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0 The Notebook ( 12A) 000

(Nick (‘assavctcs. l'S. 200-1) Rachel McAdams. Ryan (iosling. James (Earner. Joan Allen. I23min. See interview. page 27 and review. page 28. (ieneral release.

One Continuous Take (tbc) (Various, Various. 2003) 90min. Opportunity to see the best shorts from Scotland and around the world. Many of the films will be introduced by the filmmakers themselves. ((24. Glasgow:

Orphans ( 18) 0... (Peter Mullan. t'k. l990) Douglas Henshall. (iary Lewis. Stephen Mc(‘ole. Rosemarie Stephenson. l05min. Four orphans of varying ages attempt to come to terms with the death of their beloved mother during one dark. stormy night in (ilasgow. Mullan's feature directing debut mixes emotional frankness with humour verging on the surreal to great effect. While individual set pieces and performances impress. the whole thing comes together remarkably. (lillttnl'eltlllUlz. Glasgow.

Osama (12A) 0... (Siddik Barmak. Afghanistan/lreland/Japan. 2003) Marina (iolbahari. Arif Ilerati. Zubaida Sahar. 83min. Writer/director and editor Siddiq Barmak‘s debut feature film exposes the plight of ()s‘ama ((iolbahari) a I2-year- old girl whose life under the 'I‘aliban is blighted by poverty and oppression. When her mother loses her job after the Taliban close down the local hospital. she becomes her mother and her grandmother's only chance of survival. Her mother chops off her hair and dresses her as a boy. At first the child Iinds sortie work in the shop owned by a friend of her father. But things start going wrong when the Taliban start training up the local boys in response to Bin Laden's call to arms against the infidel. ()nIy street urchin Spandi (Arif Herati) stands between the girl and discovery. Stunning and frightening award- winning drama from Afghanistan. (‘('A. Glasgow“.

Pepe Le Moko (PG) 00.0 (Jttlien Duvivier. France. 1936) Jean (iabin. Mireille Balin. l.ine .\'oro. f)3min. A Parisian gangster hides out in the Algerian casbah. but love tempts him out of his hideaway with ultimately tragic results. (iorgeous. romantic melodrama. with a typically doomy l-‘rcnch remaking of a Hollywood genre. and (iabin at the peak of his powers. (ilasgou' I'i'lm 'I‘lieatre. Glasgow.

The Pianist I I5) 0.. (Rotnan Polanski. t'K/l"rance/(iermany /.\'etherlands/ Poland. 2002) Adrien Brody. I-‘rank Finlay. Maureen I.ipman. l-Wmin. An intensely personal film from acclaitned Polish director Polanski. as he himself survived the Krakow ghetto. The Pianist follows the persecution of the Jews in Warsaw during World War II. The focus is on brilliant Polish pianist Wladyslaw S/pilman (Brody) who escapes deportation to an extermination camp and is left struggling for survival in the wasteland that's left of Warsaw. Adapted from S/pilman’s memoirs and making me of Polanski's own childhood memories. The Pianist is undoubtedly a brave and ambitious project. Although rewarded by its winning the Palme d'()r at last year's (‘annes l’ilm Festival. it is. however. debatable whether this film won on its worthiness rather than it being a coherent and compelling narrative. l'lllll/Iull.\'('. lz'tltttlture/t.

Piglet’s Big Movie (I‘) .00

tl-‘rancis (ilebas. ['S. 2003) 75min. ('artoon. The gang from Hundred Acre Wood are back with another enchanting tale of adventure. When Piglet vanishes into the woods after not being allow ed to participate in one of Winnie the Pooh's adventures. the gang become worried and set off on a mission to find him rising his scrapbook of memories. Iividently to adults the underlying message is appreciate your friends and ensure they know you Iov e them. lior children. perhaps Megan Lehmann's (.Vt’tt‘ lit/A I’Uyll quote is

particularly apt: ‘When the world gets too big and scary. the Hundred Acre Wood remains a clearly delineated comfort Ionef (iravi‘eltut‘. Glasgow:

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ( 12A) 0... ((iore \‘erbinski. IS. 2003) Johnny Depp. (ieoffrey RUle Orlando Bloom. Keira Knightley. Jack Davenport. 133mm. Rattling good pirate yarn from the director of .Iquse/tunt. Jack Sparrow (Depp) and Will Turner (Bloom) brave the ('aribbean Sea to stop a ship of pirates led by (’aptain Barbossa (Rush). Ster (‘e/iturv ('inema. Iz'tlt'tiliurglt.

Princess Mononoke (3) .00

(Hayao Miya/aki. Japan. 1997) Voices of (iillian Anderson. Billy Bob 'I'hornton. Minnie Driver. 133mm. 'I‘his extraordinarily popular Japanese ‘animie‘ tells the tale of a young warrior on a quest which takes him to a far away forest where the animal gods war with human invaders. The conflict is a pretty straightforward allegory criticising modern day technology’s attack on nature. The animation is fluid. the myths involving the forest gods' champion. the wolf girl Mononoke is involving and the story telling clear. The dialogue in the linglish language script by .\'eiI (iaimen. howe\ er. is unsophisticated and awkward. .Vnrtlt lat/inlturglt Arts ('entre. lz'tlinlturglt. Raspberry Reich ( 13) (Bruce I.a Bruce. (iermany. 200-1) Sitsanne Sachsse. Daniel Batscher. Andreas Rupprecht. 00min. liurther art terrorism-style homoerotic critiques of modern popular culture from the demented and brilliant l.a Bruce. Part of the London Lesbian and (iay Film Festival on Tour. I'i/mltouve. lat/titlmre/t.

C9 The Return ( 12A) .000 (Andrei lvyagintsev. 1S. 2003) Vladimir (iarin. Ivan Dolu‘onravov. Konstantin I.avronenko. Natalya \'dovina. 105mm. See preview page If) and review. page 2‘). Selected release. Scooby 000 2: Monsters Unleashed (I’( i) C. (Raja

(iosnell. IS. 2004) Freddie Prin/e Jr. Sarah Michelle (iellar. Matthew Lillard. Linda (‘ardellini. Seth (ireen. Peter

Boyle. 92min. The second live-action film spawned by the I‘)7()s cartoon series is an amiable enough. if eminently forgettable romp. Where the first movie was pitched somewhere between tribute and send-up of the IIanna-Barlwra show. the sequel plays things pretty straight. The gags are a mix of pop culture intertextuality and low-brow silliness: (iellar‘s Daphne nod to her Buffy role shows off her martial arts chops. while Shaggy and Scooby repeat the Iirst movie's fart jokes. Younger viewers will be amused and grown-ups will find the experience relatively painless. Selected release. Secret Window (Big Scream) (12A) 0.. (David Koepp. l'S. 200-1) Johnny Depp. John 'I'urturro. Maria Bello. 'I‘imothy Ilutton. (‘harles Dutton. 95min. Psychological thriller based on a Stephen King novella from l‘)‘)l. When novelist Mort Rainey (Depp). retreats to a country cabin after discovering his wife. Amy (Bello). in bed with another man. he starts getting visits from the tnenacing John Shooter ('I'urturro). who acctises him of plagiarising one of his stories. There are some nice King referential touches here. tnost notably the casting Hutton as Amy's lover (Hutton. of course. had a dual role in the film adaptation of The Dark Half). Playing one of King's many fictional alter egos (the drinking. dysfunctional one). Depp once again turns a leading man role into a character part. to watchable effect. (imteo. Edinburgh.

0 Shrek 2 It') so. (Andrew Adamson. Kelly Asbury. ('onrad \‘ernon . IS. 2004) Mike Myers. Iiddie Murphy. ('ameron Dial. Julie Andrews. Antonio Ilanderas. John ('leese. Rupert liverett. Jennifer Saunders. ()2min. See review. page 3‘). General release.

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