ever becoming after a while. Painkiller times. (lain Davidson) mind that this particular concert from the renowned Montreux festival was

boring. while the controls. from the quick draw to the buffalo riding. work very well indeed. Problems OCCur with the camera from time to time and. if anything. the game is too easy. but it seems churlish to pick up on the small things when the big things are done so well.

It's such a joy to play a game that has tried something new. avoided

filmed in 1985 it’s hardly surprising as the sampling phenomena was still in its infancy. What you do get though is the chance to witness (with a sell out crowd) an incendiary performance that illuminates the sheer quality of the man’s work.

It’s a tight performance from this road and studio tested band - minus strings but full of improvisation and optimism - that manages to cover a fair slice of James’ output from benchmark albums like Heads, and Touchdown. The aforementioned ‘Angela’ (theme from TaXI) earns its rightful place, although it’s the double appearance of another sample bomb ‘Westchester Lady’ that reaffirms why James is held in such high regard as a master of the Rhodes piano. Other highlights include a literal drumming masterclass from session stalwart Harvey Mason, and some tight ass bass playing from Gary King, who also shows off his vocal prowess with a quick segued sojourn into Little Richard’s ‘Lucille’. Lowlights have to include Dean Brown’s lead guitar wankathons: alarmingly he bears a striking resemblance to Steve Coogan’s comic creation Paul Calf (all mullet hair Cyberpunk Or WW“. 80d and bad trainers), something that serves as a useful diversion to his has Succeeded With . it noodling solo on ‘Night Crawler’. Still, it’s a seminal festival concert from Such glorious Style. A Ground Control II is a mind bender one of modern jazz music’s major proponents. (Simon Dehany)

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