pop FOLK ROCK charisma in his D Ianesque I rics and LIVE 8. LOUD TRASHCAN SINATRAS , . y y voca s. he moves over to the keyboards

Hampden Park, G'aSQOWr 3”” 20 RODDY HART for the latter part of his set where he Jun .g. Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri 18 Jun .

.... stays for the Trashcan Sinatras. who u matter the summer set the rOCk laCIOF far than their rain was spitting through all day, An immaculate backdrop for rock'n'roll, recent set in the Botanics supporting

or that the volume of screaming down the front was even ear- splitting for the most ropey of turns - all that this Health Scotland and SRl-l-backed bonanza of the chart-bound was about was the fact that everyone was doing it for the kids.

So the sea of pink umbrellas rocked back and forth in appreciation at the sheer spectacle of it all. Fortunately for the older types who have developed a bit of quality control, though, there was a quick turnover and a musical policy that seemed to be restricted to ‘just play the hits’. Which meant, for example, that we didn’t have to wince for too long as Fame Academy’s Sam and Mark attempted to develop their money-spinning cover of ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ into a career, or twiddle our thumbs as the likes of have grabbed the hearts of Rough Lemonescent and Pop! waited for the next song to be written for them. Trade Records. which signed ‘em up

Among the highlights were Emma Bunton looking great and sounding like recently. Their gentle. poppy folk Swing Out Sister; ‘cheeky’ Mark Owen bravely attempting the Proclaimers jangle is so twee at times it makes ‘l’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’; Natasha Bedingfield not being her brother; Belle and Sebastian sound like Slipknot. but there are enough decent melodies Sugababes not being desperate and therefore best by a mile. And even the lurking to give them the benefit of the doubt. sight of spray-painted drone Peter Andre in the flesh isn’t that frightening - Also painfully quiet but this time with spooky. melancholic undertones is Sufjan he’s just an Aussie with concert tickets to plug, which you can see on the Stevens. a Michigan-born lo-fi genius whose gospelly American folk is a beautiful streets of Edinburgh any day of the Fringe. thing to behold. Even with a full band. Stevens' sound never reaches above a

For the sake of the kids whose day was unfeasibly made by the sight of whispered word and a creak of banjo. but songs such as 'Sister' and ‘The Dress McFly, Blue or Busted, even cantankerous old cynics like The List had to Looks Nice on You' are perfect little heartbreaking confessionals nonetheless. raise a smile. (David Pollock) (Doug Johnstone)

Oran Mor transpires to suit both Roddy Belle and Sebastian. Starting quietly. Hart's acoustica and the Trashcan they end almost blowing Oran Mor's Sinatras' epic rock very well indeed. beautifully painted new ceiling clean off Hart starts out on guitar and to an almost frighteningly evangelical harmonica. bringing in plenty of audience. (Emma Newlands)


Stereo, Glasgow, Fri 11 Jun

it ~ '- .f.,£;!: i,



Folk music is many things to many. erm. folk. To Glasgow-based Lucky Luke it's dancing round the metaphorical maypole, some

A righteous yodelling a la Lindisfarne Natasha B’s sister act and a lot of cool flute solos. An intriguing racket. in other words. but hardly soul-grabbing stuff. Aberfeldy (from Edinburgh, rather confusingly)

Sufjan Stevens and friends

Tickets are available in c m: in association with Giman Tickets Scotland:

Tia sets Scotland: ‘31: .7 Ahead: Ticha‘ms‘iet:

I KMFDM Garage. Glasgow. 9 I Air Corn Exchange. I Kinky Venue. Edinburgh. 2.3 Jul. Edinburgh. 1() Aug. Auu.

Sonic Youth Barrowland. I Kate Busby l'sher Hall.

I T in the Park Balado. Kinross. ll) d; ll Jul. SOLD OUT Ang. I The Doors SECC. Glasgow.

13 Jul. Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 1 l I Quannum Sub Club. Ang.

Glasgow. 13 Jul.

I Wilco ()Ml'. Glasgow. 13 13 Aug.

Jul. I Zero 7 Corn Exchange.

I Eamon Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 Jul.

Castle. IbJul. Aug. I Todd Rungdren Carling Academy. Glasgow. 17 Jul.

I Cliff Richard Edinburgh

I Steve Winwood Carling Academy. Glasgow. 19 Jul.

I Ice T Barrowland. Glasgow. I Mull Historical Society 21 Jul. Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2()

I Tom Jones Edinburgh Aug.

Castle. 23 Jul. I Jethro Tull Corn Exchange. I Westlife Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh. 20 Aug.

2-1 Jul. SOLD OL'T I James Taylor Edinburgh

Glasgow. 26 Jul.

I Burrito Deluxe Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 29 Jul.

I Don McLean Carling Academy. Glasgow. 5 Aug. Aug.

I Optimo pres 5,6,7,8s Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 1()

Hair Man Half Biscuit I Dido l'sher llall. Edinburgh.

Edinburgh. 13 Aug. I The Best of T Break I Donny Osmond Edinburgh Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 15

I Laura Veirs Venue. Edinburgh. 16 Aug.

I Massive Attack (‘orn Castle. 17 S()l.l)()l"1'& 18 Jul. Exchange. Edinburgh. 19 Aug. I Ed Harcourt Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 19 Aug.

I Shane MacGowan Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 21 Aug. Castle. 25 Jul. I Donnie Munro Corn

I Gillian Welch Barrowland. Exchange. Edinburgh. 22 Aug. I The Charlatans Corn Exchange. Edinbur’h. 23 Aug. I Hope of the Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23

I The Zutons Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 24 Aug.

I Sons & Daughters Venue.

Edinburgh. 24 Aug.

I New Found Glory Barrowland. Glasgow. 24 Aug. I The Rasmus Barrowland. Glasgow. 25 Aug.

I My Morning Jacket

Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 26 Aug.

I Dashboard Confessional Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 27 Aug.

I The Streets Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 28 Aug. I dEUS Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 28 Aug.

I The Hives Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 29 Aug.

I Goldie Lookin’ Chain Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 29 Aug.

I TV on the Radio Venue. Edinburgh. 30 Aug.

I Morrissey Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 31 Aug. SOLD OUT I 50 Cent SECC. Glasgow. 26 Au t. SOLD OUT & 31 Aug.

I The Shins Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 31 Aug. CANCELLED

I DKT/MCS Garage. Glasgow. 31 Aug.

Glasgow. 1 Sep.

I Rush SECC. Glasgow. 1-1 Sep.

I Liann Rimes Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 17 & 19 Se i.

I Ronan Keating SliCC. Glasgow. 21 Sep.

D12 Carling Academy. Glasgow. 23 Sep.

I Moody Blues Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 3() Sep. I Slipknot and Slayer SECC. Glasgow. 3 ()cl.

I Janis Ian Queen's llall. Edinburgh. 3 ()ct.

I Avril Lavigne Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 7 ()ct.

I Maroon 5 Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 ()ct. SOLD ()l'T I Cowboy Junkies t'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 9 ()ct.

I The Delgados Barrowland. Glasgow 9 Um.

I Lloyd Cole & the Commotions Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 Oct.

The Finn Brothers L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 16 Oct: Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. 17 Oct. I Sarah McLachlan Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow. 19 Oct. I The Zutons QML’.

Glasgow. 21 ()ct.


Edinburgh. 23 Oct. I HIM Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 23 ()ct. I John Mayall l'ziher Hall. Edinburgh. 24 ()ct. I Lionel Richie Sii(‘(‘. Glasgow. 1 Nov. I Nick Cave Carling Academy. Glasgow. 6 Nov. I Jah Wobble cht'rcw 15erry. Glasgow. O Nov. I Ibrahim Ferrer [fisher Hall. Edinburgh. O Nov. I Paul Weller Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 7 Nov. I Anastacia SECC. Glasgow. 7 Nov. I Deep Purple Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 8 Nov. I Motorhead Barrowland. Glasgow. 9 Nov, I Ben Folds Royal Concert Hall. Glasgow 16 Nov. I Beach Boys Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 19 Nov. I Gabrielle Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 2] Nov I Michael Buble L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 23 Nov.

Blink 182 SCC. Glasgow. 1 Dec. I Jools Holland Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 10—1 1 Dec.

24 Jun—8 Jul 2004 THE LIST 45