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Katy McAulay hunts down the most desirable sunglasses for this summer.



Men’s sunglasses, £15 Available from Accessori/e. To blend in With the Max Mara, £88 Available from John Lewis. To hide tired eyes. dahling. crowd. Accidentally sit on them. drip ice-cream on the lenses and cram For the girly-girl who thinks she's Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, the them into your pocket knowing you can afford another pair if they break. key to this look is blackest black lenses surr0unded by thick frames.

at ‘l i, .\ Emporio Armani, £98 Available from John Lewis. The shades for those Iceman by Quicksilver, £65 Even if you don't skate. snowboard who fight crime. All you need is a motorbike. a catsuit. two sidekicks and or surf. you might want to look like you do. These shades come with a you're a member of C/it’irlie's Ange/s. one-year warranty. whether you're a genuine sportsman or not.

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Talatu by Diesel, £65 Forget Men Ill Black. Worn by the fashion- conscious and available from Diesel. the dark green colour of these shades make them the new Ray-Bans.

Akemi by Diesel, £85 The new aviators on the block. These shades are functional yet sexy with their curved lenses. The bigger the better.

Latest Blond by Christian Dior, £1 10 Available from John Lewis. Are Annundi by Diesel, £65 Because plain black shades are so boring. fresh from the slopes. From the ultra slim design to the i'ellectwe lenses and With their blood red rims and lenses. these are perfect for those who want cool white rims. this style Will be a favourite Willi the sporty female. to look a bit different. Just don't wear them with a hangover.

Stockists: Diesel, Glasgow,; John Lewis. Glasgow and Edinburgh,; Quicksilver, Edinburgh, 0131 557 3031; Accessorize, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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