They're gracing these stages for the very first time but just what can we expect?

I Mylo (above. Slam Tent. Saturday) He might only be on early but he's also made the dance album of the year which will ensure an early turnout for his addictively excellent Daft Punk Royksopp hybrid. Listen out for the poppin‘ Prince-isms of 'Guilty of love'. I Pixies (Main Stage. Sunday) We're stretching it as the band were split up for every TITP up until now but this set threatens to be the highlight of the weekend wrth the band miXing their magic rock potions. Listen out for the sonic death rattle that is ‘Bone Machine' I Tim Booth (King Tut's Tent. Sunday) OK. so we're cheating here too as Booth has fronted James at the festival many times before. This is a new solo adventure. replete with a fresh clutch of songs and a handlebar moustache. Anything is possibleListen out for the reviving of old favourite ‘l._aid'.

I Pink (Main Stage. Saturday) Sassy. brassy and even occasionally classy. this is likely to be a scaled down reading of her typical raunchfest lit Wlll only he tea time. after all) but is likely to be the musical equrvalent of pop punk paintballing. Listen out for her theme tune ‘Trouble'.

Garden invaders

It’s not where you are, it’s where you’re at, apparently. But what if you’re ‘at’ your dad’s shed? David Pollock enters the world of THE BEES.

et's face it. if‘ you‘re l’aul Butler or Aaron l‘letcher >- the pivotal

points of' genre-hopping Isle of Wight sextet the Bees -— you've

got to do everything yoti can to pull yourselt hack down to earth. ()n the face of it. their story is routine —- record an album in your home studio. win a hit of' critical acclaim. and then get the chance to play with the big boys in a professional establishment for the follow-up.

But such a description doesn’t even tell a quarter of' the story. On the subject of‘ the home ‘studio'. for example. which gave birth to 2002‘s .S'uns/iim' [lit .l/(' alhum. Butler elahorates. ‘Well. we were in a shed. which was quite a nice little home project. But then it started sinking. so it’s now my dad‘s toolshed . . . we moved to the hasement alter that. htit it didn‘t quite have the sound we were after. Still. we were really chatted with that album. We got a Mercury nomination and all this acclaim from something we did in a garden shed. Mad. really.’

That‘s where the story starts to get really odd. Proving that listening to a few of~ your dad’s old records the they stored in the shed or otherwise) and then paying through the arse for studio time is no short- cut to eclecticism are you paying attention. (iomezl’ the Bees mix up rock. funk and world influences in a gleeful stew of‘experimentation that sounds best in the heat. Yes. there was a {\lercury nomination for their debut album. a Q Best New Band nomination and a hit with their ubiquitous. ray-blasted Latino cover of‘ ()s Mutantes‘ ‘A Minha Menin‘. but one o1~ Butler‘s highlights over the last two years has been the venue for the recording of follow-up album [9121' I/It' Hem.

'Yeah. we recorded it in Studio 2 at Abbey Road] he heams. ‘lt’s different . . . we hoped it wouldn‘t he. but it was. We got all the old sttlllottl. and recorded it as a proper hand.‘

Butler seems overjoyed with the new material. and can‘t wait to road test it over the summer. 'l’laying hig festivals like (llastonhury is the other highlight for me and we're looking forward to 'I' in the Park because we've never done it.’ he says. ‘l)o we make good summer music‘.’ Well. it's positive music . . . how can that not go with the sun'."

The Bees headline the X Tent, Sat 10 Jul.


Was it 95 or 99? Yes, they’ve been before and we loved it. But do you remember their first time?

I The Strokes ancze. Mas" Stage. ‘il .J.ra"

‘iS (ii).".l{)£l(l.'(l'f3 ".".’(}l(}

Sunday Bf. 3a"), :;;;"' (Ias;it>la".::.’t:; arm) l‘ nookezl tr: cyan, '1 fine tei‘t slots at eve". ‘-;:-:;tl‘.a. gr: cg. At; ls [Ins I: "ever

e sni‘ted up the kill to {race To "an stage to meet demand. Listen out for tne woo/u. heavy added it'll.ia't<:t;~ of U"<tei Coi‘troT.

I The Darkness Man Stage. Safawtay l'. wok a stern (I()!‘ii$ill.lll()ll

and a ‘.'.()'*\ "gt aa'n‘ clock to oatci‘, their

K|(?r\(3(l " °..".i?\. ‘.'.(}'

:2t:-t>-..‘ fata‘. year. t>.;l t":::;(: .vlfo sav. it knev': t was ice effort, Listen out for the oire'x'xi ' ‘t' of ‘I Believe .i‘. a l.’"‘§l(:{iltf(1l\3'.(k.

I The Beta Band Ma'r‘ Stage. Satu'dav Hots :ie:: :>"f' their ROCKS {it‘liti'iifil'ltit}Li'().lf "‘ét""'1.!‘.‘.l'l"‘.. It's ~.'.')at fit-st ).a.;; ‘.'.'(‘:l(? invented 'o'. '.'.a:;.'VI .t 7 Listen out for We r‘§.;)":>t-<‘ lang; {I- of 'ESne‘E; the ()"e'.

I Basement Jaxx Sléil‘.‘ ler‘t. Saturday It's o .'ti’.(3"l(?().'l am: t'nii‘gs are ".(?.’l'. "g; ..;)_ ()ne '.'.av to send 4! :nto ear). (3‘.(}l(lll\.'(l‘ .s; ‘.‘.'|'.ll cm“ \a’ dancing gnis. 'zigga toasters ar‘:i gene'aé Jt.:’ll;)l.'lg and" shoatnv.) that hangs Re no other. Listen out for their housed up nootleg Sit-no"- Naton Anny.

‘.'.‘( )' .'\k I. l'.

For more on T in the Park see the details of our free CD on page 2 and for full line-ups of every stage and our Pixies special see next issue out Thursday 8 July.

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