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Tuesday 6 continued

I Leftover Crack and De Kuntz llal‘ll). 300 (4}th $0ch 0870 90.7 0‘)‘)‘). 8pm. £(i.50. ()xcr- l4\ \hou. llardcorc punk otitlil l'ormcd b} mcmbcrx ol' (’hoking Victim. Stticidal 'l‘cndcncicx. l-'—Minu\ and lilitltbidcd.

I Concert for a Pound 'l'chai ()Vna. 43 ()tago l.anc. 357 4534. 8pm. £l. Rock \ingcr/xong“i'itcrx \lio\\c;t\c. llole‘d b} Snoxx ball.

I Finnieston llcanxccnc. l‘) Skinng Strcct. 033 8090. 8.30pm. l‘rcc. I.aidback. background \olllltlx.

I Miscellaneous The l5lll .\'olc (’at‘c. 50 ()0 King Strcct. 553 1038. 8pm. £tbc. .\ collcction ol lctnalc \ingcr/ \ong“ ritcrx mhat ix thc collcctn c noun lor \ingct‘/\ong\\t‘ilcrx an) \xa} I’t comcnc on thix baxcmcnt \cnttc.

I Live Music Rockcrx. 14 Midland Strcct. 33l 0730. 8pm. l-‘rcc. l‘ottr rock bandx to bc conlirmcd.


I Opaque and Usurper Subua}. (i‘) ('imgatc. 335 (firm. 7.30pm. £tbc. lmprm noixc and cxpcrimcntx lt'oni dixablcd instrumcntx. complcmcntcd b} lilmx l'rom l)i\kotto.

I Band Showcase \Vhixllcbtnkicx. 4 () Soullt Bridgc. 5.5-5 5l l4. ‘lpm. l‘l'L‘L‘. SL‘L‘ 'l‘uc 3‘).

Wednesday 7


I Jimmy Cliff (‘arling Acadcnt}. l3l liglinlon Slt'ccl. 0005 030 3000/0870 77] 3000. 7pm. £16.50. ()xcr-l4x \ltou. Still \prightl} rcggac lcgcnd \\ ho bccamc art intcrnational \tar lollou ing hix lcad rolc in 'l'ltt' Hun/(’1' ‘I‘lufii (’onu' out 30 Van ago. ’l'hc \ongx hc rccordcd lor thc \oundtrack albtun \ound ax l'rcxh ax thc} did on lirxt contact. Surc to put \milcx on laccx.

I No Means No and Transmission King 'l'ut'x \Vah Walt llut. 373a St Vinccnt Strcct. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. £‘). \‘ctct'an (‘anadian pom-r trio \\ ho luxc punk \\ ith blucx. ja/l. l'unk. mctal. and purc noixc.

I The Leah Wood Group, Clear-fall and Brainchild llarll}. 300 (‘l_\dc $0ch 0870 ‘)07 0‘)‘)‘). 8pm. Rolling Stonc Ronnic Wood'x 35-}cat‘-old daughtcr l'rontx hcr on n band.

I Poor Old Ben Stu-co. I2 l4

Kclx inhaugh Strcct. 57o 50l8. 8pm. £3. 'l’hix _\car\ lilcctric llonc} band bcxton thcir llldlllSll‘Cillll indic \\;ll'L'\.

I Genetic Blueprint 'l‘hc ('alhottsc. l'nion Strcct. 348 0606. 7.30pm. £4.

I Jaba, MIA, Screaming About Nothing and Non Zero The l5lh .\'otc ('alc. 50 (i0 King Strcct. 553 1638. 0pm. £3. :\ll\ll'l;lll mclodic rockcrx \uppot’lcd b} local altct'nati\ c rock actx.


I Playback Brcl. Axhton l.anc. 342 4066.

8pm. l-"rcc. ('anadian baxxixt .lack ('axc) and hix langlc ol' guitarx and \amplcs.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. I60 \Voodlandx Road. 353 ‘)‘)‘)h. 8pm. l’rcc. \Vcckl} \cxxion l‘ot' local tnuxicianx.

I Live Music MacSorlc} \. 43 Jamaica Strccl. 348 858]. ‘)pm. l-rcc. 'l’ht‘cc local band\ lo bc conlirmcd.

I Live Music Rockch. l4 Midland Strcct. 33] 0'30. 8pm. l't'cc. l-'our rock band\ lo bc conlirmcd.


I Exposure Subua). (i‘) ('ougatc. 335 (i700. 7.30pm. l'il'CC. SL‘L‘ \Vc‘tl 50.

I Delta Mainline, Nixie Kye, Range11 and Nine Miles High 'l‘hc Bongo (‘1th Mora} llUllSL‘. .57 llol}rood Road. 558 M04. 0pm. £5. l’x} chcdclic blttcx rock‘n' roll lrom l)clta Mainlinc. dark modcrn rock lrom .\'i\ic K}c \xith morc action from Ratich l and .\'Mll.

I Live Music \Vhixtlcbinkicx. 4 (i Sotith Bridgc. 557' 5| 14. 9pm. l’rcc. l)ctail\ to bc colllil‘lllL‘d.

Isle of Skye

I Sly & Robbie, Farquhar MacDonald and Kilt Rock Skcaboxl ('otintr)‘ llousc. Skcabost Bridgc. 0l470 533303. 3pm. £30. Morc qualit} i'cggac on 010 lSlL‘ ol Sh} L‘ (IS lL‘gL‘lltl\ of mo gL‘lll‘L‘ Sl)’ ck Robbic tlcaturing Bunny Rllgxl pla} a qualit) wt of \kanking claxsicx.

Thursday 8


I High Roller and Laker King 'l'ut‘x \Vah \Vah llut. 373a St Vinccnt Stt'cct. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. £4.50. lndic rock \hapcx.

I Solution, Tempercalm, Peri, Milestone and Mad Sam 'l'hc ('athouxc. l5 l'nion Stt'cct. 348 (i000. 7.30pm. £4. ()\ct‘- l4\ \how Rock and pop linc-up.

I Red Bee Society 'I’hc Bunkcr. l‘).3 l‘)‘) Bath Strcct. 33‘) I437. l0pm. l'il'CL‘. SL‘L‘ Thu 34.

I The Fallen Angels Club l.auric\ Bar. 34 King Sticct. 553 7133.8pni. £5. This month's attractionx includc a wt of lTlllL‘gl'ilxx \tandardx lrom tltc llclllirc ('lub. \omc old titnc countr} lrom ('ahootx man Robct'l'cn and a \ct l'rom thc Moonshincrx lrontman Ian Mait‘x.

I The Portsong Anthology 'l'chai ()\na. 43 ()tago l.anc. 357 4534. 8pm. l-rcc. .\'c\\ band. l'caturing mcmbcrx ol 'l‘clxlar l’onicx.

I Rolla, Nacoya and Chief Band ('amp. llogxhcad tupxtairxt. .\'orth l-rcdcrick Strcct. ‘lpm. £3. littnk bill. Scc \Vcd 30 Mr Naco) a.

I Jaba, Graduation Day, The Hillcoates and Mandrakes Rockcrx. 14 Midland Slrcct. 33l 073(i. 8pm. l‘rcc. limo rock night. Scc \Vcd 7 l'or Jaba.

I Peer Group Pressure Studio ()nc. (irimcnor llolcl. (it'oanor 'l‘ct'racc toll ll)rc\ Road). .‘s4l (516. ‘)pm. l’rcc.

I Midnight Swimmer 'l'indcrbox. 18‘) Byrcx Road. 33‘) 3108. ‘)pm. lircc. .-\cou.\lic \«fl.

I Richie Gallagher llcanxccnc. 5 ('rcxxucll l.anc. 334 (i776. 8.30pm. lircc. l.aidback. background \ounds.

I Battle of the Bands MatcSot‘lc}\. 43 Jamaica Strccl. 348 858]. ‘)pm. lircc. I Phil’s Session l'ixgc llcatha. 332 Woodlands Road. 504 1590. 8pm. lircc. \Vcckl} jam.

I The Vagabonds 'l'hc Scoiia. I 12 l 14 Stockitcll Strccl. 553 8(38l. 9pm. lircc. Popular co\ crx.

I Jam Session Samucl l)l)\\ \. ()7 7| \itltxdalc Road. 433 ()l07. 8.30pm. l-‘rcc. lloxtcd b_\ lndcpcndcncc.

I Live Music Bat‘ll}. 200 (‘htlc Slt‘ccl. 0870 907 0‘)‘)‘). 7.30pm. £4. ()\cl‘- l4\ \llo“. .-\ ll.“ lxlcd Apc \ho“ caxc ol \L‘\ cn bandx pla} ing o\cr l\\o lloorx.

I Live Music Mc(‘huill\. 40 High Stt'cct. 553 3l35. ‘).30pm. l'rcc. .\'c\\ band\ night.


I Finnieston Bcanxccnc. ‘)‘) \lc‘llolxoll Strcct. («)7 5097. 8pm. l-‘rcc. l.aidback. background \olllld\ liom llllx lu'othcr/xistcr dlto.

I Caramel Jack and Calvin (’alcdonian Backpackcrs. 3 Quccnxlcrr) Strcct. 476 7334. 8.30pm. £4. Alt-countr} Brighton band ('at‘amcl Jack conic to lidinburgh. backcd b} glou ing rcx lL‘\\\ ol' lhcit‘ tic“ album Songx from [on .S'Imji'.

\\ ith Iidinburgh alt-pop \llppol'l.

I Fred and Chase \Vhixtlcbinkicx. 4 6 South Bridgc. 55." 5| 14. ‘)pm. l-‘rcc. Rock lront (ilatxgtm.

I Stereophonics l'xhcr llall. l.olhian Road. 338 1 I55. £33.50. 'l’hc \Vclsh rockcrx tnou llllllllx amusing drtunmcr Stuart (’ablct makc a lalc booking at thc l'xhcr llall \till pttnting thcir lim'n' (iollu (in ‘l‘lu’n' 'lo ('mm' But-l. album ol‘ mcat and potatocx rockin'.

l l "I ll i



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Mania are two talented songwriters who have joined forces to redefine popular music and were signed to BMG earlier this year. Niara and Giselle started out writing for other artists and were involved in Girls Aloud’s massive hit ‘Sounds of the Underground’ and Sugarbabes' ‘Hole in the Head‘, ‘Round, Round’ and ‘In the Middle‘. But they soon realised that they had the look, the sound and most importantly, the songs to do

Mania’s debut single ‘Looking For a Place’ is released on 12 July and their debut album ‘00 You Know Your Daughter’s On the Roof‘ comes out on 20 September. For more information on Mania log on to:

When is ‘Looking For a Place to Go’ released?

Answers on an email headed ‘MANIA’ to or on a postcard to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh,

EH1 1TE no later than 6 July 2004. Please include daytime telephone number and postal address.

There is no cash alternative. Any extra charges at the hotel are the responsibility of

a trip to Party in the Park in Cardiff

To celebrate the release of Mania's debut single 'Looking For a Place to 60’ we are giving one lucky List reader exactly that - a place to go. Enter our excellent competition and you and a guest could win the chance to see Mania at the poptastic Party in the Park which takes place in Cardiff on 24 July, return flights, and a night in a top Cardiff hotel.

58 THE LIST 1'31 'r: .J.. -'.