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Who? Groove Armada What? “Groove is On‘ Why? A low-slung hip hop swinger from these veteran captains of diversity. Not content with mangling house. funk, latin and jazz in their musical soup. they've tangled up some undulating, laid back grooves. When? The definitive word is on the Best of Groove Armada on Jive/Beyond Real.

Where? Slam Tent. Sunday. Website? wwwgroove- armadacom


Who? Sons and Daughters What? 'Broken Bones'

Why? Apart from Franz Ferdinand. no other band has done so much to reinforce the fact that timeless tunes are flowing from our cities. This is a taut tale. as if Johnny Cash and PJ Harvey got together for a slow dance. Mean and moody. Where? Track down the new

album Love the Cup on Domino.

When? NME Stage. Sunday. Website? wwwsonsand daughtersloveyou.com


Summer’s here and the sky is blue(ish). It can mean only one thing: T in the Park. There’s no better way to get

10 and 11 July than with a little sonic taster so The List, along with T in the Park and Wall’s, brings you Soundtrack: the T in the Park 2004 CD. Here is your track-by- track guide to the magic of this little silver disc.

Who? The Killers

What? 'Under the Gun"

Why? Vegas may have given us compulsive gambling. drive-thru weddings and the church of Elvrs

but now it has another leather for

its trimmed hat: the Killers. a moutny band unafraid to embrace the Stones. the Smiths and Duran Duran in one song Where? From the single ‘Somebody Told Me'.

When? NME Stage. Sunday. Website? \.“J\“.".V.ittOKIHOl'S. musiccom

warmed up for the


Who? F-ran/ i'erdinand

What? Shopping for Blood' Why? Those lining in caves eating lumps of coal for tea can come out no‘.'.' and catch up ‘.‘.’litt the tenor that has been stirred :ip by these four slightly fey dapper young gents With an ear for n‘elod; and lyrical turn to beat allcoiners.

Where? This is from the sublime Darts of P/easure EP on DOll‘llK).

When? Main Stage. Sunday. Website? ‘.‘.".'./‘.'./.il'{tlt/iUl'ftlltétlifHID.th


Who? Delays

What? 'Hey Girl

Why? A n‘ellox'; wind down to the audio mstaln‘.c-nt of 3c.” disc ‘.'.'lttt some angelic pop swoonerg like all sucwners should haxe. their debut aibum is out no\.'.v and tlen‘ands lHVCStlgtithH.

Where? Taken from the albuu‘ Faded Seas/t It? Oran .‘(X it. When? X Tent. Sunday Website? ‘.‘.".'.’\.'.'.ttt(?()(?t{t\,f;.(i().tlk

2 THE LIST 24 Jun—8 Jul 2004