I My Awesome Compilation, April, The Plimsoles and The Best Day Ever Barll)‘. 260 (‘lstle Street, 0870 ()07 090‘). S’pm. £4. I’unk hill headed h} Leicester-based quartet My Awesome (‘ompilation

I The New Rosy Jewels, ll Casio lmmunitas and How to Swim .\'ice’n'Slea/). 42| Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. ()pm. £3. Indie rocking triple hill.

I Djinn, The Psychotic Pandas and Second Fault 'I'he ('atliotise. i5 l'nion Street. 248 6606. 7.30pm. £4. ()\er- l4s show. .\letal line-up. II' this is the IS hand Djinn. they are proud to he part of the Mullet Militia.

I Rutabega and friends the ch .\'o1e(‘alc. 50 60 King Street. 553 I638. ‘lnsane future ja/l‘. ’as it' .\Iiles l)a\'is took a jackhammer to )a’. These are phrases we like. Psychiatric Records presents this regular p} schedelic jamhoree.

I Barefoot, The Red Eyes, The Milwaukees and The Day I Snapped Rockers. 14 Midland Street. 22] 0726. Spm. I-‘ree. l’unk hill.

I X1, Recc and Stuka Band ('amp. llogshead (upstairs). North i’rederick Street. 9pm. £3. l.ocal hand hill.

I Prose and 14 Corners Sounttset. the Soundhaus. 47 Hyde Park Street. 22] 405‘). 8.30pm. £4.50. \Veekl} showcase oI up-and-coming hands.

I Red Lines ’I‘inderhox. IS‘) Bytes Road. 33‘) 3 I08. 9pm. I’ree. Acoustic sci. I Norman Lamont Beanscene. 5 (‘ressw ell Lane. 334 6776. 8.30pm. liree. I.aidhack. background sounds lrom the l'ormer (‘hancelloix ()r ma) he not him.

I The Datsuns Slttdio ()ne. (il'ttsVL‘llUl‘ llotel. (it'ochnor 'I'errace toll Byres Roadl. 34] 65 l6. 9pm. Free. IIol_\ ttlcttlil} alert! No. it‘s not that moh oI Kiwi longhairs. another hand entirely ('all the hand name police!

I Phil’s Session l'isge Beatha. 232 \Voodlttnds Road. 504 I590. Spit). lirec. Weekl} jam.

I The Vagabonds 'I‘he Scotia.

ll2 ll4 Stock“ ell Street. 552 S’6S’l. ()pm. Free. I’optllttt' an 61's.

I Battle of the Bands MaeSoi-leys. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 S58]. 9pm. l’ree.

I Open Mic 'I'chai ()ma. 42 ()tago Lane. 357 4524. 8pm. I‘ree. Hosted by Kenny .\lc('oll.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow's, 67 7| Nithsdale Road. 423 0|07. 8.30pm. Free. Hosted by Independence.

I Live Music .\1e(‘huills. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 9.30pm. Free. New hand night.


I Bob Cheevers The Village. 16 South Fort Street. Leith. 47S 7Sl0. 7.30pm. 1.6. See Tue 2‘).

GPatti Smith l'sher llall. 1.0mm Road. 228 I I55. 7.30pm. £22.50. Poet. actress and punk the venerable Patti Smith performs a mix of music and spoken word.

I Full Moon Open Mic Bannerman's. Niddr)‘ Street. 556 3254. 8pm. liree. Open mic for anyone from poets to hands to solo singers. l-‘ull hack- line (guitar. bass amps. drums. mics etc) provided this month also features the Rapids. l)a\'e llephurn's 45ers and ('leartone. It. you want to hook a slot call lit'il/ on 07766 I75 74‘).

I Richie Gallacher Beanscene. ()0 Nicholson Street. 667 5697. 8pm. I’ree. Melodic cmcrs and original songs.

I The Small Mountains, Troubadour and Echo 20 \Vliistlehinkies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 9pm. Free. Indie guitar sounds.

I Born to Be Wide The Venue.

l7 2] ('alton Road. 557 3073.

l lpm 3am. I‘ree. New music industry social club that plans to bring musos.

journalists. promoters. record shop

workers and musicians together. With a \‘ill'lL‘lI soundtrack from \at'Iotts industry hods.

I Errors ligo. l4 I’icardy Place. 553 l37 I. l lpm. Young three-piece who have been steadily making a mark in their native (ilasgow with their I'awktts guitar. s} [Hits and drtun machine set up.


I Donnie Munro ‘I‘olhooih. Jail \Vynd. 0|7S6 274000. 7.30pm. L'l5. lix-singer lrom Runrig who left the hand to follow a career in politics is hack on the music

" rock’n’roll (see Brown and

“gwer trio. They shared the stage " i their early years but contemporaries, splitting

I the likes of Moby,

rock & pop listings Music


patti smith


EDINBURGH Usher H5113“; mce Thursday lst July , 1“ " ' 228 1155 3:.3. l

Glasgow The Arches Tues 29th June



The Venue , Sun 4th July

Liam/mg CLL + 5.10%!” [ii/4r

Glasgow Carling Academy Wednesday 7th July Ticket Hotline 0870 90 33 444

It calibrate the 20th ministry. at the misuse Ill


Glasgow Barrowlands Mon 26th July Ticket Hotline: 0870 903 3444

74—: ~l' #EI d A i P y-i ,’ ‘BAN



Edinburgh Queens Hall Thursday/2901 July Mon 5th July 0870 903 3441.

box office 0131 668 2019


Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2er & 28th October

r 1‘ I‘ ’.-_¢ ul-i jg J-/I-/I./I ------.‘,-I-V-S\..J

Nick Cave dy’The Bad Seeds

plus special guests

Glasgow Academy Saturday 6th November

ticket hotline 0870 903 3444