I Bright double room available in friendly Gorgie flat. would suit young professional. all mod cons. including cable TV & dishwasher. Available start July. £230 pcm. includes heating. Tel: 0131 477 1841.

I Royal Mile. 1 double room. Available end of June. £260 pcm. Tel: 07930 904 877. I Bright, double room to let in sunny Leith. to share withlother. liasy walk to Princes Street. Would suit n/s profes- sional female. Available imme- diately. £300 pctn. including CT + bills. Tel: 07971 159 264.

I Single room, beautiful flat. 3 months minimum. Suit easy-going n/s professional. £250 + CT + bills. Tel: 07834 164 480.

I Belgrave Crescent. Large room in central flat. suitable for n/s professional. share withlother. no couple please. £345 + bills. Tel: 07802 795 020.

I Single room in spacious New Town flat. 2 minutes frotn bus station. Would suit young. tiiusic-loving socialite. £270 pcm. Tel: 07736045 616.

I Leith. Large double room with en suite in beautiful flat to share withlother. £350 pcm. including bills. Tel: 07970 968 934.

I Large, well decorated double room available in mod- ern Tollcross flat. lluge lounge facilities with all mod cons throughout. To suit young pro- fessional or funky person. £280 pcm + CT. Tel: 07813 810 889.

I Big bright double room in lovely West [ind flat. Living with 2 friendly. easy-going girls. n/s female preferred. Available end of June early July. £260 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07763 815 I25 (Sarah).

I Double room available frotn beginning of July in friendly Newington flat. Well equipped 8; fully furnished with good local amenities. Deposit required. £310 pcm. including bills. Tel: 0131 667 5709.

I Roseburn. Friendly, sociable flatmate for good- sized single room. 10 minutes from city centre. Available lst July. Sorry. no students. Sharing with 3 others. £200 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 337 8130.

I Bright, sunny, double room in friendly Tollcross bed- sit. l’latshare. long term lease. £250 + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 228 8341.

I Central Edinburgh. Double room. Professional preferred to share withlotber. £280 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07739 125 084.

I Warriston double room in quiet attractive 2 bedroom ground floor flat. easy reach of city centre. supermarket & buses nearby. n/s professional. £250 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 07753 968 593.

I Morningside, nls pro- fessional fetnale to share clean. attractive llat withlother from lst July. £270 pcm. Tel: 0131 4432536.

1 16 THE LIST 24 Jun—B Jul 2004

I Timber Bush, the shore. n/s professional female to share clean. attractive. mod- ern flat with lother from the lst of July. £250 pcm. Tel: 07803 048 673.

I Double room in sunny. modern Stockbridge flat. over- looking Water of Leith. DG. GCH. broadband internet. pri- vate parking. power shower. Suit n/s professional. £250 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 226 2733 or 07811 430 883.

I New Town. Rooms to let in gorgeous Great King Street flat. £360/£300 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 557 9223.

I Newington. Bright, spacious double bedroom with adjoining box room in large top floor flat. To share withlother professional gay- friendly person. £290 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 07729 251 443 (Shauni

I Haymarket. Bright, comfortable spacious flat. Shared kitchen & bathroom. all mod cons. GCll. no bills. £290 pcm. Tel: 0131 667 6338.

I Double room to let in lovely Stockbridge flat with beautiful views. to share with professional female. Available from July. £297.50 pcm + CT + bills + 1 month rent deposit. Tel: 0131 343 3617 or 07765 285 749.

I Single room for n/s professional female in bright. spacious Marchmont flat. GCll. digital TV. large kitchen 8; bathroom. available immediate- ly. £300 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07969 475 812 (after 6 pm). I Flatmate wanted to share with 3 others in Marchmont flat. Good sized room. suitable for profession- al/mature student. n/s. Available July. £227 pcm. including CT. Tel: 0131 4776941.

I Large, sunny double room near Western General 8; Telford College. (iCll. DC: & off street parking. Suit n/s profes- sional. 25+. £250 pctn + deposit. no bills. Tel: 07739 477 695.

I Large double room in bright. spacious Bruntsfield flat. all mod cons. GCll. To share with 1 other female. liemale preferred. £300 pcm + CT. Tel: 07973 726 016.

I Flatmate wanted. Double bedroom in 2-bed- room Stockbridge flat. fully fur- nished. professionals only. available immediately. £290 pcm + bills. Tel: 07736 383 925.

I Bright, spacious dou- ble room at Warriston Road with lots of parking available nearby. Looking for gay-friend- ly flatmate. £275 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07838 309 I42.

I The Shore. Large double room. en suite in converted warehouse flat. Private parking space. Share with one other. Suit professional. £375 pcm. including CT. Tel: 07747 723 925.

I 2 large rooms in cont- fortable flat for n/s female. £250 pcm. including bills. except phone. Must see. Better than gold. Tel: 07795 432 623.



V I Saw You show me those sweet cheeks 'cos I pity the fool. [l/497/l

O I Saw You in HMV Sauchiehall Street trying to get your reviews done. It's so easy now! If in doubt remember it's a solid dance floor groover... [3/497/2

V I Saw You lemon shirted man in HMV Sauchiehall Stret. You helped me find an Engelbert Humperdinck CI). 1 had wet hair and a hotdog in my hand. Is your name Gnasher? [I/497/3

V I Saw You 'hot muppet' sweatin' over your box. Cop-a- squat in the Zen Room and I'll teach you some yoga to calm your nerves-A.xx [.7497/4

V I Saw You sweet rascal chops with cool hair and a pret- ty face that you don't believe you have. I wish I was like you. [.7497/5

V I Saw You beautiful weather in Brel. Monday. A lit- tle tired but with eyes sparkling from love and summer. [7497/6 V I Saw You and hoped it would be forever. I love you so much. Xx [.7497/7

V I Saw You and it was beautiful. We are amazing and belong to be friends forever. We are good and lovely.xx [.7497/8 V I Saw You American drama queen! Where you going? Nowhere! PS get it round ye! Yours- D.x [7/497/9 V I Saw You Gentle Ben (0‘ T-Box. will you bear all to me? You scruffy looking Nerflierder! PS I'm a ninja! [l/497/l0

V I Saw You Mitni. counting cash and learning a valuable lesson about non-compliance. Didgeridoo or didgeridon't bother! Can 1 be your hiya pal! [,1/497/1 l

V I Saw You Baby dream boy cleaning the header boards. Do you want to set sail on the HMS Murky or is arguing more your ‘style‘? [3/497/12

V I Saw You doing impres- sions in HMV Sauchiehall St. ‘Yes! No! Yes! No!‘ Were you doing a walk round or were you running away from Shabaz? [l/497/I 3

V I Saw You doing top up orders for Kill Bill. You're so old your birth date is in roman numerals. Shouldn't you be at home cooking fish fingers for your secret husband? [.7497/14 V I Saw You in the Variety bar stroking a bee. Your friend was out of order like the toilets. Your flatmate was mixing antibiotics and alcohol. Are you Woody Woodpecker? U/497/15 V I Saw You Jeremy Monkey. You are smelly but nice. Love Mrs Grutnble. [.7497/16

V I Saw You lidwin (lixchequer). You are splendid. I like your room - paint the flat. [3/497/1

V I Saw You lad who wrote an ' I Saw You' about me - Beanscene Craig. You look splendid and special. Let's get together. [3/497/17

V I Saw You big Barbara Greyhound (0‘ Salt Lick shim- mying away. Keep on running. Babs. [.7/497/18

V I Saw You Sean Bon Jovi. Paint our flat or the Shonkies will get you! [.7497/19

V I Saw You Chris ‘Pretty ()ne' Dickson - you have a great talent for painting - get to it! [l/497/20

V I Saw You at Kelvingrove Park with Dr Frizzmuffin. You were wearing a wig made of hemp?! Thanks for letting me use your bathroom. L'/497/2l V I Saw You browsing through DC comics with big dark Italian eyes. You look like a Play-ah. L7497/22

V I Saw You Brunette red- lipped beauty-Mosquito Fri night. Are you still going to Spain?x [1/497/23

V I Saw You beautiful blonde with the red ribbon. Mosquito l’riday 4th. Be there next Friday"? [7497/24

V I Saw You Mr Scanlon. working in Lite Bar (0‘ Corinthian. You're such a hooty. You know me but I'm not tellinU yet. X [7497/25

V I w You Gl’l‘. Hey you. I know a good thing when I feel

it. Tangled dark hair chisled grrr

cheek bones. Let's share a bottle of red in bed?! [7497/26

9 I Saw You in The Loft. Saturday 12/06/04. works (a‘ The lidge. from llatnilton. You'd been whitewater rafting & something else you couldn't remember but mitned. We were interrupted before I guessed. [’/497/27

V I Saw You and you saved my life. l‘()A at the Tron are very nice people. smart. sexy and good at spelling to. Thanks lilizabeth. 1) xx [l/497/28

V I Saw You Rachel. bounc- ing to funk d'void primavera Barcelona. Me Scots lad in Dublin. Lost your number that night. [.7497/29

V I Saw You in Castro's Aberdeen 31/3/02. You were beautiful. soulful and very sexy. I should have asked for your number. If you want to dance again. call me. [7497/30

V I Saw You tiuan at l-‘ingathing. We all boogied on the balcony then u left to do essay. You got my number. planning to use it? Just once before you go. [,7497/31

V I Saw You St Georges X tube. Saturday 5th. brunette. beige jacket. grey jeans. Me brown Adidas top. Wanna be in my band? You'd look great in a stripey T-shirt and guitar! Can't play? Me neither! L7497/32

V I Saw You quite unique and curiously kinky in my bed this morning. Toots and the Maytals were there too. Where are my pancakes? Can 1 taste your black cherry lip balm? [7497/33

V I Saw You in Khublai Khan's on Sat. gorgeous blonde girl with Betty Boo voice and dazzling smile. you sat by the rug and sparkled! I dropped drinks all night. love to Blil)A'/.7.l.lil)! [7497/34

V I Saw You Eve Sat 5th June. You were with three mates. 1 with my parents. U were on Nassau street. you had dark hair and a smile. I had dark hair and a blue shirt. You looked at me and l at you. l'd like to have been able to stop and say hello .... .. [l/497/35

V I Saw You in [Easy Street Record browsing for that white LP you like so much. I atn glad I kissed you...or was it you who kissed me first? L7497/36

V I Saw You every night after work for almost 7 years. you loveable hunk of a man. Here's looking forward to some more. U/497/37

V I Saw You stunning Canadian Irene at Cafe Nero. Me. sitting next to you thumbing through Dante. Be my Beatrice and light my fire. [7/497/38

V I Saw You in the sofa- filled coffee house. kids aplen- ty. Dark. dark eyes. sultry atti- tude. You served me ice in a glass with a frown. When you smile. I feel priviledged. You lhink you're in the background - but you're in the forefront of my mind. Let me make you smile more. [.7497/39

VI Saw You Nicola. all in red and absolutely stunning at Hamilton Palace after the races. with your friend Karen. Didn't get the chance to ask the obvi- ous. but hoping to win on the last again. [.7497/49

0 I Saw You belles in Botanics - Blue Abomnible Snowman T—guy in glasses. liar piercings. small bag and catn- era. Let's hook up and practice the words together over a sum- mer beer. [l/497/50

V I Saw You Alan in the GlenL'ig caravan site when we were just wee teenagers. We tried for ages to get together. then when we did I messed it tip by snogging your best friend at a bonfire party. 1 think of you every now and again. I still feel bad for what I did. I hope you forgave me. I hope you are doing well for yourself too. Leanne. Glasgow xx [.7497/51

V I Saw You lovely Chinese girl with China Buffet King leaflets on Botliwell Street. You were so cute and friendly I'm glad I didn't pass you by like all the other miserable sods. [.'/497/ l 52

V I Saw You Andrew. 1n the Court 12.6.04. We talked a lit- tle. drank a little. talked some more. T'was raining men. If we can't be lovers. let's be friends. Reply David. L7497/1

V I Saw You searching for your silver necklace in the Botanic Gardens l2/6/04. We found it as soon as you left and have it safe...[;'/497/53


V I Saw You possibly under- estimating the power of' small spaces. [7497/54

V I Saw You sexy Paul (a‘ the ()utsidcr. I rang a bell and watched you work all night. Remember me again next time...soon. [7497/55