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Thursday 24


I The Michael Deans Quartet Beer ('at'e. (‘andleriggx 553 ‘)8l5.

t) l 1.45pm. l-‘ree. Modern jal/ quartet led h} tenor \axman Dean»


I Lorna Reid & Trio ()eean 'l'erminal. I.eith. 555 8888. 0.30pm. Free. Selection ol' li\ e ja// ltlltttlk‘l'x in the ()eean Bar.

0 Kevin Murray Quintet llenr} ‘\ Ja/l ('ellar. 8 .\lorri\on Street. 4(37 5300. 8.30pm. £5. .\'e\\ quintet featuring the tnusie ol' L‘ttlttpt)\L‘t'/tttll\lL‘littt Ke\'in Murra} \\ ith .\lario (‘arihe on haw. John Rae on tlt’lllttx. liddle attd [k‘t’L‘lhxiQtL Sandy Wright on guitars. .-\lan Stttherland on key and .\Ir .\Iurra} on tnandolin and guitar.


I RSNO ScottishPower Proms: The Sinatra Songbook Royal ('oneert Hall. 3 Sattehieltall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £5 £35.50. Members ol~ tlte RS.\’() arid Kings of Sn ing Big Band join forces “illl \oealixt Rohert Seott tor a trihute eoneert to ol' hltte L‘}’L‘\ ltltttxclli.


I Heather McLeod North lidinhurgh .-\rt\ ('entre. l5a l’enn} \\ ell (‘ourt. 3l5 3151. 7pm. L8 0.4 to). Rieh. \'e|\et_\ meals from Iltlx t'tsiltg star on the Seottish ja/l \eene.

I The Rae Sisters llenr} '\ Ja/l (‘Cllttll 3 .\l()t‘l’i\tttt Slt'L‘L‘l. 407 53th). 8.30pm. U). The meal talents of S} l\ ia. (iina and ('athie eomhine tor a mi\ture ol‘ Slittttlitt‘tlx and wll-penned \ttttgx.

I Guest Band Night 80 Queen Street Bar and RL‘SItttll'ttttl. 80 Queen Street. 33o 5007. 9pm midnight. l"ree. Regular ja// night featuring top Seotlixlt ja/l groups.

I Sue McCreath and her Trio 80 Queen Street Bar and Rextaurant. 80 Queen Street. 330 5007. ()pm. l-‘ree. .la// \ttCilllSl Sue .\lL‘(‘l'Cillll \lttp\ oil on her l‘K tottr \\ ith Paul llill'l'ixttll on piano. Mario (‘arihe on haw and Keith llaldane on drums.

I Rubberneck llenr} \ Jan ('ellar. 8 .\Iorri\on Street. 4o7 5300. midnight. £5. Hip hop lttxion hand laying tltt\\lt a

pou e rt'ul groo\ e.

Saturday 26


I Playback Brel. 3‘) 43 .-\\hton Lane. 343 4‘loo. 3pm liree. Jaek ('axe} ereatex a laid haek amhienee mi\ing tip ja/l. hip ltop. drum & haxx and latin with multiple haxx guitar\ and sequencers.

I Graeme Wilson Quartet Bret.

3‘) 43 Ashton Lane. 343 40M). 4pm. l‘ree. ‘l‘hi\ lltl‘L‘LNttltlL‘. fronted h} talented )ottng \a\ pla} er \Vilxon. pla_\ hoppidi material \\ ith ethttie inllueneex.

I Madeline Pritchard Trio Bret.

3‘) 43 :\\hton Lane. 343 4‘)(i(t. (rpm. l-tee. Voealixt l’ritehard joined h} guitarist Stuart (iorntan and And} Sharke} on double haxx for write tttelltm ja//.

I George McGowan and his Orchestra \lerehant'x (‘ornetx l8 John Slt'L‘L‘l. 5.53 3h’lll. 3.30 5.30pm. l'lL‘L‘. Drummer .\le(io\\ an lead\ his hig hand with guext Voealixtx.

I Big Bob’s Jazz Band Bar 185. Buehanan Hotel. 185 Buehanan Street. 333 7384. 5.30pm. l"ree. Regular

m inging ja// \exxiott.

I Eddie Toal and Quintet ()‘Neill'x. 7| Albion Street. 553 0833.

‘) ll.45pm. l‘ree. liddie \ingx ltt\ \ta) through Amerieau \onghook \tandard\.


I Jazz Brunch 80 Queen Street Bar and RL‘Sltlllt‘ulil. 80 Queen Street. 330 5007. 3 3pm. l'ree. Regular ja// \exxion featuring the 80QS Piano Trio \\ ith a \ariahle line-up ot‘ pla) er\.

I Jazz@Lunch 80 Queen Street Bar and Rextaurant. 80 Queen Street. 330 5097. 3 5pm. l‘ree. l.ttnehtimeja// with the 80 Queen Street piano trio kids

\\ L‘lL‘ttlttL‘.

I The Rae Sisters llenr} ‘x Ja/l ('ellat'. S \lot't‘lxott Street. 467 5300. 3.50pm. U). See Hi 35.

I 8OQSt House Band 80 Qtteen Street Bar and Rextattrant. 80 Queen Street. 330 5007. tlpnt midnight. l‘ree. Modern ja// L‘l;t\\lL‘\ from thi\ d_\ natnie lixe-pieee.


Anyone with even a passing interest in the Scottish jazz scene can hardly fail to be aware of the powerful

I Groove Diggaz llenr} \ Jan (‘ellatz 8 Morriwn Street. 467 5300. midnight. to. A tloxe ot' the funk trom lidinhurgh‘x pretniere ltezn _\ \\ eight \olll outfit. featuring \oealixt 'l‘on) King and the talents of Martin Kerxhau on \a\.


I Big Vern & the Shootahs lialkirk 'l‘ou H Hall. \Vext Bridge Street. 0|334 500850. 8pm. L'l0 (£8). (ilaxgott '\ Bluex Brotherx outfit roll oil! the rh_\tlutt'n‘hlue\ lttHHtt'ilL‘S.


I Kenny Paterson (‘uhu .\'orte. t4 .lohn Street. 553 3505. 4 7pm. l’ree. .\ new talent on the Seottixh ja// \eene l’;tlL‘l'\0li pro\ ides \ltlttttllt \tttll attd \u ing \ttL‘;tl\.

I Kesha-Koshka (‘ate (‘mxaeltnte Rtt\\l;ttl (‘ultural ('entre. l0 King Street. 553 0733. 9pm. £5 lt'3t. (i)p\_\ -ja// l'ttxion l'rom .\'igel (‘lark tguitart. ()leg l’onontarex (\iolittt and Let Atlas

t\ iolint.


I Jazz Brunch 80 Queen Street Bar atid Restaurant. 80 Queen Street. 336 5097. 3 5pm. l-‘ree. Regular ja// xexxiott featuring the Roherl l’ettigt'eu 'l‘rio \\lllt l’ettigretx on piano. lid Kell_\ on littxx arid Bill K} le on drums.

I Jazz@Lunch 80 Queen Street Bar arid Rextaurant. 80 Queen Street. 330 5007. 3 5pm. l‘ree. l.unehtitne jaz/ “ith the Robert l’ettigrett 'l'rio kidx

\\ L‘lL‘ttlltL‘.

I Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra llenr} \ Ja/I ('ellar. 8 .\Iorri\on Street. 467 5300. 8.30pm. to. Sa\ophoni\t 'l'ontm) Smith leadx hix l7 )ttllltg protegex through a \eleetion ot' elaxsie attd eontentporar} hig hand muxie from the repertoire of their \L'lttttl‘S in the S.\’J().

I Paul Kirby Trio ()\_\gen liar & (irill. 3 5 lnlirmar} Street. 557 9907. ‘lpm midnight. l‘ree. liteniug xexxion led h} pianist l’aul Kirh}. featuring Ke\in (ilaxgott on haxx and Bill K}le on drums.

Monday 28


I 4 Jazz Burnht'ae. .\iilnga\ie. 043 595 l. 8pm, l'ree. Quartet produeittg

m inging ja// \tandardx featuring guitarist Boh Sloan and And} Sharke} on double htt\\.

presence of the Rae family. This band boasts a particularly strong representation, with singing sisters Cathie,

Gina and Sylvia joined by dad Ronnie on bass and brother John on drums. The three sisters (and there is a fourth in the wings) have worked together in various combinations in the past, but came together in this format last summer, where they drew admiring comments from Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan, no less.

(Kenny Mathieson)

I l-lon/t’}; ./(l. (Io/Irv. l'tli/tht/rgjh, lit (’0 Sat ."x'Ju/i: tho lion 'l'hozit/‘o. Glasgow Wort 30 Jun.

jazz listings Music

Kevin Murray Quintet The Dundonian guitarist and composer leads a new quintet in his own music. featuring his mandolin and guitar alongside Sandy Wright on guitars. Alan Sutherland on keyboards. Mario Caribe on bass and John Rae on drums. fiddle and percussion. Henry '3 Jazz Cellar. Edinburgh. Thu 24 Jun.

Kevin MacKenzie Trio Guitarist Kevin MacKenzie follows up his recent outings (and new album) with his nine— piece Vital Signs group with a contrasting new trio featuring two of the brightest young talents on the Scottish jazz scene: bassist Aidan O'Donnell and drummer Alyn Cosker. Henry's Jazz Cellar. Edinburgh. Wed 30 Jun.

Jamie Cullum The personable young British singer and pianist (pictured) has been swept along on a wave of media hype over the past year. during which he released his second album twentysomethlng. The “sold out' signs are already up for this Edinburgh date. which suggests plenty of people are taking notice. Usher Hall. Edinburgh. Mon 5 Jul.


I A Swinging Swell Party Bt'ttnton 'l'heatt‘e. Lad)“ ell \Va}. \Ittxxelhurgh. (305 334i). 7.30pm. Ulk‘. .'\ trihute t0 the tnuxie and \ongx of some of. the greatest \uing \ingerx of all titne ineltiding lilla l‘it/gerald. \at King ('ole attd Bing (‘t't)\l)}.

I Jam Session 80 Queen Street Bar and Restaurant. 80 Queen Street. 33o 5007. 8.30 l l.30pin. l‘ree. ()pen \exxion \\ ith the Druid l’atriek 'l'rio eotne and pla} or eome to hear a whole load ol' tic“ ltllL‘ltl.

Tuesday 29


I Bill Kyle’s Sh" Hot Jazz Quartet ()\}ge‘tt Bar tk (irill. 3 5 Inlirmar) Street. 557 0007.

0pm midnight. l'ree. Drummer Bill K}le\ latext grouping. featuring Doug 'l‘iplad} txa\e\t. l’aul Kirh} tpianot and ltL‘\\ 30-)eat‘-old haxx \ettxation Ket iti (ilthgttu.

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