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U I Saw You Russell not! U haven't been out. We miss u lovely boy. Get out of your love nest and back on the dance floor. U/497/56

U I Saw You 501. you work @ the Hub. I have such a crush that's had to stay a secret. I'll be at Taste on the 4th of July. See you there. x U/497/57

U I Saw You Martin. You're a Luvely regular. Seen u there and at after parties. Think you're gorgeous. l'd dress up for u arty day! x U/497/58

U I Saw You ...pretty green eyes. walking past Dario's on Lothian Road (with cheekbones to die for! ). Would you...uhm...give me some SGl.‘.’!... U/497/59

U I Saw You at Tyninghame Beach. Shalom to the Elm Row gang and their legendary shindigs. Big love. Jatnes x [.7/497/60

U I Saw You on your knees. firm hand still available for foxy physio (Swedish variety birch included). Strip yourself of goody 2 shoes. Bumpkin requesting Cardy Bumpkin's full attention. [,'/497/(il

U I Saw You Spiderman at Snatch - love the pyjama peo- ple... its tonight like a tiger! Xx U/497/b2

U I Saw You Nice tie. guy! Bernard Street. Leith. 3 June. bus stop. you silver fox with superb tie. white at top. black at bottom & # 821 l. where can I get one'.’ [7/497/(i3

U I Saw You the PWT posse hanging in the Meadows at the festival on Saturday the 5th. you crazy frogs!! U/497/o4

U I Saw You Ben. we danced at Vegas (5th June) then we kissed! Shall I meet you there in July‘.’ My name is Christopher... [7497/65

U I Saw You ‘Sandra Bullock‘ and spoke with you on the train between London and Nottingham. We were a few guys from Norway heading to Download festival at Donington Park. Incredibly enough I meet you on the train going back to London on Monday 7th June. I regret I didn't ask you for your e-mail or something. (It's me.. Trond). Can't get you out of my head and can never forget your incredible smile. Pls contact me. L7497/66

U I Saw You having lunch with your Dad (1’) at the Flotterstone lnn and then out walking. Me talking rubbish with a couple of friends. Did you fancy me'.’ Did want to speak to you but went all shy! [.7497/67

U I Saw You at the Venue on 12th when we danced together. You gorgeous brunette. me

taller. lot less hair. When you disappeared with your pal l waved. Liked your moves and smile. Do I get a second dance? U/497/68

U I Saw You in Harvey Nichols. floppy hair. Jarvis Cocker glasses, Cruise bag. You bought something from Urban Hair. Me in black looking har- rassed. we smiled. would like to see that smile again. [7497/69 U I Saw You Honig four years ago and couldn't get enough. I'm sorry it's ending this way. But maybe it ended way before. U/497/70

U I Saw You on liasyjet flight 2 Belfast from Edinburgh. 5th June. You: girl. black hair. combats. feather ear-ring. Me: boy. black hair. specs. Chatted about dodgy flight. Was 2 shy 2 ask 4 your number! Fancy a pint after your exams‘.’ [I/497/7l

U I Saw You shouting ‘Jenna' after ()ptimo(a‘ Venue 12/6. danced near all night. you grey white dress. me black shirt. no guts to ask to buy you a drink. maybe buy you one sometime? [7497/72

U I Saw You te tau. e te tau. Ka wehe koe i an! Tu tonu ake nei taku aroha. Nga tikapa kei te houhi. [7497/73 U I Saw You Dr. I.. at the Meadows. Saturday. with Stew. You babe with Jackie () stin- glasses and fabulous accent. Stew with hideously tanned body. me with bike. Looking forward to the wedding! NormX [7497/74

U I Saw You in Parrots. Hairy Monkey. liating tasty monkey food after a nice trip to Barry. Barry. Barry. [7/497/75 U I Saw You all seeing eye! You always catch me misbehav- ing! Looking forward to my fttll time Trav career! Thanks for everything. Jenni. [,7497/76

U I Saw You Saturday night in Basement Bar sitting in the restaurant with your friend who spilt her wine while she was explaining something to you. Doll you had jUst the best smile. Come back to the basement soon. I work weekends. L'l497/77

U I Saw You in lglu on Sat 22nd May. You in that sexy black shirt with your gold sparkley chest. me in white mini skirt with pink boob tube. Want to shimmer on me'.’ U/497/78

U I Saw You ferociously intelligent. sensual Kiwi lady. indulging yourself in the Basement. Wishing you every happiness. [7/497/79

U I Saw You Ti-tain-ium (iirl. Take that tiny I) and become a star!!! liternal Love... [.7497/80

U I Saw You Jttne 3rd at Doodles painting a plate.

Brunette with glasses. I was visiting my sister. You noticed. U/497/8l

v I Saw You @ the Basement bar on Friday night. You made me a crown out of nacho chips and said I looked like a princess. You stole my heart. please contact me. U/497/82

U I Saw You in Fopp (female). I offered you a cheap SS CD. How did you get on'.’ [.1/497/83

U I Saw You a boy looking lovely with his alice band... corr blimey. Monday l4th June 10. 15pm. Fran & Belle Girl. U/497/84

U I Saw You tall. dark and handsome. Me small and lus- cious and wanting you! Can we rendezvous again sometime? Same time. same place. X X [.7497/85

U I Saw You swinging round a pole in (iaribaldi's. Your ass is mine!! [,1/497/86

U I Saw You little beetle under the fridge and you aint Ringo. Paul. John or George? (iet ottt! Stay out! You stink. I.ove Nessa x x U/497/87

U I Saw You my beautiful Mr Steven cutting and sticking and being a star (yes you. you're not from Telford are you‘.’). [7497/88

U I Saw You Sophie. In the Trav Bar Cafe. bttt you won't be there much longer. Don't think i can take the pain... bttt good lttck with your click clack. l.ove Jean & Spank. [7497/89 U I Saw You Como esta foxy chick'.’ Blonde hair. Looks of a goddess. You cutie! (Basement bar). [7497/90

U I Saw You and wanted for you to see tne the way I see you. [7/497/91

U I Saw You and wanted to touch you...going on for a long time now. [.7497/92

U I Saw You liugene. I love the way your Dad turned around his life. Take care and don't stray too far from the beaten wife. Love Slippery Sterenn. [.7497/93

U I Saw You while I was sleeping. my Jazz girl! You made my eyes catch fire and my eyeliner run. Your Lost Boy xx U/497/94

U I Saw You Pablo Diablo. Strutting that funky stuff down Mary King's. Word-up to the Arran Massive. L'/497/95

U I Saw You Baby....shakin' that ass! Dig the groovy threads lady (Basement bar). U/497/9o U I Saw You Mary! You are so cool with your first class degree! Could you make me a stencil for my bathroom‘.’ Congratulations. love Jay's Bar. Xxx [7497/97


"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" —Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34


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