Re: Art review (496)

We were thrilled to have been awarded another four out of five stars for the recent show by Dusseldorf photographers Laurenz Berges and Simone Nieweg respectively. What a blunder, though. to have credited the show to Stills in Edinburgh, our sister organisation in the east. One can't imagine The List mistaking the Fruitmarket for the CCA. or not paying attention to the copy that allowed the mistake to slip through.

In the absence of a culture of magazines in Scotland to give credence to the diversity of practice from the bottom up as well as the pods in between. we organisations waste lots of time trying to get the odd review from what passes as the art press (a shameful situation. it must be said) so it is important therefore that you get the details right.

Also, may I take the opponunity to say that Jack Mottram‘s piece in your issue of several months back which profiled the Glasgow art scene was rubbish not because of who he mentioned justifiably but by who he didn't and therefore what replicates the hierarchy of the art faction mind; a deeply embedded condition.

Apart from that. keep doing well what you do well. Malcolm Dickson Director, Street Level Photoworks that's in Glasgow. by the way


Re: Letters (496)

In reply to Jane Strides‘ letter about Kintra farm on Islay. could I just say we‘ve had two fantastic holidays camping at the farm. and found the people who run it to be nothing less than helpful. Perhaps Jane caught them at a bad time; they are trying to run a working farm at the same time. Rebecca Salt

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SHORT CHANGED Re: West End Festival The Belle and Sebastian & Friends gig at the Botanics in Glasgow gave me a nice warm feeling in my belly that just won't go away. God bless those sweet folks. man. Not only did they put on a superb show for free. but the weather was like proper summer and the vibe was just really friendly. I didn‘t spot a single drop of aggro. even in the half-hour loo queue; and even then. some sweet ladies made it all OK by handing out toilet paper. So far that’s been the best aspect of the West End Festival for me. On the other hand. I felt a bit sad after seeing the West End Festival Scottish Shons Selection at the Grosvenor. It's possible that I'm just being an ungrateful philistine here. but I thought given its title that l was going to see films about what the West End was like in the old days. There was a very short clip of the Great Western Road. but most of what was shown was the kind of stuff that's often on a BBC2 graveyard slot. I spent most of the session apologising to the person I'd dragged along with me. away from the sunshine. I wish I'd given that $36 to Stuart Murdoch and co instead. Angela Darwin Glasgow

WHO’S THE DADO? Re: Letters (495)

It's nice to see that a magazine can take note of its most ardent critics. albeit people who appear to be on their staff list. So. Doug Johnstone complains that there's some anti-Rangers bias going on at The List and lo. behold and King Billy's yer uncle. up pops a wee pic of future Gers ‘goal machine' Dado Prso in the spots pages (55 goals in seven years: who do you think you are kidding Mr McLeish?) Still. all this proved there is not a pro~Celtic stance being put in check. merely the inherent West Coast bias among the

vast majority of the Scottish media. including The List. Jackie L


CHEESE’S CHRIST! Re: The Big Cheese (496) I've seen a few letters on this page slating the mag for its coverage of non-arts and entertainment subjects. So those malcontents must have had a field day with your piece on cheese. You could almost smell the stuff reeking from the page. For someone who believes cheese wanders a thin line between deliciousness and repulsiveness. I was caught in two minds. But I


DALAI MAIL Re: Buddha Da (495)

need to be heard.

limited to a religious role.

at an alarming rate by Chinese emigrants who are enticed by government benefits and subsidies. If China ever smugly calls for a referendum on Tibetan autonomy. there won‘t be any Tibetans left to vote. Love and flowers and all that. Scott Simpson Edinburgh


wouldn't deny you the right to make yOur readers violently ill. Annie Saunders



Re: List cover (496)

In the last issue, we commissioned Matt Pattinson to design our front cover. He did brilliantly with a fairly bizarre brief and we are very grateful to him. Thing is. we forgot to credit him anywhere in the magazine. We apologise to Matt and hope he‘ll come and design another cover for us one day.

The List


Much thanks for the article on the Dalai Lama. Firstly. one important correction. The big man himself is no ‘god in exile': Buddhism is atheistic or, more precisely and in the spirit of tolerance for other religions. nontheistic. Secondly. as you were trying to give a balanced view about Sino-Tibetan relations. I think choosing Jan Wong as the Maoist apologist was a good idea because she is an example of a People's Republic of China propaganda mouthpiece (albeit a boring right wing Canadian hack; I know. as I'm Canadian). A few key rebuttals

Primarily (and listen up. Dubya) no one has the right to invade and occupy a sovereign country unprovoked; we've heard enough shite lately about ‘Iiberation' in the name of imperialist expansion. 'Feudal'? My ass. Tibet's government in exile is akin to Britain's constitutional monarchy. with the Dalai Lama as head of state. If Tibet gains autonomy. the DL is clear that a government in Tibet would be democratic and he would be

Tibet's ‘increasing population'? Tibetans still flee their country from brutal political persecution. and they are being supplanted



An ideal drink for any occasion


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