Who? The Strokes

What? ‘Reptilia'

Why? They may slouch and mumble like a bunch of awkward school kids who've just recorded a demo in the music room. but they're one of biggest bands in the bloody world. And with tunes like this it‘s no wonder. A perfect closer for the TITP weekend. Where? Taken from the album Room on Fire on Rough Trade Records.

When? Main Stage. Sunday. Website? wwwthestrokescom


Who? The Libertines

What? ‘Time for Heroes‘

Why? Their career to date has had more ups and downs than a ski jumper's crash helmet but rehab. break-ups and time in chokey aside will undoubtedly be overshadowed by the fact that theirs is a cache filled with punk pop gems.

Where? NME Stage. Saturday. When? Find this and more of their genius on the album Up the Bracket on Rough Trade Records. Website? www.thelibertines.com


Who? Snow Patrol What? ‘Wow' Why? Anthemic rock kids who are finally getting the musical credit they deserve after years of grafting in the backrooms and support bills of indie. Here's hoping their time in the sunshine coincides with ours.

Where? Filmed at T in the Park 2003.

When? King Tut's Tent. Sunday. Website? www.snowpatrol.net/

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Who? The Darkness What? 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love‘

Why? Because they rock. 'Nuff said.

Where? Filmed at T in the Park 2003.

When? Main Stage, Saturday. Website? wwwthedarknessrockcom PLUS A T in the Park Tenth Year celebration montage soundtracked by Dogs Die in Hot Cars' ‘Pastimes and Lifetmes' and a Wall‘s montage.

A word from the Park

George Kyle, Head of Sponsorship at Tennent’s Lager ‘Every year we say this. but it looks like this is set to be the best T in the Park ever. We have our partners at Big Day Out Ltd to thank for putting together another fantastic line-up. From the Main Stage right through to the T Break Stage. Balado fans can see some of the hottest acts from across the globe as well as some of the best new musical talent.

All of us at T in the Park are delighted to have been able to team up with The List to bring you this amazing CD. It is fantastic to have been able to develop it by including audio visual content from last year's tenth birthday celebrations. The last ten years have established T in the Park as one of the most prominent events in the world music calendar. We offer our thanks to music fans for their continued support.

Enjoy the CD!‘

Even more from the Park Pop the CD in your player, crack open a cold can. sit back, relax and turn to page 14 to enjoy our indepth coverage of all the top names at T with the festival low-down with everyone from Snow Patrol to Orbital and from N‘E‘R‘D to the Wu-Tang Clan.

Also. keep a beady eye out for our next issue out Thursday 8 July when we’ll be giving you the full running order for every stage at Balado and a detailed look at the revival of fortunes of the Pixies.

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WALL’S "'1 '

24 Jun-8 Jul 2004 THE LIST 3