HOUSE 'TF—(ZHNO SLAM 3B4 ZERO The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 25 Jun

What price enthusiasm? You probably couldn’t stump up enough cash to buy the kind of fervour that Slam’s Orde Meikle brings to what he does. He and partner Stuart Macmillan take back the Arches this summer with ‘384 Zero Sessions’, a series of residents-only sets in one room at the Arches. They’re redolent of the old Slam nights that were loved by just about everybody, before Pressure picked up the baton and ran with it. ‘There’s no bloody guests,’ Meikle laughs, explaining why he’s so excited about the project. ‘We missed a few Pressures in the last year, so we’re just really looking forward to playing all night long, doing the warm up and everything. We want the one-room feeling: dark and

dingy. A more settled affair.’

When you’re number one on Pete Tong’s ‘buzz chart’, you programme the Slam Tent at T in the Park (one of the biggest and most respected dance tents in the world), you hold a residency at Fabric and you’re just about to release a much-vaunted album of original material, there’s only one thing to do: strip it down and take it all back home. As Meikle says, Slam can’t wait to

HJNK l l()ll8l TROUBLE Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 25 Jun

Non-x ‘iriitiy iehotis;e(i in their former "cine at the Cellar Bar although hack tnei‘. t was called the Beat .Jax/ Baseiiien’... the lrounle [)Js are now hra'icnvtg out th a hit; name guest to kick star‘. the summer. ltfl'tlltfl'i‘)’ one half of the Jedi Klt‘tlliif; a'ongsitle the much celebrates) low. M :irlleton. lvlark l"‘:tr;lta"<i is; a trai‘, eclectic artist '.'.'hos;e ":"’."f;cri"i‘.ri al'nti'n antler his lrctinlenia'i a.ias; fiinily demonstrates; his; Talents.

‘One 2‘ Marks; strengths; anrl l timk Kenn, l)c:,-s,- said this; is tt‘a’. he makes The fattest t;eat5;.' says lrochle resstlerit Hobbes, ‘lt'f; gust scrneth rig; about the x'ta‘,’ M;- pi'oritxxas; his; heats; they're so Intacate and i'ttL-y '.'./()lr< so well. He hasn't been [)Ji'igj as; "liltLll as loin lvl'rinletcn. .v'nc became niiich more of a cele'nrzty but I thiik itis; time's coining l'f)lill(l. lle's alu‘xays; neen a hit reticent yarhei: it comes; to the ll‘titllét. hirlrlen antay (1037,". in Devon moth the lthff‘; of lake Viheit anti Anhex l.'.’i'l. just (loing

Dynamic duo Slam spring into action

get one-on-one with the Glasgow crowd again: ‘We miss playing in Glasgow, we miss the people. We’ve been all over the world in the last year, and it’s been

great, but it’s time to come home.’

His enthusiasm spills over and it doesn’t take long before he reveals the love that he and Stuart Macmillan have for the Glasgow scene. ‘Things are great here just now. Optimo is known and respected all over the world; we love what Harri and Dom do at the Sub; Billy Woods is doing really well with his own night and Club 69 are going strong as ever. People talk about a recession in the scene, but it’s only the top end of the market that gets hit by that; we’ve never been affected here.’

That’s the Slam world in a nutshell: the calm at the centre of the storm. They may be internationally renowned players on the global circuit but, much like

the Glasgow club scene itself, Slam have always

(Johnny Regan)

The appropiately named Troubleman guests at Trouble

their thing. regardless; of what's happening in London.‘

So what can we expect from his time on the decks? 'I'tl imagine he'll be playing a few things from the new album] considers Hobbes. 'But also a pretty healthy cross; section. I'm sure

maintained a quiet confidence in the integrity of what they are involved in. The 384 Zero Sessions should provide ample proof of the unassailable positivity that has always driven the city’s dance scene.

I Slam also guest at break/(down, The Honeycomb, Edinburgh. Sat 26 Jun.

he's got a good collection of funk and DOSSIny electro. all these sons of music that have come back into fashion since Missy Elliot and Timbaland plundered them. But we know it'll be good either way, he's just one of these people who has the funk.‘ (David Pollock)


The latest c/ub news

THERE AREN’T MANY MORE prestigious titles in the world of DJing than the DMC/Technics World DJ Championships. 2004’s UK final (featuring our very own Ritchie Rufftone alongside a live performance from Phi Life Cypher and displays from DMC World Team Champions 2003 020 and World Champ DJ Tigerstyle) takes place down in London at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 3 July. The World Finals take place on 4-5 September at the Carling Apollo Hammersmith.

SOME GOOD NEWS FOR Edinburgh aficionados of quality beats as Do This Do That return with a couple of shit hot nights to mark their return to the Honeycomb. Resident Neil Anthony is joined by DJ Sneak (24 July) followed by a festival special with Josh Wink (27 Augusts) both performing exclusive three hour sets.

IN GLASGOW THE SHACK 0N Pitt Street is launching a second club room (on 24 June, the day this issue goes on sale) offering even more variety to the Shack’s repertoire with R&B and hip hop mid-week and transforming into a haven for rock and indie classics at the weekend.

AND FINALLY, IT'S COMPETITION time from those nice folk at Defected. who know more than a thing or two about quality house music. French master of soul. disco. hip hop and African flavoured drum-driven house. Martin Solveig, is offering signed copies of his new album (Sur la Terre), signed copies of his new double pack single (‘l'm a Good Man') and T—shirts. For a chance to win these goodies please send an email marked 'MARTIN' with your name and address to by no later than 8 July. The first three out of the hat will be winners.

Martin Solveig

24 Jun—8 Jul 2004 THE LIST 7"