Glasgow Clubs 7 -

Events are listed by city, day, type, then alphabetically by name. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0141 353 2803. Glasgow listings are compiled by Johnny Regan.

Glasgow Thursdays


I Back to Mine at the Lite Bar. Times tbe. Free. Weekly. livery Thu. the Lite Bar is taken over by a different celebrity. D] or media player. doing what the hell they like on the decks.

I Budda at Budda. l lptn 3am. £tbc. Weekly. Relaunched ventte back on track with Kris Keegan in control.

I Blunt at (‘ottier‘s Theatre. 9pm lam. Hip-hop. R&B and dancehall with David Mac. and beats. glitch and electronics with Nel.

I Cheeze at Strathclyde Student's Association. 9pm 3am. £tbc. Weekly. The biggest and tackiest student night

I Columbian at the Asylum Back Room. Spur-lam. Free to (‘l'Sl' members: £l otherwise. Weekly. Put some breakin' funk in your trunk with this entertaining night of student madness.

I Dirty Thursdays at Blanket.

l lpm-~3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (iet deep down and dirty as Raymond Woods and Naeem mix up some of the tnost bootylicious R&B in the city. while Billy Milligan serves up the student classics and dirty pop tunes.

. N‘s)

72 THE LIST 24 .Jth 8 Jul 2004

I DogGod at Q Bar. l().3()pm—3am. £2. Weekly. Night of eeleetieism at the beautiful club under Corinthian. It was closed for ages but now they're getting back into the groove. Pure class.

I Evil at Barfly. l().3()pm—3am. £2. Weekly. (ioth. industrial. punk and metal meet at this black-clad happening.

I Fantastique at .MAS. l lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. The vernacular 1)] Mirrorbaw plays a friendly brand of pop- fused house for a Thursday night crowd looking for kicks. Purse-friendly drinks prices make this night a good draw.

I Firewire at Bamboo. l lptn 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. (iraham l-‘erguson spins R&I3 and chart classics in room I. while 1)] toast is in the red room playing indie pop and rock. lit the lounge. Robin B plays an eclectic mix of disco. funk and soul.

I Freakmoves at (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm 73am. £3 (£2). Weekly. L'ltra- line hip hop night for the students. with [Us I)ema and .\'ice.

I Homework at \‘ault. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Ian and Stevie man the box. so all insecurities over the tunes are dispelled. This night aims at student satisfaction without compromising the quality levels.

I Hype at ('ube. ll.3()pm- 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Jim I)a Best teams up with the Hype crew to pttt on a night of twisted. ultra-funky house. Plenty of cheap boo/e makes this a fun night out.

I Instant Access at Sub ('lub.

l lpm- 3am. £2 (free). Weekly. This is the night the Sub dances in its slippers to the sounds of Motown. breaks. funk. and a smattering of house. For 24 Jun onlv 1-i-'t'ttril holders get I‘leli entry (11/ night.

I Loaded at Liquid Lounge. l()pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Three live batitls kick the night off. making way for Joe Katie on

decks with sotne indie. mod and soul at lam.

I Madhouse at the Shack. l().3()pm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. (‘1 and Andy take you to the brink of insanity with some of the tnost outrageous and courageous student anthems.

I Old Skool Reunion at Archaos.

l lpm—3am. £5 (free—£2.50). Weekly. Old school techno classics and disco style tunes for the frenzied students down Archaos way.

I Phunky Monkey at Belo (formerly Baba/a). 8pm 3am. l’ree before 1 lpm; £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Scott (irainger. \‘ance and Richie Mc(‘olm are on spinning duties at this new club that looks like getting even bigger than Babala. Plenty of drinks promos. funky anthems and floor tillers make it a winning formula.

I Polo for Me at the Polo Lounge. l()pm-Jam. Free. Weekly. You. the lucky punter. take the helm tonight. as request cards are available over the bar and in the booth. Notice for the unimaginative: ‘I atn What I anf is prohibited by law and punishable by spanking.

I Record Player: at (ilasgow School of Art. l().3()pni---2.3()am. £3 (£2. free). Weekly. In the Vic Bar the Record Playerz l)ls lli-lii Sean and llushpuppy play to a packed crowd of trashed fashion junkies and fucked up foreign disco freaks. The club that Franz. Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters appeared at long before the hype took hold.

I Retro at Trash. l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Dave Young. Steven Brown and the Krazy Karaoke team ply their wares at this fabulous night under Pitt Street. A stttdent night with stunning tunes. stunning looking people and a smattering of drinks. promotions.

I Skint at the (‘athouse l lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. A night that reflects the resurgent alternative scene at the moment. Rock. indie and some tough chemical breaks and beats. with a crowd much like the one you see outside the (iallery of Modern Art.

I Speakeasy at the l'niversal (Sauchiehall Lane). l()pm 2am. l‘ree. Weekly. If you feel like a few drinks after the pub. but don‘t want to go clubbing. Speakeasy is for you. The music ain't compromised. but the vibe is chilled.

I Stand at the l'niversal. Next date the. I Topform at the Buff. l()pm—3am. l‘rce before 10.30pm; £3 after. Weekly. 1 think we have to turn over to Topform themselves to sum up this new night: ‘An extravaganza of music and twisted entertainment. think the Royal Variety Performance hosted by your drunkest drunken uncle. Think end of the pier. think end of the world. think out of your box!‘ With Radio ()ne‘s Gill Mills.

Glasgow Fridays


O Abnormals Anonymous at (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm-~3am. £8 (£7. £5). 25 Jun. Monthly. Do you hate the way gay cttlture is portrayed attd perceived. both in the media and in a wider context'.’ Register your disgust by having a great titne at this envelope-pushing night at the (‘('A. They 've got a great live music guest this time. in the shape of 23-year-old. half- Tibetan. quarter Swiss and quarter (ierman Kate Wax. She is a rising star of the fertile Swiss electronica scene and AA is the perfect environment for her to get things going in this country. For this date only ‘.-t- List'mn/ holders can (‘luliil FREE champagne while stocks last. See Hit/(st.




Abnormals Anonymous They have the right idea (to subvert embarrassing notions about gay culture), and some great guests such as Kate Wax. a star of the Swiss electronica scene. CCA, Fri 25 Jun.

Slam 384 Zero Sessions It’s back to basics as Orde and Stuart take back the Arches for the summer, featuring . . . um . . . Slam and Slam alone. The Arches, Fri 25 Jun.

Chakra One of the finest house and techno nights in town. Room one is full on mash up dance, room two is every great tune from the last 20 years. Soundhaus, Sat 26 Jun.

Tidy Rob Tissera, Lee Haslam, Yoji Biomehanika (pictured) and the Tidy Boys play out. as do local lads Jason Cortez and Phil York. If you like it hard-edged, big and well produced, this is for you. Carling Academy, Sat 26 Jun.

Haptic House Boat This water-bound adventure is getting quite the reputation so join Gianni and Colin, Michael Peck and Barry Reeves as they take it to the bridge. Boarding at Yorkhi/l Basin, Sat 26 Jun.

Chill on the Hill A Glasgow institution, it's got spinning talent from Hi-Karate. Belle & Sebastian, Abnormals Anonymous and the Funk Room all playing on that lovely little hill. Brel, Sun 27 Jun.

Pee Wee’s Hot Wax Session DJ Paul Welsh shows us why he used to get so many discerning listeners on Clyde One. Expect jazz. broken beat. house. electronica and all the other genre-names that don‘t do the music justice. The Buff Club, Sun 27 Jun.

Club Tromolo It's gotta be special to get you out on a week night and Tromolo have got the live music. stand-up and DJ action to make it worth your while. The Buff Club, Wed 30 Jun.